Sunday, December 16, 2018

Baker Mayfield Keeps Browns Slim Playoff Hopes Alive With Another Win

Baker Mayfield keeps doing whatever it takes to win games and Cleveland Browns fans could not be happier. Mayfield did not play well in the Browns latest win a 17-16 up against the Denver Broncos on the road. People need to realize it does not matter what the score is or how bad you play it's all getting about getting the win. At Oklahoma Mayfield proved to be a winner and at this level, he has done that as well. I think great things will come from Baker Mayfield Browns fans just need to be patient as there will be highs and lows as well.
Overall Mayfield did make some mistakes and it was a sloppy game, to say the least. Cleveland made mistakes on both sides of the ball and that probably will continue for rest of the season. They are a young team and getting them to listen and follow directions sometimes can be a daunting task, to say the least. The key to the Browns and how well this resurgence will do is the coach. Will Gregg Williams stay at the helm or will they bring someone else in to run the team. By the way, the Browns are playing right now you may want to keep Gregg Williams around for a lot longer. Everything is clicking and sometimes it is best not to mess with a good thing.

Friday, December 14, 2018

How Did Becky Lynch Become The Hottest Thing In The WWE

Watching Becky Lynch transform before our eyes have really been amazing. I can remember a time when she lost all the close matches time after time. I seriously thought that see may get cut from the WWE as she really wasn't doing much. I really do not know what changed for her, but she never gave up and believed in herself. Now she is the hottest thing in the WWE, but what has changed for her.

Becky Lynch followed the same kinda of a path that Stone Cold Steve Austin took. She came up with a catch phrase The Man and did not care what people thought about her. If they booed her she was fine with that just as she was if they cheered for her. She was her own woman and did not worry about anything. Becoming the best version of herself is all she wanted to do. She has accomplished that and is reaping the rewards.

What's next for Becky Lynch? She is trying to ride the wave she has created for as long as possible. The one thing professional wrestlers understand it can end at any time. Once you're in the spotlight it's just a matter of time before it is gone. It looks like Becky Lynch is going to enjoy this success as long as she can. You really cannot blame her for that because it's a tough business to stay on top.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Is Bryce Harper Worth The Asking Price?

Bryce Harper right now is the hottest free agent with teams lining up to sign the superstar. People are talking upwards of a 400 million dollar contract. The real question is Bryce Harper worth 400 million dollars. Let's look like at why signing him could be money thrown down the drain unless you are very close to winning it all.

Teams that are really close to winning the championship covet Bryce Harper as they think he is the guy that can get them over the top. This may be true, but in reality, for 400 million dollars you could add a number of good players that may help you a lot more than Harper.

Everyone is drooling over Bryce Harper, but I think the money could be better spent then on him. He is a talented player but most teams need more than just one player. Harper's salary demand just is too high for most teams that want to rebuild for a run at the championship. No matter how good Harper is the asking price is just too high.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Have We Seen The Last Of Joe Flacco As A Baltimore Raven

For the longest time, we have always know that Joe Flacco would be under center for the Baltimore Ravens. The last couple of seasons Flacco has battled injuries and this season was no exception. The Ravens needed a backup plan and that is why they drafted Lamar Jackson out of Louisville to be the backup. No one really expected Jackson to play much, but plans can always change at a moments notice. When Flacco went down Jackson was inserted into the lineup in hopes he could keep the Ravens afloat.

Jackson has done a great job and continues to do so week after week. No one expected Jackson to keep the job when Flacco was healthy again. Jackson has been on a roll lately and Coach Harbaugh had no choice but to go with the rookie. The chemistry on offense has been great and Harbaugh did not want to mess with the success Jackson has had. Where does this leave Flacco?

Joe Flacco has been a very consistent quarterback most of the time for the Ravens. Now that he is in a backup role will he be happy with it? I think he will not and could ask to be traded or release. I guess it all depends on how Joe Flacco wants to wind down his career.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

JR Smith Is He Damaged Goods Or Still Has Something Left In Tank

JR Smith is looking for an NBA team and some of the teams could be thinking about trading for him. Why would anyone want JR? Is there anything left in the tank? These are questions teams are asking themselves as they explore maybe trading for the Cavaliers wingman. Let's look at JR Smith and why he may get a second look by contending teams.

The one thing that makes JR Smith appealing is his contract. This season the 15 million is guaranteed, but next year only around 3.5 million is guaranteed. Trading for him means you can clear cap space if you do not keep him the following year. His contract is cap friendly for most teams whom may trade for him.

Now many people feel JR is not worth trading for after his Finals Game 1 debacle, but I think that could help him out. JR Smith wants to prove to people he can still play the game of basketball. If he can get traded to a contending team he can be himself. Play defense and score some points off the bench. He does not have to carry the team he needs to just help out. A role that I think JR Smith could handle at this point in his career.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

College Football Selection Committee Has Tough Call This Season

With the results, yesterday from the Conference Championship games the selection committee has a tough day ahead of itself. There are a number of teams that want in and the reality is some are going to be disappointed and mad. It'supposed to be the best four teams, but that can sometimes be a hard thing to judge. Let's look at the contenders and whose in and who may be sitting home.

Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson are all locks for the playoffs. All three teams did enough to get in and should have no issues making it to the playoffs. Now after that these teams, all make it interesting. Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma, UCF all have a case why they should be included.

UCF has been undefeated for over two years and will get some consideration, but in the end, for them, I think they will not make it. The strength of schedule really hurts this team. Georgia has a strong case as they only lost to Alabama and LSU the SEC Championship was a close one and they could have beaten Alabama. Ohio State won the Big Ten Championship and Oklahoma won the Big12. Both Oklahoma and Ohio State both have a loss that probably shouldn't have happened.

In the end, you want the four best teams and out of the remaining ones, it's easy to see Georgia is the best team. I look for Georgia even with two losses to make it in even though they did not win their conference. If Georgia does not make it look for Oklahoma to sneak in. No matter who makes it some teams will be crying foul once again.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

How Much More Can We Expect Browns Fans To Take?

After thinking about this long and hard I am wondering how much more can we expect Cleveland Browns fans to take. They lost their team and then got it back only to see some horrible pro football. The last three seasons and counting this season the Browns are a combined 6-48-1 which is totally unacceptable. It does not end there for Browns fans though as they have had to endure some horrible coaching since 1999.

Here is a list of the coaches since then:

Chris Palmer
Butch Davis
Terry Robiskie
Romeo Crennel
Eric Mangini
Pat Shurmur
Rob Chudzinski
Mike Pettine
Hue Jackson

Look at the list of coaches above, not the who's who of coaching in the NFL that's for sure. This is one of the main reasons the Browns have been so bad for so long. When you do not have the best coaches you will struggle and the Browns have proven that theory correct. Browns fans have hated most of their coaches and with the performance of them you really cannot blame them.

Draft players have been another issue as well. Cleveland probably has one of the worse draft records of any NFL team. Some of the players the Browns have chosen over the years make you shake your head. The performance on the field has shown these picks have been horrible at best. At least now the Browns have John Dorsey and the picks have been getting alot better.

I give Cleveland Browns fans credit as they are really resilient, but how much more can they take. This season the Browns could be 6-1 but they have lost games they should have won. It goes to show you that the Browns fan base is one of the best in the NFL. Win or lose they continue to support the team no matter how bad it has been for them.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Browns Lose In Overtime Again But Have Issues Besides Just Hue Jackson

The Cleveland Browns lost again this time in overtime to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 26-23 on a 60-yard field goal. Now you can blame a lot of people for this loss and many people are asking for Hue Jackson to be fired. Now that's a possibility, but there are a lot more problems than just Hue Jackson. Does Hue Jackson deserve to be fired? That's an easy answer yes he should be with the record he has, but it goes much deeper than that for the Cleveland Browns.

The Buccaneers have an elite offense and they showcased that against the Browns defense that at times looked lost and confused. This has something to do with injuries, but you cannot commit penalty after penalty either. The Browns had so many penalties today many of them should not have happened. Encroachment and offsides and illegal procedure should not happen. You can blame coaching but in the end, it comes down to the players on the field. They know exactly what to do, but are not executing it very well.

John Dorsey has made many changes one was getting rid of players he felt were not winners. yes, the Browns are better this season, but they are still making the same mistakes they did when they were 0-16. A coaching change is probably the next step, but there are so many problems that need to be addressed as well. What has happened to the Browns defense it has been shredded the last two games? How about Duke Johnson? Johnson is frustrated and you cannot blame him one bit.  He was supposed to get more touches, but it looks the same in my opinion.

The Cleveland Browns have many issues internal and external. Hopefully, they can get it fixed soon if not it looks like another bad season in Cleveland.

Does Latest Ohio State Debacle Cost Them A Playoff Spot?

It seems Ohio State every year travels on the road where they decide not to show up and play good college football and it leaves you scratching your head. This time it was in Purdue as the Buckeyes got pushed around all night long as Purdue dominated them 49-20. It was as bad as the score shows as the Boilermakers were not scared by the No.2 Buckeyes and there high powered offense. This loss really hurts there playoff chances, but it does not eliminate them totally.

Many college football fans think or feel the Buckeyes have no chance, but that's not reality in the college football landscape. Teams can lose a game there suppose to win and still make it. For Ohio State this year could be a tricky one for them. They can make it but will need some help because it could be real close. Here is what must happen for the Buckeyes to have a shot at the playoffs.

The first thing the Buckeyes must do is win out so they can get to the Big Ten Championship game. Purdue also must win out as well so they can avenge their one loss by playing them in the Championship game. A Norte Dame and UCF loss would help alot as well. Ohio State still has a shot and the one thing we have noticed about the committee they will give the Buckeyes a good look even with one loss.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Carlos Hyde Traded To Jags For 5th Round Pick

Carlos Hyde was traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a 5th round pick today. Hyde had to know the writing was on the wall if you ask me. Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson needed more carries and the only way that was going to happen is to trade Carlos Hyde. For the Browns this is something that may not turn out as well as they hope it does and here is why.

Everyone is looking at Nick Chubbs numbers and they are very impressive, but you also must factor in other things as well. Defenses were not designed to slow him down in their game plans, but that will stop with Hyde being traded. Chubb is a great talent, but it will be much tougher to knock off those big runs like he did early this season. Only time will tell how this works out for the Browns.

As far as Duke Johnson he does need to touch the ball more, but I do not think it should be as a runner. He cannot take the punishment of being an every down running back. Cleveland should consider making Johnson a slot receiver which would make matchup nightmares for opposing teams. The way it looks though that will not happen anytime soon.

It will be interesting to see how this trade works out for both teams. Hyde is a workhorse back and should do well in Jacksonville. For the Browns they are hoping that Chubb can carry the load like he did in Georgia. Only time will tell if the Browns made a good decision on trading Carlos Hyde.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Browns And Buccaneers Both At Crossroads Already This Season

The Cleveland Browns and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers enter this Sunday at a crossroad in their respective seasons. For the Cleveland Browns after beating the Baltimore Ravens they felt they were headed in the right direction. That train got derailed last week with a drubbing at the hands of the Los Angeles Chargers. Tampa Bay started at like a house of fire, but that it seems was a long time ago. The Bucs are struggling to win ball games and many issues have cropped up for them as well. Today, we will take a quick look at both teams and what their major problems happen to be right now.

Tampa Bay has one of the best offenses in the NFL ranking either one or two most weeks. The Bucs can score points and a lot of them. One of there issues on offense is they virtually have no running game at all. This means teams know they are going to pass it to their talented core of receivers but no one seems to be able to stop it. You would think they would be at the top of there division because of it, but they are not. Tampa Bay has one of the worse defenses in the NFL. They give up huge chunks of yardage and points. This usually puts all the pressure on the offense to outscore their opponents. In today's NFL that just is not possible.

The Cleveland Browns have issues as well and are at a crossroad as well. After the drubbing by the Chargers, many things are starting to come out about this young Browns team. Words such as fragile and not on the same page are being heard. Injuries are also playing a role as well. Players like Jarvis Landry hasn't produced the numbers the Browns had hoped for to this point. Trading away Josh Gordon was probably not a good move considering the Browns injuries as wide receiver. This is a young team and when you start to lose finger pointing starts to come out. Baker Mayfield is not use to losing and that is why this week in Tampa is so important to both teams.

Tampa Bay and Cleveland both are at crossroads and which team will do enough to win this game. The losing team could find their season spiraling out of control. This is why both teams understand this is a must win this Sunday. The question is who will want it more Tampa Bay or Cleveland.

Monday, October 8, 2018

The Astros Finish Off The Tribe Thank God

The Houston Astros put the Cleveland Indians to rest with a convincing 11-3 win and a sweep of the three-game series. Cleveland in recent years has struggled in the playoffs and this scenario has continued in 2018. Since the loss to the Cubs in the World Series, this team just does not look the same. It hard to say how much that has taken out of this team, but it's evident something is not right. Corey Kluber continues to struggle in the playoffs and other players have not stepped up when needed.

Hitting in the playoffs is critical if you want to win a series. Cleveland's hitters went AWOL and Houston pitching mowed through them like a lawnmower through the grass. Cleveland during the regular season hit the ball well, but towards the end of the season, they did struggle. Those struggles continue against a Houston pitching staff that was lights out in all three games.

Cleveland's front office has some thinking to do this offseason. Do they change the manager or is there other issues holding this team back. I do know one thing the window of opportunity is closing rapidly for this team. Cleveland must make some tough decisions in the offseason.  Moves must be made and some bold ones could happen because of this pathetic showing in the playoffs.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Browns And Steelers Battle To Ugly Tie 21-21

When the Steelers came to Cleveland to open the season I was hoping for a very good game to watch. Cleveland had added a lot of new pieces to their team, but what we see from both teams was pretty ugly. Both teams battled to a 21-21 overtime tie and have multiple issues that both teams will need to address.

Cleveland's defense was very good and Myles Garrett was a beast on the edge. Pittsburgh at times had trouble controlling him. The Browns defense was able to come up with turnovers to help the offense out, but Cleveland struggled on offense for most of the game and have issues that will need to be fixed. The running game was good, but the passing attack definitely needs work. Tyrod Taylor was just 15/40 for 197 yards and one interception. This was only the first game, so there is plenty of time to fix the issues on offense.

Pittsburgh's defense surprised me with their play in this game, The front four was great and harassed Tyrod Taylor all game long. The defense on the back end for the Steelers was also very good which was a shock. I was told they were not very good, but that was not the case at all. On offense, the Steelers did not look well. Antonio Bryant was held in check for the most part and Big Ben threw three interceptions.

Overall this was such an ugly game for both teams. Neither team could get things going consistently for any long stretches. A tie hopefully will not hurt either team towards the end of the season. At least both teams can build on this and hopefully this kind of football won't happen again anytime soon.

Steelers vs Browns Who Wins The Opener?

The new look Cleveland Browns finally get to take the field today and remove the sour taste of a 0-16 season from their mouths and bodies. The problem is they will be facing one of the better teams in the NFL in the Pittsburgh Steelers who have a lot to play for themselves in this game. Let's take a closer look at the game and give our bold prediction on this game.

Let's take a look at the offenses of both teams:

Cleveland's offense is so much better this opener than last year. Cleveland signed Tyrod Taylor and have No.1 pick Baker Mayfield baking him up. Compared to last season a huge upgrade. Toss in wideout Jarvis Laundry and Josh Gordon and you have a potent offense. Maybe the biggest improvement may come in Todd Haley the Browns new offense coordinator. He is great at his job and will make a huge difference on this offense.

Pittsburgh, of course, has Big Ben still at the helm and Antonio Brown and some very good wide receivers to throw the ball too. There will be no LeVeon Bell for the Steelers, but they still have one of the best offensive lines in football. Pittsburgh will rely on Big Ben's arm and game management in this game.

ADVANTAGE: Steelers but not by much.

On defense, the Browns are heads and shoulders above the Steelers. Cleveland has spent money and draft pics on their defense and it shows. Myles Garrett is a beast and the linebackers are some of the best in the league. Steelers, on the other hand, has many holes in there defense and Cleveland should be able to score against them.


Special teams are another area we must see improvement in the Browns. Last season they really had some issues. On the other hand, Pittsburgh special teams are usually in the Top 15 every year.

ADVANTAGE: Pittsburgh

PREDICTION: The Browns are so much better this season and look for this game to be really competitive. Pittsburgh knows they are going be in a dogfight in this one. I just think Pittsburgh being the veteran team will make just enough plays in the end to win. It will be close 31-28 Steelers.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Urban Meyer And Ohio State Did Everything Wrong In This Case

Urban Meyer and the Ohio State University had a perfect chance to make a stand against domestic violence and they fumbled it all away. Yes, Urban Meyer and Gene Smith got suspended by the University, but they could have done a lot more which is a shame. Courtney Smith had to get little comfort in all of this as she got drugged through it all. Meyer gave a lame apology after the media railroaded him about it. If the media didn't step in she may never see an apology from Urban Meyer which is a shame.

Zach Smith who has been accused of domestic violence but not charged got with a lot if you read the information that has been released. Meyer did warn him on several occasions about his behavior but did not remove him until information was released about him. When that happened Meyer got rid of him. No matter how you look at it domestic violence is a serious issue and it seems neither Meyer of the University took it very seriously. Courtney Smith and her family must be shaking their heads and I can't say I blame them. This should have ended so differently, but when you talk about big-time money it should not surprise anyone of the outcome!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Is Kevin Love Really Worth 120 Million Dollars?

Kevin Love is now the 120 million dollar man after signing an extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Is Kevin Love worth this kind of extension right now? I guess there are many ways you can actually look at this if you want to. 

The one thing that has been constant about Love is his desire to remain with the Cavaliers. Through all the trade talk he was steadfast he rather say in Cleveland. The Cavaliers rewarded him with an extension for his loyalty. It will be interesting to see how well he does with King James gone. 

Kevin Love will now have to make this his team as he will be counted on a lot. I think Kevin Love will benefit by his new role with James gone. I think for the longest time K-Love wanted to do more but would always defer to James now he no longer has to worry about that. 

Cleveland now will run the offense through Kevin Love which is something he will not be use to. I am sure it will be an adjustment period, but one he will like a lot. In the end, You have to credit Cleveland for rewarding Kevin Love for his loyalty to the organization. Hopefully, Love can lead them to the playoffs even without James being there anymore. It's K-Loves time to shine.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Why Are The Murals Of Lakers And King James Being Targeted

I bet not to many people thought when King James headed to the Lakers murals would be targeted and destroyed. For me I was kinda of shocked as well. I knew King James was a polarizing figure, but did not think murals would be a target of people who had a grudge against King James. Why is this happening. I don’t really have an answer just some theories like everyone else.

Many people think that is surrounds Kobe Bryant and other Laker legends. This is a plausible answer to the problem. Kobe Bryant is still hugely popular and many people feel he is trying to replace him in their eyes. James just wants to be the best player he can be, but others think he is trying to steal Bryant’s spotlight. Hopefully, it’s not the reason we have vandalism on Lakers murals.

The reason I am going with is Lebron James has plenty of haters in the world as well. Probably just as many people hate him as love him. It comes with the territory and James understand this better then anyone. I think once basketball season starts the vandalism should slow down or stop altogether. I am not a big King James fan, but do not condone vandalism as some of these murals are beautiful works of art.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Are The Cleveland Browns Really A Playoff Capable Team?

The Cleveland Browns have been the laughing stock of the NFL the last two years, but that will be ending very soon. Cleveland Browns fans are always optimistic every year, but this season seems a lot different. Gone are many players from the 1-31 teams replaced by veterans and free agent signings. It seems a new look and attitude abounds in Berea, Ohio and Browns fans will tell you its about time.

Baker Mayfield was drafted No.1 as the future quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, but getting Tyrod Taylor from the Bills was also very important. Taylor is a quarterback that will give you a chance to win. Last season the quarterback position cost the Browns some wins. With Taylor, he will limit his mistakes and give you a chance to win. Probably the other big dal the Browns make was getting Jarvis Landry from the Miami Dolphins. Landry is a receiver who moves the chains and makes the tough catch when you need it. With Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry, the Browns now have a great one-two punch.

On the defensive side of the equation, the Browns addressed the secondary which needed to be upgraded. Rookie Denzel Ward brings a toughness to corner and he is going to surprise people with his tough-minded playing ability. Overall, the defense is vastly approved as well. Can Cleveland make a playoff run this season?

Cleveland has to be one of the most improved teams going into the 2018-19 season. The key will be how well they mesh early and the kind of start they get off too. If they struggle out of the gates it could be a long season. I don't forsee that happening as they have too many talented players on both sides of the ball. What also helps Cleveland is most of the great teams are in the NFC  not in the AFC. Cleveland will be a middle of the road team, but there are many like that in the AFC. The Browns have a good chance as anyone else to be a playoff team in the AFC in 2018-2019 Go Brownies!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Why Lebron James Should Join The Lakers

We should find out where Lebron James is playing soon, but in my opinion the only logical choice is the Los Angeles Lakers. Many people wonder why he would want to choose this destination and I have thought long and hard about it. James is all about winning and beating the Warriors. Many people say that going to the Western Conference is a much tougher proposition and I agree with that assumption.

James has never really been about taking the easy road. If he wants the easy rode he can join Boston or Philadelphia or stay in Cleveland. The Eastern Conference is still his if he wants it. I just think James wants to prove he can do it with a new set of teammates and do it in the Western Conference. Even though his legacy is cemented this would be something that people would talk about for years.

The Lakers are getting better and with James they are a playoff team. Add one more superstar and the Lakers. Outdoor be a real handful. I just think James wants to prove he can do it in Los Angeles even if he goes there the first year without any major help.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Why Does A Team Quit On Their Superstar?

Over the years we have seen it time and time again a team that has quit playing and just stand around watching as the other team embarrasses them. It's rare though when a team quits on their superstar like the Cleveland Cavaliers did this past week. Lebron James help carry the Cavaliers to the Finals and all he wanted was some of his teammates to step up and help him. What he got was a team that did the exact opposite and in the last game did nothing but embarrass themselves and the City of Cleveland.

It's rare that a team quits on their superstar, but I think they got tired of the message Lebron James was delivering and wanted to prove a point. The point they proved is they quit as a team and it is not a good look at all. If these players did quit they will find it hard to get other teams to give them a chance. The sad part is many of these players are guys King James went to management and got them big contracts only to have them stab him in the back. To James credit, he never publicly threw them under the bus. Of course, he might have a different opinion now, but I doubt it.

King James will most likely leave Cleveland and who can blame him when you have a team quit on their superstar. The real question is what will be next for these players without their superstar to help carry them.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Is Lebron James The Greatest Ever Now?

Through the years many people have a opinion on who is the Greatest of All-Time.  Names such as Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Kareem, The Big O, Michael  Jordan,  Kobe Bryant,  and Lebron James all have been mentioned as the greatest of all-time.  The question is can we really determine who is the greatest? There is a simple answer to that question you just can't do it.

Comparing eras just is impossible.  There are so many variables that define an era that others did not deal with. Many people like to throw out stats, but the truth is you can make stats cases for the people I mentioned above. You can pick and choose stats that will make a case for each player.

We will never know who the greatest of all-time happens to be.  We should just enjoy each players accomplishments without tearing apart others.  Each player brought something special to the table. Defining the greatest of all-time is virtually impossible so we should stop trying.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Can Lebron James Will His Team To Victory?

Not too many players will be out practicing 10 hours before a game, but Lebron James is which is a testament to his greatness. After the Game 1 beatdown at the hand of the Boston Celtics Lebron James knows he must be a whole lot better if the Cavaliers are to win Game 2. Now Lebron James cannot do it alone as his supporting cast must step up in a big way. Boston will have the crowd behind them and Cleveland will have their hands full. Can James will his team to victory? Let's take a closer look at what the Cavaliers must do to win Game 2.

Look for Ty Lue to make some lineup changes in Game 2. Tristan Thompson will probably be inserted into the lineup to slow down Al Horford. In the past, Thompson has had good success against Horford and the Cavaliers hope he can keep it up. Other things the Cavaliers must do is hit shots when given the opportunity. Brad Stevens will make those looks tough as the Celtics are No.1 in team defense.  Cleveland must limit turnovers and also play sound defense. It won't be easy, but Cleveland can win, but it will take a team effort and a monster type game from King James.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Could Josh Allen Save The Browns?

We are starting a series of articles on the quarterbacks and how each could fit into the Cleveland Browns plans.  First up is Josh Allen the rocket arm quarterback from Wyoming.  In recent days the rumors have been flying that he is becoming a favorite in Cleveland. I do not know if that is true,  but let's take a look at Mr. Allen.

Josh Allen played college football for Wyoming and one look at his stats and you wonder why anyone would take him in the first round.  His stats really do not jump off at you and say I'm the best.  Even with that said many people have him as a top prospect.  There are many reasons people love Josh Allen and what he can do.  I will admit I really like his skill set as well.

Allen has a body to play quarterback and without a doubt  his arm strength is top notch.  I think without a doubt he has the strongest  arm in the draft. The knock on Allen is his low completion percentage and his in ability to make routine throws on a consistent basis.

Josh Allen has plenty of upside and virtually an unlimited ceiling.  If he went to Cleveland he would have Hue Jackson to tutor him and others with experience at that position.  There is no doubt that Allen will be a project as you will need to clean up some of his flaws. One thing that will help him is a good receiving core.  Many times an inconsistent quarterback can look alot better with great receivers to throw too.
In the end Cleveland must decide if they are willing to take a guy on who is a work in progress. Allen has a high ceiling so that could be just enough to persuade the Browns to pick him real early.

Friday, April 13, 2018

NFL Draft: Why Its So Hard To Hit On A Quarterback

Maybe one of the toughest things for NFL teams to do is find the perfect quarterback in the NFL Draft. Why is that?  It comes down to a few things that many people just do not look at when they draft quarterbacks.  No matter how talented a quarterback maybe they must fit into the system they are going to in the NFL.  Some quarterbacks play better in certain systems.  If you look over the years you will see many quarterbacks with talent but struggled during their careers.

Another big part of projecting a quarterbacks success is how well they mess with the players around them.  Certain quarterbacks are more comfortable with a certain type of receiver while others it does not matter.  A running game is also very important in the early years for a quarterback.  The less you ask them to do the better.  As they get more experience they will become better, but throwing them to the sharks to early is a recipe for disaster.

Lastly,  coaching cannot be underestimated either.  Finding a quarterback that meshes with a coach early using will find success much quicker.  Coaches and quarterbacks that butt heads will lead to more on the field issues then people realize.  Having a coach that molds and understands there quarterback usually means quicker success down the road.

As you can see there is alot of things going into picking a quarterback  in the NFL draft.  This is why so many quarterbacks eventually are label NFL busts.  Finding the perfect fit is tough as the quarterback graveyard of what might have been will continue to grow.

NFL Wildcard Game Predictions January 9, 2021

 It's Wildcard weekend and it's time for playoff football are you ready. I know I am as playoff football is always exciting to watch...