Saturday, July 14, 2012

Joe Paterno's Legacy Is Gone After Freeh Report

Joe Paterno built a legacy at Penn State that I thought was second to none, but after that Freeh Report it is left to a pile of rumble. No matter what anyone thinks Joe Paterno knew or had some insight to what was going on and he did very little about it. It seems he was protecting his friend and that is very sad indeed. We will never hear joe Paterno's side and the truth is most people do not want to hear it anyways. There is no excuse for protecting a guy who was sexually abusing kids.

Paterno's legacy is gone and never will be back. He ruin it himself because he was not willing to do the right thing to his friend. Paterno should have been a stand-up guy and do the right thing, but he never did and that is a shame. In the end, Joe Paterno will be remembered for what he did not do in the sexual abuse case more then all the wins and good men he delivered from the university. It is a shame it ended this way, but he can only blame himself for what has happened to his legacy.

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