Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What Do The Colts Do With Peyton Manning?

The Indianapolis Colts have a tough decision on their shoulders these days. Do they keep Peyton Manning or save money and cut him loose? A roster bonus is due Peyton Manning soon, so they will make that decision soon. Manning has indicated he will be ready to play this coming season, but the Colts also plan on drafting Andrew Luck out of Stanford as well. This means decision time will be tough for the Irsay family and the Colts. Peyton has been like a son to them and cutting him loose can be a double edged sword for this organization.

The decision will basically come down to one thing for the Colts do they want to start a new era or are they happy with the old one. When they fired their coach they could be leaning towards a new era which would mean Andrew Luck. If the Colts go that direction they will have part of their fan base that will not be very happy. The only way they would not would be if Luck brought them a Super Bowl. In my opinion, I think they should keep Peyton Manning, but only time will tell how this will work out. No matter what, it is a tough decision for the Irsay's to have to make.

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