Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Will Dwight Howard Help A Team Win A Championship This Year?

Being an Orlando Magic fan I've had a floor seat to watch Dwight Howard through the years and I must say many things come to mind. Dwight wants to win an NBA Championship, and wants out of Orlando to do it. Now I will admit I will agree with Dwight he should be shipped out of Orlando and at times has not got the support of his teammates like he should. Yes, he has a right to rip his teammates privately, but never in a public forum.

Now no matter where Dwight Howard gets traded I highly doubt he will win an NBA Championship anytime soon. Unless he goes to Chicago or Miami I just do not see that in his future right now. Dwight needs to work on his foul shooting as in a half court game that will be his downfall. He also must understand this is a team game and needs to play that way. Yes, Dwight Howard has tons of talent, but talent will only take you so far in the NBA.

The teams that win NBA Championships understand it still is a team game and you must play as a team. Someone will be trading for Dwight Howard, but until he learns to play with others in a team setting he is doomed to repeat his failures in Orlando. It will be interesting to see where he lands and how much he can help someone. I do not think he will help any team win a championship this year though.

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