Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Prediction: Take The Patriots

Well we have arrived at another Super Bowl and this one should be interesting one. Both teams have valid points why they should be crowned Super Bowl Champions. I will admit I never thought I would see the Giants in the Super Bowl, but they have earned their spot. I really did expect to see the Patriots in this position as they have been more consistent this year than the Giants. Now who will win Giants or Patriots.

Everywhere I look I see people picking the Giants. Even the Giants website have already crowned them Super Bowl Champions. Giants players have been talking all week as well so they have plenty of confidence going into this game. They even went as far as to say they are in Tom Brady's head. I do not know about that one. Well to the prediction.

The past is something that Tom Brady does not forget. The Patriots a few years back went into the Super Bowl undefeated only to have the Giants stick it to them. If anyone thinks Tom Brady has forgotten that they are sadly mistaken. The Patriots will come out on top this year by a 34-24 score. I know many people think the Giants will win, but I am here to tell you will not happen this time around.

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