Thursday, April 26, 2012

NFL Draft Must See Television Anymore

The NFL Draft many years ago was really not a big thing, but that has sure changed. The NFL Draft is now on prime time and the fans love it. This years draft though may not have as much excitement as past drafts, but you never know. The Colts and Redskins already have their picks they have decided on, so this means the third pick could be interesting to say the least. Many people do not know what the Minnesota Vikings will do or even if they will keep it. Many teams are trying to move up in the draft and that always makes it exciting for the fans.

Andrew Luck will go no.1 and Robert Griffin III will go second, but after that it is anyone's guess. The NFL has marketed the Draft very well and with great college players coming out year after year look for it to grow. The excitement this year will probably be picks 3-15 and any number of teams could move up and down the board. It will be interesting to see what teams do and who they are willing to trade to get the player that they want.

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