Sunday, February 18, 2018

Will You Watch The Spring Football League?

The Spring Football is headed back but will they get enough people to actually care about it. The idea of this league is to fill the void when the NFL is not playing. It also gives a chance for players hoping for a return to the NFL and the ability to show scouts and owners they are good enough to play in the NFL. I have never watched the Spring Football league, but I hope to see a few games and report on them.

Johnny Manziel has signed on to play so that should be interesting. Kellen Winslow Jr is another name that will be playing in this league. Games will be played April 7th April 14 this coming season. I do not know what kind of football we will see, but it should be interesting to say the least. Hope it's not horrible as I think it could not be what many people expect.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Isaiah Thomas Shows Old Form In Loss To Mavs

Isaiah Thomas showed that maybe Cleveland was not a good fit for him after all. Thomas struggled as a Cavalier, but as a Laker its another story so far. Last night in his first game as a Laker off the bench he scored 22 points. At times Isaiah looked like the player people got used to in Boston. He was passing hitting threes and scoring when he was needed. While a Cavalier player, we did not see that at all.

It could be that there was a toxic climate in Cleveland when he was there. He did not do himself any favors either in Cleveland. Thomas was vocal about the problems in Cleveland and he spoke his mind. It was probably one of the reasons he was shipped out of Cleveland. Right now though he is on a team that fits what he can do.

This was only one game so we will have to wait and see what he does rest of the season. Hopefully, he can keep it going and earn a big contract down the line. He has been through a lot the last year and I'm rooting for him.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Away Half Of The Team Will It Help

The Cleveland Cavaliers decided that it was time to make some changes by the trade deadline. Cleveland traded Isaiah Thomas and Channing Frye to the Lakers for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. Now in this trade the Cavaliers got younger, but at what expense. I really liked Channing Frye and I hope Isaiah Thomas gets back to his old self. Only time will tell if that happens.

The Cavaliers also got rid of Jae Crowder, Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade and Iman Stumper as well. In these trades the Cavaliers got a pick from the Miami Heat for Wade and they got George Hill and Rodney Hood from the Kings and Jazz. Will this be enough to get the Cavaliers back to the NBA Finals?

I will be honest the Cavaliers got a lot younger, but in reality that is really all they did. They traded away around the same scoring they got in return. It will be interesting to see how this all works out. Mostly these trade were done to appease Lebron James and get him some help. Losing is something James hate, so now he will have no excuses as he got rid of guys he thought was not a good fit.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Scott Frost Already Paying Dividends For Nebraska

When Nebraska hired Scott Frost they knew he would change the culture, but no one could imagine this fast. Within 90 minutes the Cornhuskers sold out their spring game. This is something that has not been done before. Frost has been a godsend for the Cornhuskers so far and they have not played a game yet.

Scott Frost has a lot of work ahead of him, but so far so good. The rabid fan base has showed how much they believe in Frost. Never has a spring game been sold out before. Hopefully, Frost will be able to bring Nebraska's program back to its old glory. If anyone can do this Frost is the guy for the job.

Georgia Bullogs Top Dog On College Signing Day

The Georgia Bulldogs made a haul on signing day along with Texas and Ohio State. These three schools help improve their teams and should be good again for a number of years. Below is the top 10 teams as far as signing day!

Ohio State
Penn State

Notre Dame

Writing On The Wall For Lebron James Cleveland Career!

Lebron James came back to Cleveland to win an NBA Championship which he did accomplish, but since that day it has been downhill for the Akron native.  James this season has been at odds with the owner and that makes for a tough work environment in Cleveland. King James wants to win, but lately it seems to be taking a toll on him. His playing performance has really suffered and he is not playing like the superstar we know and love.

The downfall of the Cavaliers probably started when Dan Gilbert got rid of former GM David Griffin. It seems Griffin and James were on great terms and worked well together. The current GM does not have the same kind of realtionship with him. The writing is on the wall for King James. Dan Gilbert and him are not on speaking terms and if that is true it's just a matter of time before Lebron James and Cavaliers part ways once again.

I did not really think James was going to resign with the Cavaliers anyways, but given the climate in Cleveland he could be winding down his career as a Cavalier. Its a shame it has come to this, but right now that is where we are at. Lebron James will finish the season as a Cavalier, but after that who he plays for is up in the air. All we do know is its highly unlikely it will be with the Cavaliers next season.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Cavaliers Tank In Second Half Lose To Magic 116-98

It looked for awhile like the Cleveland Cavaliers was going to rout the Orlando Magic as they built a 21 point lead at one time. It did not last for the Cavaliers as they tanked in the second half and lost by a score of 116-98. Orlando's Jonathon Simmons scored 22 points of his 34 in the third quarter to help propel the Magics to the win.

It was so bad for the Cavaliers they could only muster nine points in the fourth quarter. Right now the Cavaliers are a real bad basketball team and the future is not looking very good in Cleveland. James scored 25 points but besides that James got no consistent help all night long. Next up for the Cavaliers a home game against Minnesota.

Is Lebron James Hurting His Legacy In Cleveland?

For the longest time everyone though Lebron James legacy was cemented in time, but this season it has taken a hit. I use to think King James always gave max effort, but lately that has not been the case. At times James has seem disinterested in games, and even his teammates no longer listen to him. James wants out of Cleveland, but won't waive his no trade clause. If he did that he could be shipped somewhere where he does not want to go.

James right now is not on friendly terms with the owner and front office personnel, that means it could get a lot uglier for the Cavaliers. I do not think this relationship can be repaired. James is going to leave Cleveland and it seems not on good terms either. It will be interesting to see if James can get his teammates to play as a team again. If not I could see this team not making the playoffs. No matter how great James is he is only one guy he cannot do it all.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Lebron James Was Right Keep Cavs Off National Television

The Cleveland Cavaliers showed all America why they do not deserve to be on National Television anymore. Cleveland got rocked by Houston to give the Cavaliers a perfect 0-8 record on National Television. As a team the Cavaliers did not play any defense at all. They do not trust each other and even Lebron James looked bad. No matter what anyone tells you James is not playing well at all during this stretch.

I kinda of feel bad for Tyron Lue as his hands are really tied. What can he do really? He has tried juggling lineups, but when the players do not want to give max effort not alot you can do. James is the leader f this team and he needs to start acting like one. He has the power to make everyone better and accountable. I really think he is at the point of no matter what he says or does it wont make a difference. The spiral will continue until these players decide they want to play.

NFL Wildcard Game Predictions January 9, 2021

 It's Wildcard weekend and it's time for playoff football are you ready. I know I am as playoff football is always exciting to watch...