Sunday, July 15, 2012

Should Joe Paterno's Statue Be Removed?

Joe Paterno's legacy has taken a real hit and now many people are calling for his statue to be removed. Should Penn State remove the statue? That is an interesting question on many different fronts. Many people will tell you no, but just as many will tell you yes it needs to go. It reminds many people of the guy who could have done more to stop the child abuse. That hurt goes deep in many people and it will not go away anytime soon. Of course we never got to hear Joe Paterno's side of the story, so all we can do is guess what he did or did not do.

Some people have the opposite opinion and they feel Joe Paterno's contribution should be applauded. He has done a lot for the University and taking it down would show disrespect for his accomplishments. In the end, this is a hard decision, but over time I think the statue will stay and not be removed. It pits two different opinions about the situation and if the trustees remove it someone will not be happy. Doing nothing is the best answer right now and do not look for that to change anytime soon.

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