Friday, August 3, 2012

Paul Pierce A Little Bitter About Ray Allen's Exit

Paul Pierce has always been a guy that tells you what is on his mind. With Ray Allen leaving you had to wonder how the Celtics star would take it. He admitted on his website he was a little bitter about Allen going to the Heat, but called Allen his brother still. Pierce knows that Ray Allen was a vital cog in the championship that they won together. It will be weird for Allen to be the enemy and Pierce will have some adjusting that's for sure.

Pierce said that Ray Allen did what was best for his family, but it does not mean it did not hurt Pierce a little bit. Pierce, Garnett, and Allen have been through many wars together and losing one of your brothers is tough. Pierce understands it a business and will move on and play basketball. I'm sure when they meet on the court they will get after each other as the competition is something both players love.

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