Friday, December 14, 2018

How Did Becky Lynch Become The Hottest Thing In The WWE

Watching Becky Lynch transform before our eyes have really been amazing. I can remember a time when she lost all the close matches time after time. I seriously thought that see may get cut from the WWE as she really wasn't doing much. I really do not know what changed for her, but she never gave up and believed in herself. Now she is the hottest thing in the WWE, but what has changed for her.

Becky Lynch followed the same kinda of a path that Stone Cold Steve Austin took. She came up with a catch phrase The Man and did not care what people thought about her. If they booed her she was fine with that just as she was if they cheered for her. She was her own woman and did not worry about anything. Becoming the best version of herself is all she wanted to do. She has accomplished that and is reaping the rewards.

What's next for Becky Lynch? She is trying to ride the wave she has created for as long as possible. The one thing professional wrestlers understand it can end at any time. Once you're in the spotlight it's just a matter of time before it is gone. It looks like Becky Lynch is going to enjoy this success as long as she can. You really cannot blame her for that because it's a tough business to stay on top.

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