Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Can Lebron James Carry Cavaliers To Another NBA Title?

If you would go to Las Vegas and want to bet on this series not many people are giving the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron James much of a chance. The odds look stacked against them and King James, but it's not a slam dunk for the Golden State Warriors. Let's look closer at the series and a few things you need to look for during the NBA Finals.

Lebron James gives the Cavaliers a chance, but in my opinion it's a slim one. I would love to see King James win another NBA Title, but I'm afraid this will not be his year. Here are the reasons I think the Cavaliers will fall short of their goal.

The one thing that you can count on is Kyrie Irving and Lebron James bringing it every game, but after that I do have some major concerns. During the playoffs this season Kevin Love has become more consistent in his play. He looks more comfortable in his role and what is expected from him. This has helped him play great in the Eastern Conference playoffs, but it is the Eastern Conference and the teams are not the best in the league. Love will be a key for the Cavaliers to win this NBA Finals.

Defense they say wins championships and I think that is what this Series will come down to in the end. Cleveland has been known not to play great defense at times. My biggest problem with the Cleveland Cavaliers defensive approach is they are not all in as  team. You will find players who play good defense, but others just stand around and watch at times. When you play the Golden State Warriors you must come at them strong defensively. If you just stand around and watch them shoot three pointers the game will be over quickly.

No matter how much I want to pick the Cavaliers there defense worries me and I do not think they can slow down this Warriors team. Kevin Durant is going to be a handful for the Cavaliers. Look for the Warriors to take it in 6 games. Unless Durant or another Warriors starter gets hurt they will be tough to beat.

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