Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dwight Howard Can His Image Be Repaired?

Dwight Howard wanted his coach fired, and now he's trying to do damage control on the situation. Stan Van Gundy and Dwight Howard have agreed to put the team first and try to go deep into the playoffs. I really do not see that happening with the circus that surrounds the Orlando Magic. Dwight Howard has become a coach killer and he knows it. The perception of Dwight Howard is he has not grown up yet pulling power plays when he is not happy with something. Hey Dwight try playing for Pat Riley and see how much power plays you pull.

Everyone now knows that the reason Dwight Howard stayed with the Magic is he was promised input on many different things. I guess the next coach was one of them. Yes, Dwight Howard is a talented basketball player, but that does not mean he should be running the Orlando Magic. It goes to show you when you let players make decisions like this the team struggles. If you do not believe that look at the Orlando Magic the last month of the season. They have been horrible, and the sad part they will get no better.

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