Sunday, November 6, 2011

NBA Should Just Cancel Season Now As It Has Become A Sham

No matter how you look at it NBA commissioner David Stern should just cancel the NBA season as it has become a sham. The owners have given their latest proposal to the players that probably will not get voted on as it is not very good. Toss in the owners said that from here the offers will just get worse. The players are in a corner, but you will not force their hand at this point in the discussions. Look for the NBA season to be cancel in the not to distant future.

Neither side really wants a deal as they are both holding out for what they want and not willing to compromise. Cancelling the season is best as there has been to many lost games already. This way by cancelling the season both sides can work on getting the type of contract that both want. The NBA fans could care less about NBA basketball at this point anyways. They will just watch college basketball and other sports. The NBA is only hurting itself, but I guess they must learn that lesson the hard way.

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