Monday, May 27, 2013

Is Dwayne Wade Another Scottie Pippen?

Dwayne Wade has two NBA rings, but will his legacy be like another superstar Scottie Pippen. Scottie Pippen was a very good player, but always in Jordan's shadow. I'm starting to see the same thing with Dwayne Wade as well. Wade won a title with Shaq and with King James, but going alone he has no titles just like Scottie Pippen. Will Dwayne Wade be lumped in the Scottie Pippen class soon?

If I was a betting man I would say yes. Wade is very talented player, but without help he would not have won his first or second ring. Is it fair to judge Dwayne Wade this way? Not really but that is how it works and he is stuck with it. Wade will probably always be a sidekick even though he may deserve top billing. Its a shame he does not get the credit he deserves, but that is how it works sometimes in the NBA.

Many people may think Dwayne Wade is better then Pippen while others think the opposite is true. People need to remember that until Sahq came Wade did not win a title. After Shaq left no titles until Lebron and Bosh got there. Maybe he is another Scottie Pippen which is not a bad thing.

Lebron James Made The Paint His Home

The Miami Heat showed the world they will not go very quietly with a big win in Indiana to take a 2-1 game advantage in the series. Lebron James made the paint his own last night and Miami role players stepped up as well. When the Heat play as a team they are very tough to beat that's for sure. Indiana did not have a stellar defensive game either which added to there problems as well.

Game 4 is one game the Pacers must win. They cannot afford to go down 3-1 in this series. Indiana is a good team, but if they want to beat the Heat they must play a flawless game every night. It will be interesting to see how Indiana bounces back from this drubbing on their home floor. If they lose this game they know the series is over.

Is Tony Romo The Most Overpaid QB?

Tony Romo has been in the league a few years and maybe he is worth the 108 million dollar deal, but as I look at the bigger picture I say HELL NO! Romo has comparable numbers to most of his peers. The one glaring weakness is wins in the playoffs and getting your team there on a consistent basis. Romo's leadership has also been brought into question as well. There has been times you wonder what Tony Romo is thinking as he runs the Cowboy's offense. My question is why in the heck give it to a guy who in the off-season seems to put football secondary.

Now I do hear this season Romo is more committed to football, but talk does not win football games. Romo needs to show it on the field of pay as well. The Cowboys owner gave Romo more money they he deserved and hopefully it will not come back to bite him. Only time will tell but this could be another million dollar mistake that Jerry Jones has made.

In Jerry Jones defense what other options did he really have left. He is stuck with Romo and he knows it. He did not want it to look like he made a mistake, so he is going to home Tony Romo finally can get it right. For The Cowboy's sake I hope he is right.

T.O Was One Of A Kind

Like him or hate him you have to admit Terrell Owens was one of a kind. He kept us glued to our seats just to see what his latest antics would be on and off the field of play. Many times, T.O did things that made us say wow or how can he top that one. Lost in all the antics were the football player Terrell Owens. He has some impressive numbers that cannot be dismissed. He was a six-time Pro Bowl player, five-time All-Pro, and on the 2000's All-Decade team as well.  It does not stop there for Terell Owens either.

He amassed over 1,000 receptions and almost 16,000 yds to go with his 153 receiving touchdowns. No matter what anyone tells you when this man got on the field he performed and at a very high level. Yes, he did have plenty of antics, but he was a solid performer for many years. Everyone has to admit they would tune-in just to see what T.O. would pull next out of his bag of tricks. Aside for all that we must give him credit for his talent on the field and what he could do.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Packers: Time To Retire No.4 And Show Brett Favre The Respect He Deserves

The Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre are not on the greatest terms right now, but this means it gives the Green Bay Packers a chance to do the right thing. Brett Favre never wanted to go anywhere as he has always wanted to retire as a Packer. Aaron Rodgers said it best when it is time to heal and move on and do the right thing. Brett Favre gave many years to the Green Bay organization, team, and the fans. Will the Packers do the right thing and retire his No.4 before he gets inducted into Canton, Ohio?

 Sometimes in football these divorces are messing ones and right now that is what this one happens to be. Brett Favre and the Packers need to work this out. Favre will always be remember as one of the greatest quarterbacks ever and should have his number retired. Even though the Packers and him are not on the best of terms we all know when Canton calls he will go in as a Green Bay Packer. Like Aaron Rodgers said it is time to heal and move on. Favre's No.4 should be retired and as soon as possible.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dick Trickle Legacy Will Not Be Marked By Wins And Losses

Dick Trickle was one of a kind and touched all that he met in his life. This is why the racing community is taking the death of Dick Trickle very hard. He was a race car driver who always gave it his all no matter what. Every part of his life was hard living and on the edge. This is how Dick Trickle was and people understood this as well. His death is shock from guy who seemed to handle everything very well. Various reports had him in alot of pain and that could be why he took his life.

His legacy WILL not be the wins or losses, but the people he touched along the way. Most every racer has meet Dick Trickle or could  tell you a story they heard about him. Dick  Trickle was larger then life and that is why his death is such a blow to the racing community. Dick Trickle will be missed by his family and friends, but most of all we lost a good guy.

NFL Wildcard Game Predictions January 9, 2021

 It's Wildcard weekend and it's time for playoff football are you ready. I know I am as playoff football is always exciting to watch...