Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring Training Schedule February 28, 2014

Minnesota     1:05 PM EST

NY Yankees     1:05 PM EST

Pittsburgh     1:05 PM EST RSN

Detroit     1:05 PM EST TCN

Miami     1:05 PM EST FSMW
St. Louis

Baltimore     1:05 PM EST
Tampa Bay

Washington     1:10 PM EST
NY Mets

Chi Cubs     3:05 PM EST FSW
LA Angels

Cincinnati     3:05 PM EST

San Francisco     3:05 PM EST

Kansas City     3:05 PM EST

Chi White Sox     3:05 PM EST
LA Dodgers

Seattle     3:05 PM EST
San Diego

Milwaukee     3:05 PM EST
San Francisco

Colorado     3:10 PM EST

Houston     6:05 PM EST

College Basketball Scores February 27, 2014

Arkansas    71     Final OT
17 Kentucky    67

22 Ohio St.    63     Final
Penn St.    65

Duquesne    71     Final
10 Saint Louis    64

21 Memphis    68     Final
Houston    77

20 Iowa    86     Final
Indiana    93

Temple    66     Final
7 Louisville    88

NHL Scores February 27, 2014

Columbus    2     Final
New Jersey    5

Toronto    4     Final OT
NY Islanders    5

Chicago    1     Final
NY Rangers    2

San Jose    7     Final
Philadelphia    3

Montreal    6     Final SO
Pittsburgh    5

Detroit    6     Final
Ottawa    1

Washington    5     Final
Florida    4

Tampa Bay    2     Final
Nashville    3

Phoenix    2     Final SO
Winnipeg    3

Carolina    1     Final
Dallas    4

Los Angeles    2     Final
Calgary    0

Minnesota    3     Final
Edmonton    0

NBA Scores February 27, 2014

Milwaukee    96     Final
Indiana    101

Washington    134     Final 3OT
Toronto    129

New York    82     Final
Miami    108

Brooklyn    112     Final
Denver    89

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring Training Scores February 27, 2014

Atlanta 2
Detroit 5

Pittsburgh 8
NY Yankees 2

Philadelphia 5
Toronto 7

Texas 11
Kansas City 7

Milwaukee 11
Oakland 3

San Diego 1
Seattle 7

Arizona 5
Chi Cubs 2

Cleveland 12
Cincinnati 3

Arizona 3
LA Dodgers 4

NHL Schedule February 27, 2014

    7:30 pm

    New Jersey
    7:00 pm

    NY Islanders
    7:00 pm

    NY Rangers
    7:00 pm

    7:30 pm

    San Jose
    7:00 pm

    7:00 pm

    8:00 pm

    8:30 pm

    Tampa Bay
    8:00 pm

    Los Angeles
    9:30 pm

    9:30 pm

NBA Schedule February 27,2014


Washington     7:00 PM

New York     8:00 PM

Brooklyn     10:30 PM

NHL Scores February 26, 2014

Boston 4 Final OT
Buffalo 5

Detroit 2 Final OT
Montreal 1

Los Angeles 6 Final
Colorado 4

St. Louis 0 Final
Vancouver 1

Spring Training Scores February 26, 2014

Detroit 6 Final
Atlanta 5

Toronto 4 Final
Philadelphia 3

NY Yankees 5 Final
Pittsburgh 6

Cincinnati 8 Final
Cleveland 3

Oakland 10 Final
San Francisco 5

LA Dodgers 1 Final
Arizona 4

NBA Scores February 26, 2014

Orlando 101 Final
Philadelphia 90

Atlanta 104 Final
Boston 115

Golden State 83 Final
Chicago 103

New Orleans 89 Final
Dallas 108

Cleveland 114 Final
Oklahoma City 104

LA Lakers 103 Final
Memphis 108

Detroit 110 Final
San Antonio 120

Phoenix 86 Final
Utah 109

Brooklyn 80 Final
Portland 124

Houston 93 Final
LA Clippers 101

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NHL Schedule February 26, 2014

Boston 7:30 PM

Detroit 7:30 PM

Los Angeles 10:00

St. Louis 10:30

NBA Schedule February 26, 2014

Orlando 7:00 PM

Atlanta 7:30 PM

Golden State 8:00 PM

New Orleans 8:00 PM

Cleveland 8:00 PM
Oklahoma City

LA Lakers 8:00 PM

Detroit 8:30 PM
San Antonio

Phoenix 9:00 PM

Brooklyn 10:00 PM

Houston 10:30 PM EST
LA Clippers

NBA Scores February 25, 2014

Toronto 99  Final
Cleveland 93

LA Lakers 98  Final
Indiana 118

Orlando 106  Final

Chicago 107  Final
Atlanta 103

Portland 100  Final
Denver 95

Minnesota 110  Final
Phoenix 101

Houston 129  Final
Sacramento 103

MLB Spring Training Games February 26, 2014

Detroit  1:05 PM EST

Toronto  1:05 PM EST

NY Yankees  1:05 PM EST

Cincinnati  3:05 PM EST

Oakland  3:05 PM EST
San Francisco

LA Dodgers  3:10 PM EST

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

NBA Schedule February 25, 2014

Toronto 7:00 PM

LA Lakers 7:00 PM

Orlando 7:00 PM

Chicago 7:30 PM

Portland 9:00 PM

Minnesota 9:00 PM

Houston 10:00 PM

College Basketball Scores February 24, 2014

4 Syracuse    57     Final
Maryland    55

Oklahoma    75     Final
5 Kansas    83

College Basketball Schedule February 25, 2014

Virginia Tech 7:00 PM
6 Duke

20 Iowa 7:00 PM

1 Florida 7:00 PM

2 Wichita St. 9:00 PM

Indiana 9:00 PM
14 Wisconsin

Utah St. 9:05 PM
25 New Mexico

San Jose St. 11:05 PM
13 San Diego St.

Monday, February 24, 2014

NBA Schedule February 24, 2014

7:00 pm ET

Golden State
7:30 pm ET

New York
7:30 pm ET

LA Clippers
New Orleans
8:00 pm ET

9:00 pm ET

When Will The NHL Get It?

Can NHL Hockey ever capture what they provide in the Olympics? The truth is everyone loves Olympic Hockey. Just check out how many millions follow it should tell you how popular Olympic Hockey has become. There are many reasons this has not transferred to the NHL. One of the main reasons no matter how many fans like it is the fighting. Olympic Hockey does not have it and that is why it is so popular. Fighting takes away from the game no matter what people ma think. It interrupts the action and makes it harder for people to follow or care about NHL Hockey. Until they eliminate most of the fighting the NHL will never be as popular as they can be. That's a shame as it really is a great sport to watch and enjoy.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Grabs Another Daytona 500 Win

Dale Earnhardt Jr knows how tough it is to win the Daytona 500 as he has been close before, but Sunday was Dale Jr's day as he took the checkered flag to grab the win in the rain delayed race. Denny Hamlin finished second in The Great American Race. Junior now can work on rest of the season. It would be nice to see Junior win a championship and get the monkey off his back.

Rank  Name                  Pts/Bonus
1 Dale Earnhardt Jr. (88) 48/5
2 Denny Hamlin (11) 43/1
3 Brad Keselowski (2) 42/1
4 Jeff Gordon (24) 40/0
5 Jimmie Johnson (48) 40/1
6 Matt Kenseth (20) 38/0
7 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (17) 37/0
8 Greg Biffle (16) 37/1
9 Austin Dillon (3) 36/1
10 Casey Mears (13) 34/0

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why Do We Hate King James So Much?

It seems no matter what King James does on the court he always has his detractors on and off the court. Why is it we hate Lebron James so much? There are many reasons that come to mind. The Decision did not sit well and that is part of it. The other part is people are just trying to find fault in everything he does. James has made some quotes that probably he should have kept to himself.

James does so much on and off the court many people overlook his greatness. Before he even turned 18 everyone had him being the next Michael Jordan. He was called the chosen one and on almost every sports cover imaginable. Along the way he made some mistakes, but that is no reason to hate him like people do.There comes time when you must bury the hatchet and give him credit for what he has accomplished.

For Lebron James he wants to be the best ever and there is nothing wrong with that. If more people would support him like they did Jordan we could see something real special. Jordan had people from every walk of life supporting him. Hopefully people will warm up to James and stop hating a guy who just wants to be the best.

College Basketball Schedule February 24, 2014

1 Syracuse 7:00 PM

Oklahoma 9:00 PM
8 Kansas

College Basketball Scores February 23, 2014

25 Gonzaga 66
San Diego 69

13 Michigan St. 70
20 Michigan 79

SMU 64
21 Connecticut 55

Seton Hall 71
11 Creighton 72

Team Canada Supreme In Hockey With Another Gold Medal Win

No matter what anyone tells you Team Canada is the best in the world. They have proved it without a doubt in the last two Olympic Winter Games. Canada beat Sweden by a score of 3-0 to take the gold medal. Many teams felt they had closed the gap on Team Canada, but that was not the case at all.

 Give Team Canada credit as they had a bullseye on their chest, but rose above it to bring home another gold medal. Other teams thought they had a chance, but when it was said and done it was Team Canada's defense in the end the difference.

College Basketball Schedule February 23, 2014

13 Michigan St.     12:00 PM
20 Michigan

SMU     2:00 PM
21 Connecticut

Seton Hall     5:02 PM
11 Creighton

NBA Schedule February 23, 2014

LA Clippers     1:00 PM
Oklahoma City

Chicago     3:30 PM

Washington     6:00 PM

Orlando     6:00 PM

Sacramento     8:00 PM

Brooklyn     9:00 PM
LA Lakers

Houston     9:00 PM

Minnesota     9:00 PM

NBA Scores February 22, 2014

New Orleans    93     Final
Washington    94

Memphis    89     Final
Charlotte    92

New York    98     Final
Atlanta    107

Dallas    113     Final
Detroit    102

Indiana    110     Final
Milwaukee    100

Minnesota    121     Final
Utah    104

Boston    98     Final
Sacramento    105

Brooklyn    86     Final
Golden State    93

College Basketball Scores February 22, 2014

11 Louisville 58
7 Cincinnati 57

16 Wisconsin 79
15 Iowa 74

2 Florida 75
Mississippi 71

St. John's 54
9 Villanova 57

Notre Dame 49
14 Virginia 70

LSU 76
18 Kentucky 77

17 Iowa St. 71
TCU 60

Minnesota 46
24 Ohio St. 64

23 UCLA 74
Stanford 83

1 Syracuse 60
5 Duke 66

19 Texas 54
8 Kansas 85

Geo. Washington 59
10 Saint Louis 66

Drake 54
3 Wichita St. 83

4 Arizona 88
Colorado 61

Temple 79
22 Memphis 82

6 San Diego St. 44
New Mexico 58

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finland Dominate TEAM USA To Grab Bronze In Hockey

Team USA Hockey laid down again when they had a chance to at least medal. Finland dominated Team USA on way to an easy 5-0 victory and the Bronze medal. Team USA hockey needs to rethink how they do things or they will find the same results. I don't know if it's the coaching or the players we choose, but changes must be made before the next Olympics.

We as fans expect more from Team USA Hockey then an exit without any medals. I think after losing to Canada Team USA just did not care. You cannot play like that. You must have pride in yourself and come out and play well. Team USA wanted to get revenge against Canada from the last Olympics, but now they have to be sitting wondering what went so wrong for them.

Kevin Durant Or Lebron James Who Is Frontrunner For NBA MVP

The NBA MVP race in my opinion is a dead heat. Many people have Kevin Durant ahead of Lebron James, but just as many have King James in the lead. Both players are having great seasons, but I think it could come down to how they both perform down the stretch. Most voters always look at how you finish not how you start. Another thing that must be considered is Kevin Durant has not one MVP yet either. Many times voters give a guy who has not won one the benefit of the doubt.

No matter who wins this battle the real winner our the fans. They get to watch to of the best basketball players on the planet. In the end I see Lebron James winning again. If Russell Westbrook did not come back Durant probably would will as he would need to do more for his team. No matter who wins this is a race that should be good.

College Basketball Schedule February 22, 2014

11 Louisville 12:00 PM E
7 Cincinnati

16 Wisconsin 12:00 PM
15 Iowa

2 Florida 12:00 PM

St. John's 1:30 PM
9 Villanova

Notre Dame 2:00 PM
14 Virginia

LSU 4:00 PM
18 Kentucky

17 Iowa St. 4:00 PM

Minnesota 6:00 PM
24 Ohio St.

23 UCLA 6:00 PM

1 Syracuse 7:00 PM
5 Duke

19 Texas 7:30 PM
8 Kansas

Geo. Washington 8:00 PM
10 Saint Louis

Drake 8:00 PM
3 Wichita St.

4 Arizona 9:00 PM

Temple 9:30 PM
22 Memphis

6 San Diego St. 10:05 PM
New Mexico

NBA Schedule February 22, 2014

New Orleans 7:00 PM E

Memphis 7:00 PM

New York 7:30 PM

Dallas 7:30 PM

Indiana 8:30 PM

Minnesota 9:00 PM

Boston 10:00 PM

Brooklyn 10:30 PM
Golden State

NBA Scores February 21, 2014

New York 121
Orlando 129

Dallas 124
Philadelphia 112

Cleveland 91
Toronto 98

New Orleans 87
Charlotte 90

Atlanta 107
Detroit 115

Denver 89
Chicago 117

LA Clippers 96
Memphis 102

San Antonio 85
Phoenix 106

Utah 94
Portland 102

Boston 92
LA Lakers 101

Friday, February 21, 2014

Richard Petty vs Danica Patrick And The Winner Is?

Well it seem that Tony Stewart had a good idea having Danica Patrick race Richard Petty to shut him up. If Tony Stewart thought The King would back down apparently he does not know him very well. Richard Petty said bring it on. Now Richard Petty is 76 years old and has not driven a race car in 25 years, but he is not back tracking you have to respect him for that.

Now the only thing left is where they will have the race and what day. It will be interesting to see if it actually takes place. Now if I was betting on the race I'm not betting against The King. There was a reason he won 200 Nascar races during his career.Danica is a lot younger, but Richard Petty is never one to back away from a challenge. This one should be very interesting to watch.

Team USA Hockey Disappoints In Olympics Again

Once again Team USA Hockey disappoints in the Olympics with another loss to Team Canada this time by a score of 1-0. Jamie Benn scored for Team Canada in the second period. Yes, both teàms played hard, but I expected more from Team USA. It seems we just cannot get over the hump when it comes to playing Canada. Give Canada credit they came to play and won a hard fought game.

It makes you wonder if we will ever beat Team Canada again. I guess Team USA will need to go back to the drawing board. Losing is never acceptable and we need to do better in hockey. Hopefully, in the future we can bring home gold, but for now we just cannot beat Team Canada.

College Basketball Schedule February 21, 2014

11 Louisville     12:00 PM
7 Cincinnati

16 Wisconsin     12:00 PM
15 Iowa

2 Florida     12:00 PM

St. John's     1:30 PM
9 Villanova

Notre Dame     2:00 PM
14 Virginia

LSU     4:00 PM
18 Kentucky

17 Iowa St.     4:00 PM

Minnesota     6:00 PM
24 Ohio St.

23 UCLA     6:00 PM

1 Syracuse     7:00 PM
5 Duke

19 Texas     7:30 PM
8 Kansas

Geo. Washington     8:00 PM
10 Saint Louis

Drake     8:00 PM
3 Wichita St.

4 Arizona     9:00 PM

Temple     9:30 PM
22 Memphis

6 San Diego St.     10:05 PM
New Mexico

College Basketball Scores February 20, 2014

13 Michigan St.    94    
Purdue    79

22 Memphis    64    

Rutgers    59
5 Duke    66

North Carolina    74
21 Connecticut    68
Temple    55

25 Gonzaga    65    
BYU    73

NBA Schedule February 21, 2014

New York     7:00 PM

Dallas     7:00 PM

Cleveland     7:00 PM

New Orleans     7:00 PM

Atlanta     7:30 PM

Denver     8:00 PM

LA Clippers     8:00 PM

San Antonio     9:00 PM

Utah     10:00 PM

Boston     10:30 PM
LA Lakers

NBA Scores February 20, 2014

Denver    101    
Milwaukee    90

Miami    103    
Oklahoma City    81

Houston    99    
Golden State    102

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Will Johnny Manziel Find The Same Fate As Tim Tebow In The End?

Johnny Manziel was the talk of college football for the last couple years, but is he worthy of a high draft pick. Will he become another Tim Tebow eventually, or does he have what it takes for a long pro football career? First I do not think he will be another Tim Tebow. He is able to make all kinds of throws which Tebow has struggled to do. Manziel has a football attitude which includes doing whatever it takes to won football games.

Is drafting Manziel a good idea for some NFL teams? It is on one condition. If you want to draft Johnny Football you must have the proper talent around him. Secondly, you must run an offensive system that will utilize his talents. If you just draft him and think you are going to win it will not happen. The right fit is very important if Johnny Manziel is going to be successful. Every team should precede with caution unless they have everything in place to let Johnny Manziel do his thing. That thing is to win ballgames, but he cannot do it alone.

NBA Schedule February 20, 2014

Denver 8:00 PM

Miami 8:00 PM
Oklahoma City

Houston 10:30 PM
Golden State

College Basketball Schedule February 20, 2014

13 Michigan St. 7:00 PM

22 Memphis 7:00 PM

5 Duke
North Carolina  9:00pm

21 Connecticut 9:00 PM

25 Gonzaga 11:00 PM

College Basketball Scores February 19, 2014

7 Cincinnati 77
UCF 49

Auburn 66
2 Florida 71

10 Saint Louis 89
George Mason 85

Northwestern 60
24 Ohio St. 76

Boston Coll. 62
1 Syracuse 59

3 Wichita St. 88
Loyola Chicago 74

11 Creighton 85
Marquette 70

4 Arizona 67
Utah 63

23 UCLA 86
California 66

NBA Scores February 19, 2014

Orlando 93
Cleveland 101

Chicago 94
Toronto 92

Detroit 98
Charlotte 116

Washington 114
Atlanta 97

New York 98
New Orleans 91

Indiana 91
Minnestoa 104

Boston 94
Phoenix 100

Brooklyn 105
Utah 99

San Antonio 111
Portland 109

Golden State 101
Sacramento 92

Houston 134
LA Lakers 108

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Team USA Hockey Tops Czechs 5-1 Reach Semi-finals Rematch With Canada Next

Team USA made it look easy again this time against the Czechs as they came away with an easy 5-1 win. The USA have been on a hot streak and head to the semi-finals where they will play Team Canada the team that gave the United States a loss early in the Olympics. This game should be an instant classic as it seems all USA-Canada hockey games are always close.

The winner of this contest will head to the Gold Medal game. Team Canada has struggled a little bit in the Olympics on hockey which really is a big surprise. If you love Olympic hockey will not get better them Team USA vs Team Canada in hockey. Canada takes hockey very seriously, so this should be a wild one. If you love hockey you do not want to miss this one.

Road Warriors What A Rush

What A Rush is a catch phrase that was used by the Road Warriors during there wrestling career and even though they no longer wrestle they will never be forgotten. When you talk about tag teams the Road Warriors have to be put at the top of the list. The first time I seen them wrestle you knew they were something special. No matter what wrestling federation they were in they won tag team gold. No other tag team can claim that feat. Knowledge as Hawk and Animal they had a loyal following.
If you ask anyone that wrestled them they will tell you they were non-stop in your face guys. They were great on the mic and Manager Paul Ellering was the straw that stirred up The Road Warriors. He knew exactly what to do and say to keep them on top. Without Paul Ellering they may not have been so successful. They will easily go down as the greatest of all-time. Hawk died before they ended there run which was kinda of sad. It would have been nice to see them end it the right way. No matter what no one will match what they accomplished.

College Basketball Schedule February 19, 2014

7 Cincinnati 7:00 PM

Auburn 7:00 PM
2 Florida

10 Saint Louis 7:00 PM
George Mason

Northwestern 7:00 PM
24 Ohio St.

Boston Coll. 7:00 PM
1 Syracuse

3 Wichita St. 8:00 PM
Loyola Chicago

11 Creighton 8:00 PM

4 Arizona 10:00 PM

23 UCLA 10:30 PM

College Basketball Scores February 18, 2014

19 Texas    76     Final
17 Iowa St.    85

South Florida    54     Final
11 Louisville    80

18 Kentucky    84     Final
Mississippi    70

9 Villanova    82     Final 2OT
Providence    79

8 Kansas    64     Final
Texas Tech    63

5 Duke    68     Final
Georgia Tech    51

14 Virginia    57     Final
Virginia Tech    53

Utah St.    45     Final
6 San Diego St.    60

15 Iowa     Ppd.

NBA Scores February 17, 2014

Atlanta 98
Indiana 108

Cleveland 114
Philadelphia 85

Toronto 103
Washington 93

Charlotte 108
Detroit 96

Orlando 100
Milwaukee 104

New York 93
Memphis 98

Miami 117
Dallas 106

Phoenix 112
Denver 107

San Antonio 113
LA Clippers 103

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

NBA Schedule February 18, 2014

Atlanta 7:00 PM

Cleveland 7:00 PM

Toronto 7:00 PM

Charlotte 7:30 PM

Orlando 8:00 PM

New York 8:00 PM

Miami 8:30 PM

Phoenix 9:00 PM

San Antonio 10:30 PM
LA Clippers

Frank Howard Our Player Of The Day

Frank Howard Is our throwback player of the day. Howard was a huge man at 6' 8" and 275lbs. He excelled in basketball and baseball at Ohio State. he probably could have been a very good basketball star, but decided on baseball as his chosen career. Frank Howard had some colorful nicknames such as Hondo and The Capital Punisher to name a few. During his career he hit 382 home runs and had over 1,000 RBI's. He was Rookie of the year in 1960 and a four time all-star.

The one thing most people remember about Frank Howard besides his side was his monstrous home runs he use to hit. Frank Howard was a player that  played hard and always gave it his all. If Frank Howard would have played a little longer his numbers could have been even higher. No matter what Frank Howard is one of the good ones and our player of the day. In his spare time he raises money for St. Jude Hospital.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Is Tony Romo Still The Answer In Dallas?

Tony Romo has had a roller coaster career in Dallas and since he started his career there always have been rumblings he is not the guy to lead the Dallas Cowboys to another Super Bowl. With another season in the books should Dallas rethink the direction they are headed. Moving up in the draft is an option, and grabbing a  quarterback is not out of the relam for Jerry Jones.

The truth is Tony Romo is a good quarterback and is paid well to lead the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones believes in him and it looks like he is going to ride this horse for awhile. Cowboys fans are tired of seeing no results though and that is never a good thing. Jerry Jones needs to surround Romo with not so much better players, but ones that play more consistent.

There will be times the offense plays great and other times in the game they cannot even get a first down. Dez Bryant is a talented guy, but he is only one guy. The Cowboys need more play makers if Romo is going to be more successful. Maybe Jerry Jones will grab some play makers in the draft for Romo, but I doubt it he does not draft real well it seems.

Oscar Robertson One Who Never Seems To Get The Respect He Deserves

There is one player that always seems to get lost when we talk about  the greatest basketball players of all-time and that is Oscar Robertson. He was a player that accomplished many things during his playing career. Only player ever to average a triple double for a season. Many people do not realize how tough that is to do. He was a multiple time all-star and a league MVP. He could do everything on the court.

Today's players are more flashy then Oscar Robertson, but would be hard pressed to put up the numbers he put up on a consistent basis. He was ahead of his time, but his game would work in any era. I wish more of the modern day players would acknowledge what he did for the game

Is This Kobe Bryant's Last Stand?

In the last few years we have not seen the Kobe Bryant we have come to grow and love. Injuries of course had a lot to do with that. Right now Bryant is nursing an injury and missed an All-Star game that he wanted to play in badly because he was voted in  by the fans. An honor he really takes pride in alot. How much does Kobe have left in the tank?

I really think Kobe is on the downswing in his career, but that does not mean he cannot put up some impressive numbers. We could be seeing Kobe's last stand, but you never know about him. Just when you want to count him out he shocks you with his play. I  would not be surprised to see Kobe come back in 2015 and make a deep playoff run with the Lakers as he is that kind of player. He will go down as one of the greatest to ever play the game.

Kyrie Irving Grabs All-Star MVP Trophy As East Wins

The East had lost a few All-Star games in a row, but that end last night as Kyrie Irving scored 31 points and dished out 14 assists on his way to game MVP. This help Cleveland fans who lost another MVP in Lebron James a few years ago. The east won the game by a score of 163-155. It was your normal All-Star games full of dunks and great plays. Lebron Jas, Kevin Durant, and Blake Griffin all had great games, but it was Kyrie Irving's night to shine.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

College Basketball Schedule February 18, 2014

Tuesday, February 18

7:00 PM EST 
19 Texas Texas
11 Iowa St.

7:00 PM EST
South Florida 
(13) Louisville

7:00 PM EST
(14) Kentucky

7:00 PM EST
(6) Villanova

8:00 PM EST
(7) Kansas 
Texas Tech

9:00 PM EST
(8) Duke Duke
Georgia Tech

9:00 PM EST
(16) Iowa

9:00 PM EST
(17) Virginia
Virginia Tech

11:05 PM EST
Utah St.
(5) San Diego St.

College Basketball Scores February 16, 2014

21 Wisconsin    75     Final
15 Michigan    62

23 SMU    64     Final
Temple    71

Nebraska    60     Final
9 Michigan St.    51

4 Wichita St.    84     Final
Evansville    68

6 Villanova    80     Final
18 Creighton    101

Rutgers    54     Final
13 Louisville    102

Austin Dillion Puts The No.3 Back On Pole At Daytona

You probably could not right a better start to the season for RCR Racing. Richard Childress decided to bring back the No.3 having his grandson Austin Dillion drive it and right now it looks like a great move. Dillion took the pole in the Daytona 500 with a run at 196.019 mph. Greg Biffle will start beside Dillion in a Ford which surprised a lot of people.

I will have to admit that I never seen this coming. Yes, Austin Dillion is a good race car driver, but I was surprised that he got the pole. This will just give more excitement to the Daytona 500. This could be one of the best ways to start the season. A win would top it off for Austin Dillion, but right now I bet he is happy with his results so far.

College Basketball Schedule February 16, 2014

21 Wisconsin 1:00 PM
15 Michigan

23 SMU 2:00 PM

Nebraska 3:00 PM
9 Michigan St.

4 Wichita St. 5:00 PM

6 Villanova 5:07 PM
18 Creighton

Rutgers 6:00 PM
13 Louisville

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Does Carmelo Anthony Really Want To Stay In New York?/

Carmelo Anthony will have a tough decision to make soon and that is if he wants to stay with the Knicks or move on. Many people have many views on this as the truth is you really never know what a player will do until it happens. Anthony has said he would take less pay and wanted to retire as a New York Knick. By taking less money the Knicks could entertain more free agents, but that's if anyone wants to come to New York. Mike Woodson is the coach, but many feel he will not be there much longer. I like to think that he will be there long-term, but I just do not see it.

As far as Carmelo Anthony goes I think he loves playing in New York and for the Knicks. If he stays with the Knicks he is their best recruiting tool to get more players in New York. Anthony is one of the best players in the league and he does have some influence on today's players. It will be interesting to see if he can lure any free agents to New York. The Knicks are not playing well, but in reality they are really not that far away.

Lebron James Should Never End A Dunk Contest

Over the years many people have wanted King James to enter the slam dunk contest. There are a long list of reasons why he hasn't and many are valid points. I do have my theory on why it would be a waste of time for King James to enter. First and foremost he could probably win it pretty easy and then he would have to listen to the competition level was not that good. If he lost he would hear people say they knew he was not that good of a dunker. Lastly, it will not change people's opinion of him.

 LeBron James would be better off just to continue to skip the dunk contest. Like he has said before he is better as an in-game dunker then a contestant. No matter how much the fans would love to see him enter the reality is it will never happen. Enjoy King James on the court as that is the only time you will see him dunk.

Team USA Hockey Gets Dramatic Win Over Russia In Eight Round Shootout 3-2

It should not come as a surprise that Russia and the United States battled each other right down to the wire. These two hockey teams are talented and fans would expect no less. What maybe surprising is the way it end on T.J. Oshie shootout goal in the eighth round. Now this was a game that in retrospect the United States really needed. They could not afford a loss this early if they had dreams of Gold in this Olympic.

 The game had everything you want from great skating to awesome goal tending. It is a shame there had to be a loser in this one. Russia is talented and kept coming at the United States. The eight round shootout is something I would have never guess was possible, but it happened in these Olympics. I hope TEAM USA can keep up the good work.

College Basketball Schedule February 15, 2014

17 Virginia 12:00 PM

20 Memphis 12:00 PM
24 Connecticut

25 Pittsburgh 1:00 PM
North Carolina

16 Iowa 1:00 PM
Penn St.

Texas Tech 1:45 PM
11 Iowa St.

VCU 2:00 PM
12 Saint Louis

Houston 3:00 PM
10 Cincinnati

N.C. State 3:00 PM
1 Syracuse

TCU 4:00 PM
7 Kansas

Maryland 6:00 PM
8 Duke

22 Ohio St. 8:00 PM

West Virginia 8:00 PM
19 Texas

Air Force 8:05 PM
5 San Diego St.

3 Florida 9:00 PM
14 Kentucky

College Basketball Scores February 14, 2014

13 Louisville 82
Temple 58

23 SMU 77
Rutgers 65

2 Arizona 66
Arizona St. 69

Friday, February 14, 2014

College Basketball Schedule February 14, 2014

13 Louisville
23 SMU
2 Arizona
Arizona St.

2014 Baseball Season Should Be A Good One

Spring training is gearing up which means baseball season will be here very shortly. Last season we seen many different things including the Pittsburgh Pirates finally returning to the playoffs. What will 2014 hold for Major League Baseball? I think 2014 could be one of the best seasons ever.

Can the Boston Red Sox repeat and how good will the New York Yankees be as well. These are just a few of the things that we will have our eye on this upcoming baseball season. Derek Jeter retiring is another thing that will also be closely watch as well. Looks like no A-Rod this season either which maybe is a good thing. Many off-season moves were made by teams, so we will have to wait and see how that plays out. All in all should be a great 2014 Baseball campaign.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

In A Way Richard Petty Is Correct About Danica Patrick

No matter how much I do not want to admit it The King Richard Petty has some valid points in his statements about Danica Patrick. I think Danica Patrick could win a race one day, but certain things must happen. One she has to earn the respect of everyone in the garage area which will be tough. Many drivers do not respect what she is doing and will make it tougher on her. Can Danica drive a race car? Yes, she can but many times it takes more then being a good driver.

You have to be lucky sometimes and get help from other drivers at times. Right now Danica is not getting much help from anyone. Some of the comments that Petty made were not real popular, but until she wins consistently they are valid arguments. Many times talk like this fuels Danica to greater heights and this could as well. Only time will tell if this does just that.

NBA Scores February 12, 2014

Dallas 81
Indiana 73

Memphis 86
Orlando 81

Atlanta 83
Toronto 104

San Antonio 104
Boston 92

Cleveland 93
Detroit 89

Charlotte 89
Brooklyn 105

Sacramento 106
New York 101

Washington 112
Houston 113

New Orleans 102
Milwaukee 98

Denver 90
Minnesota 117

Philadelphia 100
Utah 105

Miami 111
Golden State 110

Portland 117
LA Clippers 122

NBA Schedule February 13, 2014

Brooklyn 8:00 PM

Oklahoma City 10:30 PM
LA Lakers

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Derek Jeter To Retire After 2014 Season He Will Be Missed

Now I will admit I do have mixed feelings about the 2014 campaign being Derek Jeter's last as a New York Yankee. Now I have never been a Yankees fan or even really a Derek Jeter fan. I must admit though he is one of the best that has played that position. Jeter during his career has made some amazing plays. My favorite is his flip at home plate which can be seen below. It was a awesome play.

Now that was not the only play he made during his great career. If I showed all the highlights I would be here forever. Jeter was a one of a kind player that only comes along once in awhile. I have a lot of respect for what he has done on and off the field. He has kept his nose clean and has always did the right things. Many players could learn from him. Derek Jeter will be missed by baseball and the average baseball fan. 

NBA Schedule February 12, 2014

Dallas 7:00 PM

Memphis 7:00 PM

Atlanta 7:00 PM

San Antonio 7:30 PM

Cleveland 7:30 PM

Charlotte 7:30 PM

Sacramento 7:30 PM
New York

Washington 8:00 PM

New Orleans 8:00 PM

Denver 8:00 PM

Philadelphia 9:00 PM

Miami 10:30 PM
Golden State

Portland 10:30 PM
LA Clippers

Monday, February 10, 2014

What Is Going on With The Orlando Magic?

Many people are wondering what is wrong with the Orlando Magic, but the truth is nothing really. On the outside looking in many people wonder how they were able to beat Oklahoma City and Indiana back to back. The truth is even with the horrible record the Magic have they have always been a good home team.

Did it surprise me when Orlando beat these two teams? I will tell you it was a big shock to say the least. Can Orlando keep it up? I really hope so, but I am realistic and I think it was just luck. I hope I am wrong and the Magic continue to play well. Only time will tell if that actually happens.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

NCAA College Basketball Schedule February 8, 2014

Alabama 12:00 PM
3 Florida

20 Virginia 12:00 PM
Georgia Tech

Virginia Tech 12:00 PM
25 Pittsburgh

15 Texas 1:45 PM
Kansas St.

18 Kentucky 1:45 PM
Mississippi St.

10 Michigan 2:00 PM
17 Iowa

TCU 4:00 PM
16 Iowa St.

West Virginia 4:00 PM
8 Kansas

13 Saint Louis 5:00 PM
La Salle

11 Duke 6:00 PM
Boston Coll.

Baylor 7:00 PM
21 Oklahoma

7 Cincinnati 7:30 PM

23 Gonzaga 9:00 PM
24 Memphis

4 Wichita St. 9:00 PM
Northern Iowa

19 Oklahoma St. 9:30 PM
Texas Tech

Nevada 10:00 PM
5 San Diego St.

NHL Scores February 7, 2014

Florida 1
Carolina 5

Edmonton 1
New Jersey 2

NY Rangers 4
Pittsburgh 3

Chicago 0
Phoenix 2

Columbus 2
San Jose 3

NBA Scores February 7, 2014

Portland 113
Indiana 118

Oklahoma City 102
Orlando 103

LA Lakers 112
Philadelphia 98

Cleveland 115
Washington 113

Sacramento 89
Boston 99

Brooklyn 95
Detroit 111

Denver 90
New York 117

Utah 81
Dallas 103

Minnesota 91
New Orleans 98

Toronto 105
LA Clippers 118

Friday, February 7, 2014

NBA Schedule February 7, 2014

Portland 7:00pm

Oklahoma City 7:00 PM

LA Lakers 7:00 PM

Cleveland 7:00 PM

Sacramento 7:30 PM

Brooklyn 7:30 PM

Denver 7:30 PM
New York

Utah 8:30 PM

Minnesota 9:30 PM
New Orleans

Toronto 10:30 PM
LA Clippers

Thursday, February 6, 2014

College Basketball Schedule February 6, 2014

7 Cincinnati
2 Arizona
Penn St.
9 Michigan St.

NBA Schedule February 6, 2014

San Antonio 8:00 PM

Chicago 10:30 PM
Golden State

NBA Scores February 5, 2014

LA Lakers 119
Cleveland 108

Detroit 98
Orlando 112

Boston 114
Philadelphia 108

San Antonio 125
Washington 118

Atlanta 100
New Orleans 105

Phoenix 108
Houston 122

Portland 94
New York 90

Minnesota 97
Oklahoma City 106

Dallas 110
Memphis 96

Milwaukee 100
Denver 110

Toronto 101
Sacramento 109

Miami 116
LA Clippers 112

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

College Basketball Schedule February 5, 2014

Nebraska 6:30 PM
10 Michigan

25 Pittsburgh 7:00 PM
Miami (FL)

13 Saint Louis 7:00 PM
St. Joseph's

Boston Coll. 7:00 PM
20 Virginia

21 Oklahoma 7:00 PM
West Virginia

4 Wichita St.  8:05 PM
Indiana St.

14 Louisville  9:00 PM

5 San Diego St. 9:15 PM
Boise St.

Portland   11:00 PM
23 Gonzaga

NBA Schedule February 5, 2014

LA Lakers 7:00 PM

Detroit 7:00 PM

Boston 7:00 PM

San Antonio 7:00 PM

Atlanta 8:00 PM
New Orleans

Phoenix 8:00 PM

Portland  8:00 PM
New York

Minnesota 8:00 PM
Oklahoma City

Dallas 8:00 PM

Milwaukee 9:00 PM

Toronto 10:00 PM

Miami 10:30 PM
LA Clippers

Would The 49ers Made It A Closer Super Bowl Game?

Now that the Super Bowl is over we. An reflect on many different things.  Yes, the Seattle Seahawks are the best right now in the NFL and there is no doubt in that thinking at all. They dismantled the Broncos with ease. The real question is should we change the format in choosing the best in the NFL.

The San Francisco 49ers without a doubt are the second best team in the NFL. They also got a win against Seattle and maybe should have been playing for the championships. One thing they need to change is AFC vs NFC. Right now the two best teams in the NFL are in the NFC. Having Seattle play San Francisco in the Super Bowl would have been a much better game. Maybe the NFL should consider adopting this change.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Derrick Brooks Gets Into The Hall Of Fame

Out of all the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Derrick Brooks was one guy who never complained and did his job season after season. It's no wonder he made it on his first try on the ballot. Brooks combined great speed with the ability to make plays when it counted.

Brooks played on a great defense that won a Super Bowl and he was a big reason they won. Brooks will be remembered as a classy guy who put team first.  Off the field he was just as classy doing many good things in his community.  Derrick Brooks was a great choice for the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

NFL Wildcard Game Predictions January 9, 2021

 It's Wildcard weekend and it's time for playoff football are you ready. I know I am as playoff football is always exciting to watch...