Monday, December 30, 2019

Browns 2020 Opponents Are Know Now!

  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Oakland Raiders
  • Washington Redskins
  • Houston Texans
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • New York Giants
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • New York Jets
  • Tennessee Titans
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Pittsburgh Steelers

Cleveland opponents are interesting this coming season and maybe a Thanksgiving game with the Cowboys would be alot of fun!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Why The Browns Need To Act Quickly After The Season Is Over

The Cleveland Browns are hoping to end the season on a good note as Sunday they will travel to Cincinnati to take on in-state rival the Bengals. A big win could help Freddie Kitchens keep his job, but a loss will make it so much easier for the Browns to fire him. No matter what happens Cleveland needs to make wholesale changes on this coaching staff. Firing Kitchens and most of his staff would be the best course of action.  Will Cleveland do it is another question indeed.

Kitchens has shown he is not ready to be a head coach in the NFL just yet. There have been times you just have to say what in the hell was he thinking. Baker Mayfield has struggled this year and it's not all his fault. Part of it is coaching, but part is on Mayfield as well. Cleveland as a team has been undisciplined and a shell of what we saw last season. Why is that?

Last seen they had Greg Williams as coach a no-nonsense coach that had rules and put up with nothing. In my opinion, if they do fire Freddie Kitchens they need a coach that will be demanding like Williams was to players. There is too much talent on the Browns not to be in the playoffs. Coaching was 80 percent of the problem this season. Getting the right coaches in here should make the difference between an average team and a playoff team.

Why Milwaukee Needs To Pull Trigger On Josh Hader Deal

Milwaukee has been listening to offers for Josh Hader from various teams, but mostly the Yankees. Many people want the Brewers to keep Hader and keep him in the closer role for Milwaukee. Now I am not one of those people. I do like what Josh brings to the table, but for me, it's about what you do when it really counts.

Hader for me has blown some games that meant a lot to the Brewers which is something they cannot afford going forward. When you are in such a small market and don't have the cap space to spend every game is important. In 2019 he had 7 blown saves which aren't a lot, but his ERA in the one playoff game was 18.00. That is not acceptable. When the Brewers really needed him to come through and save the game he could not do it. Hence the Brewers were eliminated from the playoffs.

Considering that the Brewers really do not like to spend money trading Hader makes the most sense. Getting younger is key for the Brewers which will help them over the long haul. With Braun getting older and Cain as well Milwaukee needs to make plans for the future.

An ideal situation would be to keep Hader, but if you can get a lot for him you must move him. This way you can help the team over the long term and still be competitive.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Why The Buccaneers May Want To Keep Working With Jameis Winston In Off-Season

After sitting a few hours thinking about the Buccaneers and their quarterback Jameis Winston I have come to these conclusions about him as the future of the Buccaneers. Now I understand that many Buccaneer fans would love to see the Bucs cut Winston at the end of the season, and you really can't blame the Bucs if that is the direction they move in.

I mean it's tough to live with the turnovers and how it is hurting the team, but sometimes biting the bullet is best and this is a time when I would consider that. Finding a franchise quarterback is tough, but if you got a guy who you can mold into what you want keeping him is the best train of thought.

In his career, Winston has thrown 119 touchdowns and 86 interceptions which are not stellar numbers, to say the least. If the Buccaneers can somehow able to cut down his interceptions they will have a very good quarterback. Winston is a great teammate and it seems the players relate well to him. Even with all the interceptions he still is able to get his team in position to win despite his play. Giving up on Winston right now sets the Buccaneers back a number of years. That is something I don't think they want to do right now.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

NHL Hockey Schedule December 17, 2019

7:00 pm
Scotiabank Arena
AnaheimPhiladelphia Wells Fargo Center
NashvilleN.Y. Islanders Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
OttawaTampa Bay Amalie Arena
Los AngelesBoston TD Garden
ColumbusDetroit Little Caesars Arena
CarolinaWinnipeg Bell MTS Place
PittsburghCalgary Scotiabank Saddledome
MinnesotaVegas T-Mobile Arena
MontrealVancouver Rogers Arena
ArizonaSan Jose SAP Center at San Jose

Freddie Kitchens Always Spinning Things To Make Him Look Better

Freddie Kitchens had his Monday Press Conference and I gotta give Freddie some credit on trying to spin the latest loss as not that bad. Too many people are dwelling on the negatives and not the positives this season. It's true the Browns could have two 1,000 yard receivers and they do have the NFL's leading rusher in Nick Chubb. See Freddie was right there are some positives, but for Kitchens, the negatives far outweigh the positives by a great distance.

The Cleveland Browns will be the only NFL football in the decade without a winning season. That means for the last 10 years Browns fans had to suffer through some horrible teams. Freddie Kitchens was brought in as the guy to run this team, but after watching them in Arizona I'm still wondering how he is still coaching this team. Cleveland was horrible in every phase of the game in Arizona. Think about this the Cardinals had the worse ranked defense in the NFL. You would think that the Browns would light up the scoreboard, but it was the Cardinals that did.
Cleveland will probably keep Freddie Kitchens another season and we could be in store for more horrible play calling and football from the Cleveland Browns. The sad part is they are one of the most talented teams in the NFL, but unless they figure it out it's just wasted talent. Hopefully, Cleveland will part ways with Freddie Kitchens and bring in a real coach that has experience.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Browns Showed They Have Given Up On Season And Freddie Kitchens

The Cleveland Browns showed how much they care about the season, and most importantly their coach Freddie Kitchens with their performance in Arizona. The Cardinals handled the Browns by a score of 38-24 and it really was not that close.

Cleveland stumbled there way through the first half with mistake after mistake. Toss in Coach Freddie Kitchens horrible play calling and you can figure out the rest. Even on defense, the Browns looked like they did not care. Kitchens is starting to rank up there with Hue Jackson as the worse coach in Browns history. In Jackson's defense, he didn't have any talent like Kitchens has right now.

The Browns cannot continue down the path they are going. Having players quit on the coach is unacceptable and Cleveland must make changes soon rather than later. The way the Browns are playing they could very well be the worse coach team in the league with overall the best talent. Who said coaching does not matter because it really does.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

OBJ Burning Bridges In Cleveland

OBJ came to Cleveland to show people he was not the bad guy people said he was in New York. In less then a year OBJ has started to burn bridges in Cleveland already. A report came out this weekend where he has been courting other teams to come and get him. As of right now he has not denied it and it came from a very reputable source in Jay Glazer. Cleveland gave up alot to bring him to Cleveland and right now it looks like the Browns might be forced to see what they can get for him.
Is there a market for OBJ? I am sure there is, but not as much as many people may think. The fans will now start to turn on him because he has already indicated he wants out of Cleveland. Fans in Cleveland are very loyal, but if you do not want to be there the fans don't want you on the team. I'm looking for it to get really bad as we approach the end of the season. If Cleveland falters down the stretch look for OBJ to get piled on fair or not.
I was one that thought the OBJ experiment would go well in Cleveland with his friend Jarvis Landry on the team, but it has not. Baker Mayfield and OBJ just has not been able to get on the same page. Every week it seems like OBJ disappears on offense and a talent like his should be on display every week. No matter how this end both sides will lose out on this experiment.

Friday, December 6, 2019

What I Want To See From The Browns In These Final Few Games!

The Cleveland Browns season isn't totally lost, but right now you could say it's on life support. This doesn't mean they cannot still accomplish some things heading into the 2020 season. Let's take a closer look at what is left for the Cleveland Browns in the 2019 season.
Cleveland must first and foremost figure on how to make OBJ a vital part of the offense. This season it seems OBJ is lost and does not know what Cleveland expects from him. Cleveland needs to get him involved in the offense early in games. It seems as the game goes longer he loses interested and Cleveland doesn't consider him an option to go too. When you got a talent like OBJ you must make sure he is involved from start to finish.
Another thing Cleveland must decide on is Head Coach Freddie Kitchens as well. Do they keep him or fire him? Kitchens has not done a very good job in my opinion. At times he looks totally lost. Cleveland needs to make sure this is the guy they want to move forward with for a long time. Is this the guy who will push Mayfield and make him a better player? Can he make players accountable for their actions as well? Lots of questions ownership must figure out.
Lastly, Cleveland has four games left and must finish strong. It gives the Browns a chance to prove this season was not a lost cause. By running the table the off-season will be a lot easier to take. If the Browns lose any of these games it's going to be a very long off-season.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Ohio State Rolls Michigan 56-27 As They Dominate Them Again

Michigan was hoping to end the long drought against Ohio State, and for the first few minutes of the game, it looked like it was going to happen. Michigan took the ball down the field against Ohio State's top-rated defense, but after that Michigan struggled to get any consistency going. Just like year after year, it seems Michigan had no answers on defense as the Buckeyes rolled to a 56-27 win over the Wolverines. What does this loss mean for Jim Harbaugh's future in Michigan? Could this be the end for Harbaugh?
Now I will be honest I cannot see Jim Harbaugh lasting much longer in Michigan. In his defense, not too many coaches have beaten the Ohio State Buckeyes in recent years. People in Michigan want to beat the Buckeyes and losing to them every year just does not sit well. The real question is can they find a better coach than Harbaugh right now. It's tough these days to find great college football coaches who can win the games you want every year.
Give the Buckeyes credit Justin Fields and J.K. Dobbins played a great game and carried the Buckeyes in this game. Dobbins ran for 211 and Fields passed for over 300 yards. Even though the Buckeyes defense was not stellar they did not need to be as Michigan could not stop the Buckeyes. The only thing really positive for Michigan was Chase Young was a non-factor all game long which surprised me.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Can Michigan Finally Beat The Ohio State Buckeyes?

Michigan in recent years, has not had much luck in beating Urban Meyer, but for them, Meyer is retired, but that does not mean it will be any easier. Ryan Day has the Buckeyes playing extremely well and a No.1 ranking in the College Football Playoff rankings. Michigan and Jim Harbaugh feel this is the year they can do it but is that really realistic?

Ohio State will be playing for another Big Ten Championship while Michigan can only play the spoiler role. Maybe that's what Michigan needs to play a spoiler role for once. It seems when they play any other role the Buckeyes tend to roll over them. Michigan has a chance to be a spoiler and it is a role that coach Jim Harbaugh probably has used as motivation this week.

Michigan also has something else going for them as well. Early on Michigan struggled on both sides of the ball, but that is not the case anymore. Shea Patterson has the offense playing well and the defense has also come around as a unit. Michigan rolls into the game playing very well and has something to prove to everyone in the country.

Jim Harbaugh knows this could be his last stand In Michigan and I expect him to pull out all the stops to win this game. For the Wolverines its a win or bust this year. They know they can spoil the Buckeyes playoff chances and they will do whatever it takes to stick it to the Buckeyes.

Monday, November 25, 2019

No Wonder The Bengals Are Bad They Don't Know What They Want As Dalton Back As Starter

Well, the winless Bengals have decided that rookie quarterback Ryan Finley will head back to the bench while Andy Dalton is inserted back into the lineup. Finley struggled for the most part for the winless Bengals who are (0-11). The main reason the Bengals switch was to see what they had in Finley and I guess Zac Taylor had seen enough as he is headed back to the veteran Andy Dalton.

Dalton does give the Bengals some chance for a win, but the reality is the Bengals are a very bad football team. First-year head coach Zac Taylor is learning fast just how bad these Bengals happen to be. Just a few more losses and the Bengals will have the first pick in the upcoming draft sewed up.

The reality is no franchise wants to pick first as that tells you just how bad you happen to be. Cincinnati at one time was a very good franchise and one that was in the playoffs on a consistent basis. Now they are just a bad team that people circle as a win on the schedule. Hopefully, things will change for the Bengals in the future, but for now, they are one bad football team.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

OJ Simpson And Twitter A Match Made In The Cyber World

No matter if you like him or hate it it seems OJ Simpson is a hit in the Twitter World. When I first saw his Twitter which is @TheRealOJ32 if anyone is interested. I followed him to see what his account would be like. I will say so far it's been enjoyable to say the least. The Juice talks a lot about football and his opinion on it. He does play fantasy football and seems to watch alot of NFL football as well.

Sometimes he will get on and take questions from people about anything. This opens himself up for Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman questions, but he seems to take it well when given one. No matter what OJ has not lost his smile or charisma with all he has been through since the murders.

The amazing part is OJ Simpson followers are up to over 923,000 people which was a shock to me. He has not been on Twitter a long time but has seemed to take to it well. People seem to have taken to him as well. I guess The Juice and Twitter were made for each other.

Why The College Football Playoff Committee Doesn't Always Get It Right

Every year we see teams that get left out of the College Football Playoffs and it leaves us scratching our heads. After looking closer at the last few years I have come to a conclusion about this playoff committee. They want safe picks and not a team that could make them look bad. Let's take a closer look at what I mean.

Everyone has thought the committee is biased to SEC teams when these rankings are released. In a way that is true, but you must understand the whole story. The reason the committee loves SEC teams as they usually put on a good show and rarely get blown out in a game. The committee does not want to see another game like they did when Clemson blew the doors off the Ohio State Buckeyes. It made the committee look bad and they learned from that debacle. They want to play it safe when they choose the Final Four Teams.

As a whole, the College Football Playoff Committee does an excellent job, but every year is getting tougher. This year could be easy or tougher depending on the final two games of the season. No matter what the one thing we have gathered from the committee is safe bets are what they will do. Sticking their necks out for a pick isn't likely to happen this year either.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Whats Wrong With The Browns Comes Down To 3 Things

After another loss for the Browns this time in Denver there are 3 things they must do to turn their season around. The question is will the Browns make these three changes to right the ship. Let's look at the three things that must be done right away.

1. Freddie Kitchens must be willing to change and adapt. Now, this might be the hardest thing to do. Kitchens is a proud coach and is stubborn. He does not seem to like change and getting him to change and adapt could be a tough one. Kitchens needs to go back and make things simple for the team. He is trying to be too cute and fancy and it shows on the field of play. It seems he tries to make it tougher then it has to be. Sometimes when we talk football simple is better.

2. Tackle, Tackle, Tackle. The Browns have had a real issue this season with tackling their opponents. This is an area that really needs a lot of improvement. Last year the Browns were a lot better at tackling. I'm wondering how much losing Greg Williams as defensive coordinator had to do with the bad tackling now. The best part is this can be worked on at practice until it gets better.

3. Lastly, culture change must happen in the locker room. Watching the Browns play they look like a team divided. Most teams compete as one, but I do not see that in the Browns. It seems everyone has there own agenda and it seems winning is not one of them.

For Cleveland to get back on track these three things are a good place start. Will it happen I doubt it. Unless some kind of change is made it will continue to be a free fall for the Cleveland Browns and their season.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Baker Mayfield Walks Out Of Press Conference Say It Isn't So

It seems it just keeps getting worse for Baker Mayfield this season. He walked out of his press conference after he was not happy with some questions a reporter asked him. Baker has butt heads with this reporter before it seems. This is really no surprise as the season for Baker and the Browns continue to spiral out of control. Now one thing Mayfield has not learned yet is he cannot let reporters get under his skin. It just does not look good on him no matter if he is right. Reporters have a job and answering the questions no matter how dumb you think they may be is just part of your job.

Baker Mayfield is a young man that has a lot to learn and over time he will learn from this encounter with this reporter. Winning is what cures problems with the media. When you win they have less opportunity to ask you dumb questions. Right now the Browns are struggling and until they consistently start winning this will be an every week occurrence it seems.

Cleveland has a tough game in Denver and his single focus should be on them not a reporters questioning. Hopefully, Mayfield will learn that sometimes you have to play nice with reporters, but knowing Baker that's just not possible.

Friday, October 18, 2019

When The Hype Stops The Real Cleveland Browns Appear It Seems

The Cleveland Browns were given plenty of hype in the off-season and it seems the hype train has derailed already for Browns fans. Now the season is still early, but there was so much promise for the 2019-20 edition of the Cleveland Browns. What has gone wrong for the Browns this season? It can be narrowed down to a few things, and we will look at some of those things.

It all starts with the quarterback and Baker Mayfield has struggled with consistency and stays upright in the pocket. The offensive line has struggled and that has not helped Mayfield in his second year which was supposed to be his breakout season. When you have a young quarterback you must have every piece work together or they will struggle.

Cleveland has one of the best receiver group in the whole NFL, but they have not lived up to the hype as well. Why is that? Simply put it takes time to gel as a group and it may take a season together before you see any real success. OBJ, Jarvis Laundry are two of the best in the league and will be fine once they get more playing time together.

Out of everything so far this season the defense, in my opinion, has been the most disappointing unit of them all. They have had some injuries, but they are such a talented group. There is no excuse for giving up as many points and yards they have this season. They must get better if the Browns are going to improve this season.

Overall the Browns should be okay after next week's Patriots game. The schedule gets a lot easier which should help them out a lot. The bottom line is they must continue to improve every week if they want to be a playoff team.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Can Michigan State Keep It Close Against Buckeyes?

The Michigan State Spartans have won three of the last eight meetings between these two teams, but will that help them this time around. The Buckeyes are favorite by 20 and that could increase before kickoff. Ohio State could very well be the most complete college football team this year. They have destroyed everyone that has been in their way. Does Sparty even have a chance against this Buckeye juggernaut?

Mark Dantonio is a coach who seems to get the most out of his players in this game. He will need to devise a game plan to keep the Buckeye's powerful offense off the field as much as possible. Even if he does that Ohio State has a great defense as well Dantonio will also have to deal with. No matter how you look at it this could be an uphill struggle all game for the Spartans.

I do like Ohio State in this game, but I think it will be a lot closer then many people think it will be. Dantonio is a miracle worker when the odds are stacked against him. He has the knack to get his players to play their best game when it is needed. If Sparty can get a few breaks you never know what could happen. I do like the Buckeyes in a close one 27-24.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

NFL Preseason Scores Week3

Thursday, Aug. 15

Philadelphia Eagles 24, Jacksonville Jaguars 10
New York Jets 22, Atlanta Falcons 10
Baltimore Ravens 26, Green Bay Packers 13
Cincinnati Bengals 23, Washington Redskins 13
Oakland Raiders 33, Arizona Cardinals 26

Friday, Aug. 16

Buffalo Bills 27, Carolina Panthers 14
New York Giants 32, Chicago Bears 13
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16, Miami Dolphins 14

Saturday, Aug. 17

Cleveland Browns 21, Indianapolis Colt 18
New England Patriots 22, Tennessee Titans 17
Houston Texans 30, Detroit Lions 23
Pittsburgh Steelers 17, Kansas City Chiefs 7
Dallas Cowboys 14, Los Angeles Rams 10

Saturday, August 17, 2019

NFL Preseason Schedule August 17, 2019

Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts4 p.m.
New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans7 p.m.
Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers7:30 p.m.
Detroit Lions at Houston Texans8 p.m.
Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams (at Honolulu)10 p.m.

Is It Time For DeMarcus Cousins To Think About Life After Basketball?

DeMarcus Cousins has had a rough time lately with injuries and this off-season is no exception. This time it is a torn ACL and he could miss the whole upcoming season with the Lakers. Cousins recently came back from a torn quad with the Golden State Warriors. You hate to see this happening to a player who is out there giving it his all to help the team. DeMarcus Cousins has to seriously look at maybe hanging his sneakers up after this latest injury.
When injuries start to mount up there comes a time where you must say to yourself is it worth it anymore. Fighting back from injury after injury is tough and many times it also weakens other parts of your body as well. Training has to become an all-out desire or you will never get back to where you wanna be. The question I have is will DeMarcus have the desire to make it back or will he decide to hang it up.
My personal opinion is DeMarcus Cousins will give it one more try, if another injury pops up he will call it a career. I think that is the right decision for Cousins at this point in his career.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Is Draymond Green Worth 100 Million Dollars?

Many people wonder if the Golden State Warriors were going to pay Draymond Green and they did to a tune of a 100 million dollar extension. Draymond Green is the kind of player that you love if he is on your team, but you hate him if you play against him. The real question is he really worth 100 million dollar extension that he got. Let's dig a little deeper into this extension and if the Warriors were smart to do this right now.

The Warriors are a team that needs a guy like Draymond Green and they knew it. Green gives them the tough defensive-minded guy who does not mind doing the dirty work down low. He can also take his man out of the key and to the wing or three-point line. It's tough to find a player that can do those things on a consistent basis. Draymond is also a guy who does not mind telling teammates when they are not doing their job. Case in point when he got into it with superstar Kevin Durant.

Draymond Green's stats really do not jump out at you, but he is a consistent player you can count on night after night. The only real drawback to Green is something he loses his cool and will get technical fouls. This can be an issue when the playoffs roll around. You need him on the floor and his technical fouls have been an issue in the past.

Overall I think the extension was warranted and a good move by the Warriors. The things Draymond to the team is invaluable. Finding a guy like him in free agency just doesn't happen these days.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

MLB Schedule July 14, 2019

1:05 pm Tampa Bay Rays @ Baltimore Orioles    

1:05 pm Washington Nationals @ Philadelphia Phillies 
1:05 pm Toronto Blue Jays @ New York Yankees     

1:10 pm New York Mets @ Miami Marlins     

1:10 pm Minnesota Twins @ Cleveland Indians   
2:10 pm San Francisco Giants @ Milwaukee Brewers     

2:15 pm Arizona D'Backs @ St. Louis Cardinals     

2:15 pm Detroit Tigers @ Kansas City Royals    

2:20 pm Pittsburgh Pirates @ Chicago Cubs   
3:05 pm Houston Astros @ Texas Rangers     

3:10 pm Cincinnati Reds @ Colorado Rockies    

4:07 pm Chicago White Sox @ Oakland Athletics    

4:07 pm Seattle Mariners @ Los Angeles Angels     

4:10 pm Atlanta Braves @ San Diego Padres     

7:05 pm Los Angeles Dodgers @ Boston Red Sox 

Can Lebron And A.D. Bring Back Showtime To Lakers?

Last season much was expected of the Los Angeles Lakers with Lebron James leading them. For a while, it looked like they were going to be a playoff team, but injuries took a toll on the Lakers. Fast forward into the offseason the Lakers have added a lot of pieces to the equation. Rajon Rondo came back and Boogie Cousins was also added to the mix with a lot of role players.
Maybe the biggest addition was adding Anthony Davis in a trade from the New Orleans Pelicans. Davis is a top player in the league and should help out James immensely. The only real drawback I see to Davis is he has been prone to injury. He has missed a number of games in his career, but besides that, he is a top-notch player in this league. Will this new addition bring back Showtime? Let's take a closer look.
I like the roster and we should see glimpses of showtime, but I have one fear and that is the injury bug. Many of these players have logged a good number of minutes during their careers and that could be a problem. If they can stay healthy this should be a very competitive team to watch, but if the injury bug hits this team will struggle to be a playoff team.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Kevin Durant A Go For Game 5 No Real Shock!

Kevin Durant has been out of action for a month, but he is a go for Game 5 in Toronto. Did anyone really think he would not show up sometime in the series? Durant is a player that can make a huge difference when healthy. The real question is what can Durant give the Warriors at this point down 3-1.

Many people think he won't make much of a difference, but I'm not of that thinking at all. I think Kevin Durant will play alot better then people think. Is he enough to make a difference tonight? I say yes as the Warriors need one more scorer and we all know Durant can fill it up.

Playing in Toronto is perfect for Durant as he loves being the villain and hearing the boos. All that does is fuel his desire. Toss in Drake and this has to be a much-watched game tonight. No matter what happens the ratings should be sky high for Durant's return.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Kyrie Irving And Big Brother King James Back Together Again?

Rumors are always a fun past time and one of the hottest right now is Kyrie Irving considering joining the Lakers and teaming up with Lebron James again. Can Kyrie really be considering this after the first breakup with James? Yes, it's possible from what I hear from various sources. Would this work a second time around? Let's take a look at what this could look like in Los Angeles.

Over time people get to look at things differently and I think both Irving and James do that now. James knows if he wants to win in Los Angeles he needs some help. Irving has realized he cannot carry a team by himself and is better as a sidekick. Both James and Irving have probably learned they are better as a team than apart.

If the Lakers want to win then they need to try and sign Kyrie Irving. When paired with James they make a lethal duo. Right now the Lakers are in flux and need talent and Irving fits the bill. If Irving and James can co-exist they may be able to bring back some of that old magic that dethroned the Warriors just a few years ago.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Orlando and Brooklyn Make Early Statements In NBA Playoffs

The Orlando Magic and Brooklyn Nets were just supposed to be here for the fun of the NBA Playoffs, but apparently, neither team got the memo. The Magic stopped the Toronto Raptors 104-101 and The Nets beat Philadelphia by a score of 111-102. San Antonio stop the Denver Nuggets 101-96 as well which many people thought was an upset. Anytime you play San Antonio they can beat you. It's just the nature of the beast.

Now all three teams did come up with big wins, but the odds of them winning the series is still remote at best. Out of all three teams, Orlando has the best shot of pulling the upset. Why Orlando? Since the All-Star break, they have been playing very well. We all know how Toronto seems to shrink in the playoffs so I give Orlando the best shot.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Texas Tech vs Virginia Did Anyone Have This In There Final Bracket?

Virginia was a team many had to make to the Final Four, but when the season started who knew about the Texas Tech Red Raiders. I will admit I was not one of the people. Give Texas Tech a lot of credit for making it to the big game.

After The Cavaliers was disappointed in last years tournament performance they came back and showed why they got a No.1 seed. Of course Auburn may disagree with that as they could be playing for all the marbles as well. Auburn had an unfortunate call go against them and lost it in the final seconds.

No matter who wins this tournament shows that anyone can get to the championship game. The key is playing well at the right time and get on a roll. Both Texas Tech and Virginia will get a chance to showcase what got them to this point on Monday Night!

NBA Schedule January 23, 2021

January 23, 2021 NBA Schedule pretty bland in my opinion but still have a few games I will try and catch. Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets c...