Tuesday, December 11, 2018

JR Smith Is He Damaged Goods Or Still Has Something Left In Tank

JR Smith is looking for an NBA team and some of the teams could be thinking about trading for him. Why would anyone want JR? Is there anything left in the tank? These are questions teams are asking themselves as they explore maybe trading for the Cavaliers wingman. Let's look at JR Smith and why he may get a second look by contending teams.

The one thing that makes JR Smith appealing is his contract. This season the 15 million is guaranteed, but next year only around 3.5 million is guaranteed. Trading for him means you can clear cap space if you do not keep him the following year. His contract is cap friendly for most teams whom may trade for him.

Now many people feel JR is not worth trading for after his Finals Game 1 debacle, but I think that could help him out. JR Smith wants to prove to people he can still play the game of basketball. If he can get traded to a contending team he can be himself. Play defense and score some points off the bench. He does not have to carry the team he needs to just help out. A role that I think JR Smith could handle at this point in his career.

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