Sunday, November 6, 2011

Should We Have Another Alabama vs LSU Rematch In BCS Championship Game

Alabama vs LSU was a great defensive game with LSU coming out on top. Of course if Alabama's kicker was any good at all it would have been a different outcome. You have to give Les Miles and his group credit for winning the game. Many people are already asking for a rematch in the BCS championship game between these two teams. Now that is possible, but highly unlikely. These maybe the best two teams in college football, but the BCS rarely pits rematches in their Championship games.

Oklahoma State, Stanford, and the BCS buster Boise State are still in the mix. Right now Oklahoma State has the best shot at it especially if they can beat Oklahoma the last game of the season. Now if Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State do not count the Sooners out of the National Title Hunt just yet. The next few weeks will tell us a lot, but a LSU-Alabama rematch is highly unlikely no matter how good it maybe. It's a shame we just can't have a playoff and then we could find who the best team is after all.

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