Friday, August 31, 2012

Tom Brady vs Joe Montana: Patriots Owner Likes Brady Over Montana

Now I will admit Tom Brady has done a lot on the football field as a quarterback, and his owner Robert Craft things he is the best ever. Comparing him to Joe Montana in my opinion is a stretch though. Out of college, no one would have thought that Tom Brady would accomplish all that he has so far in his NFL career. Let's look closer at both quarterbacks and see which quarterback is actually better.

Both quarterbacks have pluses and minuses against them that's for sure. The one area that I think Brady falls short compared to Montana is making the perfect pass when needed. It seemed Joe Montana was always able to put the ball where he needed. Brady at times does have a little difficulty doing this that's for sure. Joe Montana was undefeated in Super Bowls which should tell you how good he was. Brady can never claim that feat.

Both quarterbacks are great, but if the game was on the line I would be choosing Joe Montana over Tom Brady and day of the week. Robert Kraft is partial and Brady is good, but not in the class of Joe Montana.

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