Sunday, December 16, 2018

Baker Mayfield Keeps Browns Slim Playoff Hopes Alive With Another Win

Baker Mayfield keeps doing whatever it takes to win games and Cleveland Browns fans could not be happier. Mayfield did not play well in the Browns latest win a 17-16 up against the Denver Broncos on the road. People need to realize it does not matter what the score is or how bad you play it's all getting about getting the win. At Oklahoma Mayfield proved to be a winner and at this level, he has done that as well. I think great things will come from Baker Mayfield Browns fans just need to be patient as there will be highs and lows as well.
Overall Mayfield did make some mistakes and it was a sloppy game, to say the least. Cleveland made mistakes on both sides of the ball and that probably will continue for rest of the season. They are a young team and getting them to listen and follow directions sometimes can be a daunting task, to say the least. The key to the Browns and how well this resurgence will do is the coach. Will Gregg Williams stay at the helm or will they bring someone else in to run the team. By the way, the Browns are playing right now you may want to keep Gregg Williams around for a lot longer. Everything is clicking and sometimes it is best not to mess with a good thing.

Friday, December 14, 2018

How Did Becky Lynch Become The Hottest Thing In The WWE

Watching Becky Lynch transform before our eyes have really been amazing. I can remember a time when she lost all the close matches time after time. I seriously thought that see may get cut from the WWE as she really wasn't doing much. I really do not know what changed for her, but she never gave up and believed in herself. Now she is the hottest thing in the WWE, but what has changed for her.

Becky Lynch followed the same kinda of a path that Stone Cold Steve Austin took. She came up with a catch phrase The Man and did not care what people thought about her. If they booed her she was fine with that just as she was if they cheered for her. She was her own woman and did not worry about anything. Becoming the best version of herself is all she wanted to do. She has accomplished that and is reaping the rewards.

What's next for Becky Lynch? She is trying to ride the wave she has created for as long as possible. The one thing professional wrestlers understand it can end at any time. Once you're in the spotlight it's just a matter of time before it is gone. It looks like Becky Lynch is going to enjoy this success as long as she can. You really cannot blame her for that because it's a tough business to stay on top.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Is Bryce Harper Worth The Asking Price?

Bryce Harper right now is the hottest free agent with teams lining up to sign the superstar. People are talking upwards of a 400 million dollar contract. The real question is Bryce Harper worth 400 million dollars. Let's look like at why signing him could be money thrown down the drain unless you are very close to winning it all.

Teams that are really close to winning the championship covet Bryce Harper as they think he is the guy that can get them over the top. This may be true, but in reality, for 400 million dollars you could add a number of good players that may help you a lot more than Harper.

Everyone is drooling over Bryce Harper, but I think the money could be better spent then on him. He is a talented player but most teams need more than just one player. Harper's salary demand just is too high for most teams that want to rebuild for a run at the championship. No matter how good Harper is the asking price is just too high.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Have We Seen The Last Of Joe Flacco As A Baltimore Raven

For the longest time, we have always know that Joe Flacco would be under center for the Baltimore Ravens. The last couple of seasons Flacco has battled injuries and this season was no exception. The Ravens needed a backup plan and that is why they drafted Lamar Jackson out of Louisville to be the backup. No one really expected Jackson to play much, but plans can always change at a moments notice. When Flacco went down Jackson was inserted into the lineup in hopes he could keep the Ravens afloat.

Jackson has done a great job and continues to do so week after week. No one expected Jackson to keep the job when Flacco was healthy again. Jackson has been on a roll lately and Coach Harbaugh had no choice but to go with the rookie. The chemistry on offense has been great and Harbaugh did not want to mess with the success Jackson has had. Where does this leave Flacco?

Joe Flacco has been a very consistent quarterback most of the time for the Ravens. Now that he is in a backup role will he be happy with it? I think he will not and could ask to be traded or release. I guess it all depends on how Joe Flacco wants to wind down his career.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

JR Smith Is He Damaged Goods Or Still Has Something Left In Tank

JR Smith is looking for an NBA team and some of the teams could be thinking about trading for him. Why would anyone want JR? Is there anything left in the tank? These are questions teams are asking themselves as they explore maybe trading for the Cavaliers wingman. Let's look at JR Smith and why he may get a second look by contending teams.

The one thing that makes JR Smith appealing is his contract. This season the 15 million is guaranteed, but next year only around 3.5 million is guaranteed. Trading for him means you can clear cap space if you do not keep him the following year. His contract is cap friendly for most teams whom may trade for him.

Now many people feel JR is not worth trading for after his Finals Game 1 debacle, but I think that could help him out. JR Smith wants to prove to people he can still play the game of basketball. If he can get traded to a contending team he can be himself. Play defense and score some points off the bench. He does not have to carry the team he needs to just help out. A role that I think JR Smith could handle at this point in his career.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

College Football Selection Committee Has Tough Call This Season

With the results, yesterday from the Conference Championship games the selection committee has a tough day ahead of itself. There are a number of teams that want in and the reality is some are going to be disappointed and mad. It'supposed to be the best four teams, but that can sometimes be a hard thing to judge. Let's look at the contenders and whose in and who may be sitting home.

Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson are all locks for the playoffs. All three teams did enough to get in and should have no issues making it to the playoffs. Now after that these teams, all make it interesting. Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma, UCF all have a case why they should be included.

UCF has been undefeated for over two years and will get some consideration, but in the end, for them, I think they will not make it. The strength of schedule really hurts this team. Georgia has a strong case as they only lost to Alabama and LSU the SEC Championship was a close one and they could have beaten Alabama. Ohio State won the Big Ten Championship and Oklahoma won the Big12. Both Oklahoma and Ohio State both have a loss that probably shouldn't have happened.

In the end, you want the four best teams and out of the remaining ones, it's easy to see Georgia is the best team. I look for Georgia even with two losses to make it in even though they did not win their conference. If Georgia does not make it look for Oklahoma to sneak in. No matter who makes it some teams will be crying foul once again.

Kyrie Irving One Of A Kind Guy

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