Sunday, November 6, 2011

NBA Owners Throw Players A Bone Will They Accept Latest Offer By Wednesday

The lines have been drawn in the sand and now it is time to see if the NBA players are united or the rank and file is crumbling. The NBA owners gave their latest proposal to the players and they have to Wednesday to decide on it. Do not look for the players to accept it and the lockout will go on. It is not much different than proposals in the past that the players have vetoed.

Owners and players are not on the same page and they are more interested in getting the best deal for them and not the NBA product or the fans, so this will go on. The NFL was able to work something out, so the NBA could as well. I guess you might as well figure no NBA this season, and that is a shame as they are hurting many average people who depend on the NBA as their source of income. Of course we are talking about millionaires, so they really do not care about the fan or average person in the end.

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