Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Is Kevin Love Really Worth 120 Million Dollars?

Kevin Love is now the 120 million dollar man after signing an extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Is Kevin Love worth this kind of extension right now? I guess there are many ways you can actually look at this if you want to. 

The one thing that has been constant about Love is his desire to remain with the Cavaliers. Through all the trade talk he was steadfast he rather say in Cleveland. The Cavaliers rewarded him with an extension for his loyalty. It will be interesting to see how well he does with King James gone. 

Kevin Love will now have to make this his team as he will be counted on a lot. I think Kevin Love will benefit by his new role with James gone. I think for the longest time K-Love wanted to do more but would always defer to James now he no longer has to worry about that. 

Cleveland now will run the offense through Kevin Love which is something he will not be use to. I am sure it will be an adjustment period, but one he will like a lot. In the end, You have to credit Cleveland for rewarding Kevin Love for his loyalty to the organization. Hopefully, Love can lead them to the playoffs even without James being there anymore. It's K-Loves time to shine.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Why Are The Murals Of Lakers And King James Being Targeted

I bet not to many people thought when King James headed to the Lakers murals would be targeted and destroyed. For me I was kinda of shocked as well. I knew King James was a polarizing figure, but did not think murals would be a target of people who had a grudge against King James. Why is this happening. I don’t really have an answer just some theories like everyone else.

Many people think that is surrounds Kobe Bryant and other Laker legends. This is a plausible answer to the problem. Kobe Bryant is still hugely popular and many people feel he is trying to replace him in their eyes. James just wants to be the best player he can be, but others think he is trying to steal Bryant’s spotlight. Hopefully, it’s not the reason we have vandalism on Lakers murals.

The reason I am going with is Lebron James has plenty of haters in the world as well. Probably just as many people hate him as love him. It comes with the territory and James understand this better then anyone. I think once basketball season starts the vandalism should slow down or stop altogether. I am not a big King James fan, but do not condone vandalism as some of these murals are beautiful works of art.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Are The Cleveland Browns Really A Playoff Capable Team?

The Cleveland Browns have been the laughing stock of the NFL the last two years, but that will be ending very soon. Cleveland Browns fans are always optimistic every year, but this season seems a lot different. Gone are many players from the 1-31 teams replaced by veterans and free agent signings. It seems a new look and attitude abounds in Berea, Ohio and Browns fans will tell you its about time.

Baker Mayfield was drafted No.1 as the future quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, but getting Tyrod Taylor from the Bills was also very important. Taylor is a quarterback that will give you a chance to win. Last season the quarterback position cost the Browns some wins. With Taylor, he will limit his mistakes and give you a chance to win. Probably the other big dal the Browns make was getting Jarvis Landry from the Miami Dolphins. Landry is a receiver who moves the chains and makes the tough catch when you need it. With Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry, the Browns now have a great one-two punch.

On the defensive side of the equation, the Browns addressed the secondary which needed to be upgraded. Rookie Denzel Ward brings a toughness to corner and he is going to surprise people with his tough-minded playing ability. Overall, the defense is vastly approved as well. Can Cleveland make a playoff run this season?

Cleveland has to be one of the most improved teams going into the 2018-19 season. The key will be how well they mesh early and the kind of start they get off too. If they struggle out of the gates it could be a long season. I don't forsee that happening as they have too many talented players on both sides of the ball. What also helps Cleveland is most of the great teams are in the NFC  not in the AFC. Cleveland will be a middle of the road team, but there are many like that in the AFC. The Browns have a good chance as anyone else to be a playoff team in the AFC in 2018-2019 Go Brownies!

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