Saturday, March 24, 2018

Josh Allen Has A Cannon For An Arm But Is He The Best?

I will admit I have not seen a lot of Josh Allen and not many of his games. I thought I would check out his pro day and I was very impressed to say the least. He is a big strong guy with a cannon for an arm. Many people say that he reminds them of John Elway and I can see that as well. Is Allen the best in this years group of quarterbacks? He could very well be, but only time will tell.

Josh Allen did not hurt himself on his pro day. I am sure he opened up a lot of eyes with his performance. Where he lands in the draft it's hard to say, but he seems like he has all the tools to be a good NFL quarterback in the future.

Cavaliers Look Like Team To Beat Again!

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had their share of issues this season. From a midseason remake of the club to injuries and losing coach Tyron Lue for a number of games. The one thing that can be said is they have weathered every storm and continue to win. The one constant of course is King Lebron James. When things seem to go south James held the team together and this season has probably played some of the best basketball of his career. Have the Cavaliers finally turned the corner and now a legitimate title contender?
No matter what the circumstances are if you have Lebron James you always have a chance. Getting Kevin Love back from injury has been huge for the Cavs. It takes some pressure off of James and it also helps the new players as well. Cleveland showed the other night they can play with anyone when they beat the Toronto Raptors at home. In that game, James notched 17 assists in the win and sent a statement to the Raptors that that Cavs are back.
Cleveland right now has to be the favorite in the East as no one has an answer for Lebron James. Until someone does it looks like the East belongs to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Like it or not it looks like the Cavs are headed to the Finals once again. I doubt if they have the firepower to win it, but you never can count out Lebron James.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Deshone Kizer Gets Traded To Packers In Many Moves BY Browns

It seems John Dorsey wasn't kidding when he said changes needed to be made, and he was not afraid to pull the trigger. Dorsey sent Deshone Kizer to the Packers and Danny Shelton to the Patriots and traded for three players including Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Laundry, and Damarious Randall. All of these players should help the Cleveland Browns out which is what you want when you make trades. Out of all the players that the Browns lost Kizer was the one I did not want to see go.

Now I know I may be the minority here, but I thought Kizer was a guy with the right people around him and some coaching could be a decent NFL quarterback. I hope the Cleveland Browns did not give up on him too soon. We will find out what Kizer is made up as he will be learning from Aaron Rodgers one of the best in the NFL. If he cannot get him to play better and to do things the right way no one really can. I think Kizer will flourish in Green Bay but only time will tell if that will be what happens.

Kyrie Irving One Of A Kind Guy

  Kyrie Irving is one guy I cannot really figure out. He is very talented, but it seems he always has issues. When he was paired with Lebron...