Monday, September 16, 2013

Can We Stop Cheating In Nascar?

Cheating In Nascar came to the fore front this past weekend, but if the truth was known it has been going on for a very long time in the sport. Nascar has hoped that the word cheating would never appear, but it happens more then people realize. In the garage and behind closed door deals are made. People who do not think it happens is fooling themselves. Deals are made for a variety of reasons, but mostly to help a team get to a certain position in the standings. Can you stop the cheating?
No matter how hard Nascar tries to police the sport cheating will always be around. You can never tell what drivers are doing it and what ones are not. Just like a wreck that happens on the track. Was it intentional to help someone or it really happened. You can monitor radio chatter, but when a deal is made they are not going to talk about it on their radios. If they do they know now they will be punished for it.
I wish I could say that cheating will not happen again, but the truth is it will. It’s a shame as the sport really does not need this right now. All Nascar can hope for now is they have no more cheating scandals abrupt anytime soon.

It's Time We Get Pete Rose In Hall Of Fame Where He Belongs

Pete Rose has made some mistakes in his life we all can state that without question. Keeping the all-time hit king out of the Hall Of Fame is just not right. Baseball has had many problems with the steroid era, but Pete Rose played the game the way it should have been played. His nickname Charlie Hustle fit him perfectly. As Pete Rose ages he is losing his chance to get into the Hall Of Fame while he is alive.
He earned it on the field and no one can take that way from Charlie Hustle. Yes, he made many mistakes after his career was over, but are we going to hold it against him forever. We have players today cheating the game, fans, and their teams and they get no lifetime ban from baseball.
It’s time baseball does the right thing and make sure Pete Rose has a chance to get in the Hall Of Fame before he dies. It would be a tragedy if he never got to enjoy that day that he has earned.

What Has Happen to The Milwaukee Brewers?

Just a few years ago Milwaukee Brewers fans were very happy as they had one of the better teams in the National League. Fast forward to 2013 and they have one of the worst. This is how baseball and free agency works sometimes. The Brewers had C.C. Sabathia, Prince Fielder, and others, but now they are playing for other teams enjoying the fruits of their labor. What has happen to the Milwaukee Brewers to drop them so fast so quick. Pitching has always been a problem for the Brewers and that really has not change one bit. Brewers pitchers are average at best these days and they only have a few above average pitchers. If you do not have good pitching you will struggle in Major League Baseball. The hitting has been erratic at times and of course injuries also play a major role in how well your team plays. Most people look at the Brewers and see a lot of promise for the future. I will admit I am in on the same kind of thinking as well. They have a good opportunity to be good in the future. The key is to try and limit injuries and give the younger players a chance to play. Over time the Brewers will be fine, but for now they are struggling to win games.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ryan Braun Can We Really Trust Him

Ryan Braun has finally admitted he used performance enhancing drugs during his MVP year and issue a text statement telling how sorry he is about his mistakes. The problem with his apology is how do we know he really means it. Various reports have him using PED’s all the way back to high school. Now I do not know if that is the case, but if it is that’s very sad.

If Ryan Braun wanted people to forgive him for his transgressions he needed to hold a press conference and take questions. People want to know why he did what he did. The text statement did help explain some, but not everything. He owes his fans, the Brewers, and Major League Baseball at least that much it seems. Maybe one day Ryan Braun will understand cheating never gets you anywhere. He threw away a Hall of Fame career for what one or two seasons of MVP type play. Was it worth it Mr. Braun I highly doubt it.

NFL Schedule Week 1 Sept 5-9 2013

Thursday, September 5

Baltimore     8:30 PM EDT NBC

Sunday, September 8

Tennessee     1:00 PM EDT CBS

New England     1:00 PM EDT CBS

Atlanta     1:00 PM EDT FOX
New Orleans

Tampa Bay     1:00 PM EDT FOX
NY Jets

Kansas City     1:00 PM EDT CBS

Seattle     1:00 PM EDT FOX

Miami             1:00 PM EDT CBS

Minnesota     1:00 PM EDT FOX

Oakland     1:00 PM EDT CBS

Cincinnati     1:00 PM EDT CBS

Arizona     4:25 PM EDT FOX
St. Louis

Green Bay     4:25 PM EDT FOX
San Francisco

NY Giants     8:30 PM EDT NBC

Monday, September 9

Philadelphia     6:55 PM EDT ESPN

Houston     10:20 PM EDT ESPN
San Diego

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