Friday, July 20, 2012

Dwight Howard Still Bulking At Signing Contract Extension With A New Team

It seems that the Dwight Howard saga just keeps dragging out and people around the NBA are getting tired of it. From fans to GM's Dwight Howard seems to be burining a lot of bridges. In the end, he may wish he did this another way. The path that Dwight Howard is going down is going to make him a bigger villian then Lebron James did it seems. Yes, James made a mistake in the way he did it, but it seems Dwight Howard has not learned anything from the James debacle.
The way James did it is different then Howard, but in the end Howard is not helping himself out by not being willing to sign an extension if he is traded. Dwight Howard is going to tet the free agent market, but he maybe surprised if he does not get the kind of money that he wants. It would not surprise me to see owners not offer him the max contract that he is hoping for. Other players have tried this before and it has not always worked out for them.
Hopefully, Dwight Howard knows what he is doing, but sometimes I wonder. He could be forced to sign with a team that is not very good now, but it's his choice. Getting traded to the Lakers or another contender gives him a chance to play with a good team. In the end, Dwight Howard might have limited choices in free agency. I guess only time will tell if he is making a good decision by not be willing to sign an extension if traded.

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