Monday, June 19, 2017

Can Paul George Really Help King James?

Paul George probably has been called many things and down the road he will be called alot more, but at least he was honest with people. Many players in his position are not honest with management or the fans and it becomes ugly. At least he was upfront about what he wanted to do in his career and you must commend him for that move. Now many people have him going to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but can that help King James win another title. Let's look closer at this move and if its really going to help the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cleveland would have benefited from George in the NBA Finals, but to get him the Cavaliers will lose Kevin Love in the process. Now many Cleveland fans might not see that as a big loss, but in reality it really will be. Yes, there were times when Love did not play well, but for the most part he brought it everyday. He is a player that can do alot for your team and is a team player. When he is not play well he has no issue sitting the bench. These days thats hard to find in a player of his caliber. Yes, George brings great scoring and good defense, but at times he looks disinterested in the game. The reality for me is you trade a little better defense, but thats really about it if you lose Kevin Love.

Love is a better rebounder and passer then Paul George, and the Cavaliers really dont know how Paul George will respond not being the top dog on a new team. The Cavaliers are hoping if they do get George they can convince him to resign with them.  No matter what happens give the Cavaliers credit for trying to get better.

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