Monday, December 28, 2020

Redskins End The Dwayne Haskins Project After Just Two Years

 Dwayne Haskins time has ended which should not come as a surprise to anyone in the NFL. When Haskins was drafted No. 15 by the Redskins they were warned to bring him along slowly. In college, his coaches told the Redskins he needed work, but could eventually be a good quarterback but needed time. Most people thought Haskins should have stayed another year at Ohio State which Haskins would have benefited from for sure.

Haskins made a lot of mistakes along his journey in Washington. From not preparing like he should for NFL games to visiting a strip club. Washington really did not have much of a choice they needed to cut ties with Haskins. What's next for Haskins? A fresh start is exactly what he needs. A change of scenery and time to reflect on what happened in Washington is what Haskins needs.

There will be an NFL team that gives him another chance. Time away is what he needs right now to clear his head and become a better man and player as well. Let's hope Dwayne Haskins has learned from his mistakes and will come back better and ready to help a football team again.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Browns Had Chance To Make Playoffs Against Lowly Jets But Lose A Game They Should Have Won

 The Cleveland Browns have had a crazy last 36 hours and it ended with a loss to the lowly New York Jets by a score of 23-16. Cleveland was shorthanded as many offensive players were in Covid-19 protocol and did not make the trip to New York. Did the Browns miss these players? Yes, but you still have to win with who you have on the team. The sad part is Cleveland came out and looked like a team that had nothing to play for at all. The New York Jets looked like the hungry team that had something to play for even though they did not.

Baker Mayfield struggled throughout the game missing open receivers and turning the ball over. When you do those two things you really do not have much chance of winning. Cleveland did not run the ball very well against a Jets team that was horrible on defense and missing players as well. All in all, Cleveland was not prepared for this game at all. The play calling was questionable at best as well. Running the ball is what Cleveland does well, but was abandoned way to early in my opinion.

Now the Browns must win against Pittsburgh and hope they get some help along the way. If they do not it will be another year the Browns miss the playoffs. At least this season the Browns have been competitive that is something they can build on if they miss the playoffs this season.

Friday, December 25, 2020

Justin Fields Snub And Who Should Win The Heisman Trophy

 The Heisman Trophy finalists were announced and some surprises did come out of it to some people. For me, it went as I expected. Justin Fields who was an early Heisman front runner did not even make the final cut. I know Ohio State Buckeye fans are not happy with this, but in reality, it's correct. In the last few weeks, Fields has not played as well as he did when he started. This is why he did not make it into the Top 4 and it should fuel him against the Clemson Tigers.

Here are the Final Four Finalists:

1. Trevor Lawrence

2. Mac Jones

3. DeVonta Smith

4. Kyle Trask

All four players are very good and well-deserving of the award. People ask me who I like If I had a vote and it's really about winning and that is the bottom line. Trevor Lawrence has a 34-1 record as a starter and that is tough to dismiss. He missed two games this year and Clemson did not look the same on the field. He brings so much to the table. He's my pick for the Heisman Trophy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

NBA Pre-Season Schedule December 16, 2020

NBA Schedule December 16, 2020













Scott Frost Program Is A Work In Progress

 When Scott Frost was hired as Nebraska's football coach people were hoping for instant success, but it has been a long and losing road so far. It's not because Scott Frost isn't trying hard enough, he is doing all he can to turn the program around quickly. Most people on the outside do not realize how bad off the program happens to be. Long-time Husker fans such as I knew how bad they were and Frost was going to have a long building project when he took the job. Let's look at where Frost is right now with the program.

One of the biggest problems with Nebraska was the talent they had very little and was not competitive at all. As far as being competitive it's still a work in progress right now. Some weeks they are competitive some weeks you just shake your head. This is what happens when you are rebuilding the program from the ground up. Frost is working on getting the guys he needs to compete against the better teams. Getting the best talent is not always easy as others are after the same talent. Nebraska has improved talent, but still nowhere close to where they need to be.

Frost's other big problem is converting the fan base to understand it takes time. I'm looking at around 5 years before you will see anything that will resemble a competitive program. Some people do not want to wait that long, but it's going to take time. I'm worried they won't give Frost the time he needs to build it back to where it needs to be. Is Frost the man to do it? From what I see so far I cannot complain as he is making slow steady improvements. That's all you can ask for in this kind of environment right now.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Ohio State Could Become Big Alabama Fans Real Soon

 Now, this really wasn't unexpected news as the Big Ten Conference let the Ohio State Buckeyes slide into the Big Ten Championship game against Northwestern. Ohio State was undefeated, but there was a six-game minimum to get to the Championship game. After Michigan canceled Ohio State couldn't make the number of games needed, but Big Ten changed their mind once again.

I could feel bad for Ohio State, but they would have made the minimum without any help if they wouldn't have to cancel a game on their own. So, I can't really feel bad for them, but as usual, the Big Ten decides to do what they want no matter what rules they set forth. I guess this should not surprise anyone really. Did Ohio State deserve this break?

The answer is probably yes, as they were undefeated in the limited schedule they did play. Are they the best team in the Big Ten the answer is yes, so I can't be too upset about this decision? My only problem is you cannot keep changing rules to benefit one team over another. It's interesting though that Iowa did not vote on this rule change they just listened to a conference call when the decision was made. That tells me some people were not happy with this special treatment for Ohio State.

Alabama could become the biggest friend for Ohio State. If Florida upsets the Crimson Tide and Clemson beats the Irish the Ohio State Buckeyes could find themselves on the outside looking in. I just can't see them getting in with only six wins. Florida, Alabama, Clemson, and Notre Dame's resume is just better than the Buckeyes. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Monday, November 23, 2020

The 4 Things We Must See From Nebraska vs Iowa

 After last week's debacle against Illinois, there are four things we need to see from Nebraska this week on the field of play. Let's look at these four critical areas of the team that need to see steady improvement.

1. We need to figure out the quarterback to lead this team. Both Adrian Martinez and Luke McCaffery are players who can get the job done, but so far neither has shown much. One of the biggest issues I have with both of these players are bad decision making and turnovers. You cannot have the leader of your team making bad decisions and turning the ball over. Play from the quarterback needs to be a lot better from the start of the game.

2. The Blackshirts must play a lot better as well. On defense, Nebraska is giving up too many rushing yards to opposing teams. Getting to the quarterback has been another issue as well. If you cannot rush the quarterback then you cannot expect your secondary to make up for it all the time. A pass rush is needed every week if you want to improve. Stopping the run should also be high on the list of priorities on defense as well.

3. The passing game is horrible as well. Receivers are not getting separation which makes it tough on the quarterback. Until our receivers do a better job of getting open the quarterback will continue to struggle. The running game is also something that must be improved. Once it does it will help open the passing games as well.

4. Coaching in the last game was totally unacceptable. Players were not ready to play and that falls on all aspects of coaching. A fake punt like Illinois did to Nebraska should never happen. This falls on coaching and cannot keep happening on a weekly basis. Coaching needs to lead the way and right now that's not what is happening.

After last week Nebraska needs to go back to the basics if they want to win. Play defense, move the ball on offense and get good coaching. Another week like last week is totally unacceptable.

NFL Roundup Monday November 23, 2020

Some interesting games took place yesterday in the NFL. You can tell we're getting closer to the playoffs as these games are getting more chippy in nature. I got to watch many games yesterday and I will go over a few quick ones I liked a lot. One of my favorite games was the Titans vs the Ravens where we had a confrontation at midfield and it ended in overtime. Derrick Henry scored in overtime to give the Titans a hard fought win. The Ravens are slowly slipping out of the playoff hunt. This week against Pittsburgh will tell us a lot about the Ravens. Pittsburgh continued to roll and now is 10-0.

Round two of Kansas City and Los Vegas Raiders did not disappoint. Give the Raiders credit they held their own against the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes again was elite as Kansas City won 35-31. It was a crazy weekend where we saw the Dallas Cowboys win and Joe Burrow hurt his knee. Let's hope Burrow is okay but it's not looking good right now for him. Tonight the Buccaneers host the Rams which should be a good game for Monday Night Football.

The Browns also kept winning and now 7-3 and the Miami Dolphins lost to the Denver Broncos which ended their winning streak. This season has been enjoyable so far and can't wait for the Thanksgiving weekend of NFL and college football.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Jordan vs Lavar In Basketball Would Be Fun To Watch

The one thing you can say about Lavar Ball is he is a great marketer as he was able to get two sons drafted in the NBA by two different legends. Magic Johnson drafted Lonzo Ball and Michael Jordan drafted LaMelo Ball this year. Both players should be in the NBA for a number of years, but who becomes the best still is undetermined.

The big question people are asking is will we finally see a one-on-one contest between LaVar Ball and Michael Jordan. Many people forget that LaVar Ball did play college basketball and average a whopping 2.2 points in college. I'm still at a loss on how he thinks he could beat Michael Jordan one on one is beyond me. I guess we must give him credit for being confident or just misinformed about his abilities.

Jordan for his part has mostly kept quiet about this, but I'm sure we will hear more about this in the future. To be totally honest, I do not expect Jordan to ever consider playing one on one against LaVar. It does make good press for people and talk shows, but that's probably as far as it will ever go.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Tom Brady Look Bad Against The Saints But Don't Count On That All The Time

 The one thing we have learned about Tom Brady over the years is when we think he is done he comes back with a vengeance. The other thing we know about Tom Brady he never forgets games or what people say after losses in his career. He has a long memory and he usually gets even before it's all said and done.

Watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady last night was very painful, but sometimes you need to be taught a lesson. Many people had Tampa Bay as headed to the Super Bowl already and that is not how it works. Give the New Orleans Saints credit as they had a great plan in place and dominated the Bucs.

Sean Payton many times does not get the credit he deserves as he exploited the Buccaneer's defense and how to attack it. This loss will do one thing for Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. Either they will learn from it and get better or will spiral downward and miss the playoffs.

Knowing Tom Brady he will not let this loss keep him from his goal. Throughout his career, he has had these kinds of moments and has always bounced back. I look for him to do that in this situation as well.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Watching Michigan Football Is Painful Anymore

 After another horrible loss, Jim Harbaugh thinks Michigan is close to getting back to their winning ways. I don't know what game Jim Harbaugh was watching but it couldn't have been Indiana vs Michigan. Indiana dominated Michigan throughout the whole game and there never was a doubt who was winning this game. Indiana held Michigan to less than 20 yards rushing and racked up 460 yards to an easy 38-21 win over Michigan.

Please Mr. Harbaugh tell me how your team is ready to turn the corner and start winning. Defensively, Michigan is horrible especially against the pass. They have no defensive backs that can cover the opposing best receivers. They seem to give up over 300 passing yards on a weekly basis. I can't imagine how bad the loss will be against Ohio State.

At 1-2 Jim Harbaugh is right it's got to get better for Michigan. If they continue this downward spiral I think it's time to vote Jim Harbaugh out of his job. Michigan football has a proud tradition and what I have been watching is not Michigan football. Michigan football fans deserve a better product than what Jim Harbaugh is selling these days.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Nebraska Falls To Northwestern 21-13 And Start Season 0-2

 The Nebraska Cornhuskers gave a great effort but fell short again this time by a score of 21-13 to the Northwestern Wildcats. Give Northwestern credit because in the second half they did not let the Cornhuskers score after down 13-7 at halftime. Nebraska had plenty of chances to pull this game out, but could not get the job done. Let's look at some of the problems the Cornhuskers encountered in this game.

Just like Ohio State, Nebraska had too many penalties that hurt them. Turnovers also were a problem as you must protect the ball. Adrian Martinez played three quarters and Luke McCaffery played the fourth quarter, but both quarterbacks made mistakes, so nothing has really changed in that department.

Nebraska still struggles to stretch the field. They have no wide receivers that they can count on play after play. The wide receivers we have need to be more consistent and get better separation from the defense. This would make it easier on the quarterbacks when it comes to throwing the ball.

In the end, Nebraska did not make enough plays to win this game. Nebraska played hard all game long so they have nothing to hang their heads about. They gave a great effort, but it just was not enough to win this game. Compared to last year this team has improved a lot. Scott Frost is getting this team competitive week after week and that is all you can ask.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

How Can The Milwaukee Brewers Get Better In 2021?

 The Milwaukee Brewers made the playoffs in 2020 which was really a great accomplishment considering how bad the offense was on this team. Now that the Brewers are looking towards many tough decisions will need to happen and some already have happened. Brewers declined the option on Ryan Braun's 15 million dollar contract. They also declined options on  Jedd Gyroko, Eric Sogard, and Ben Gamel. Of these three players, all of them struggled to hit the ball in 2020. Now maybe some of these players might be resigned but it will be for a lower amount of money.

This season coming up players I think will see less money being offered by MLB teams. Many are struggling financially without fans in the stands. Even some of the bigger ballclubs will probably watch their spending as well. This actually could help the Brewers get some players normally they could not afford. These players though will most likely sign one or two-year deals hoping to make a higher wage down the line. 

Finding the right players can be tough in this kind of climate. Last season I thought Milwaukee made some good choices, but it did not exactly work out well for them. The pitching was good enough, but offensively they were challenged to say the least. The problem is will Milwaukee spend the kind of money that is needed to get the free agents they need. One option I guess is to rely on the minors, but there really is not anything great down there either. Milwaukee could be stuck for a couple years if they go the minor league route.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Is It Time Michigan Part Ways Finally With Jim Harbaugh?

 When Jim Harbaugh was hired as the Michigan coach everyone thought this would finally turn around a program that has struggled in recent years. Now Harbaugh's record isn't bad at 48-19 but just 1-4 in Bowl Games as the Michigan coach. The reason he was brought in was to beat The Ohio State Buckeyes, but that has not gone well for him. Ohio State has pretty much dominated Harbaugh in his head to head matchups. Why has Jim Harbaugh struggled so much as Michigan coach? Let's take a closer look at why he has not met expectations when he was hired.

Through the years Michigan has always had top-notch talent on both sides of the ball. Since Harbaugh has arrived he has struggled to bring in five-star recruits. Without top talent, you will struggle and that is one thing that has happened. Harbaugh loses top players to other schools and you cannot win this way. Harbaugh has complained about an uneven recruiting field, but it hasn't slowed down Ohio State. Winning all the time is something Michigan fans expect, but with the talent level, they have right now that's just not possible.

Firing Jim Harbaugh in my opinion may not ever happen, so the best way to do this is to part ways as a joint effort. Harbaugh has proven he cannot get the talent Michigan needs to compete on the National level. The problem is finding a coach that will be able to do that consistently. There are only so many of Nick Saban's in this world. No matter what I think it's time for Michigan and Jim Harbaugh to divorce in a civil matter at the end of the season. It's best for both people in the end.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Can Anyone Stop The Ohio State Buckeyes This Year?

 Two down for the Ohio State Buckeyes as they have rolled to two easy victories over Nebraska and Penn State. This week they are 34 point favorites at home to Rutgers which is no real surprise. Many people feel that the Buckeyes will have a cakewalk through the Big Ten. Can anyone stop the Buckeyes this season on the quest for a National Title?

Let's start by looking at the Big Ten first and see if any team can give the Buckeyes any type of competition. Indiana, Michigan State, and Michigan are the only teams that could keep it within a two-score game maybe. Indiana is playing well, but the game is at Ohio State. Michigan State does have the Buckeyes at home and you never know if Mel Tucker will have them ready to play against this type of competition. Michigan is a crapshoot because you do not know what kind of team will show up for Michigan. In my opinion, look for the Buckeyes to roll through the Big Ten with ease.

As far as the rest of college football is concerned Ohio State has an excellent chance of going deep into the playoffs. Justin Fields is a Heisman candidate and as long as he stays healthy he has a good shot of winning the award. On offense, the Buckeyes have many players that will be playing on Sundays. Talentwise this could be one of the best Buckeyes teams in recent years. It could come down the only way this team loses is by beating themselves.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Its Time We Give The Pittsburgh Steelers Some Respect

 I will admit I try to find all the reasons why I would justify saying The Pittsburgh Steelers were overrated, but no more. I used the schedule as my main reason for doubting them. I mean if you take a closer look at their schedule it's not the toughest, but I figured the Ravens would give Pittsburgh a good test. This game was fun to watch and during the process, Pittsburgh has earned my respect, and probably one of the better teams in The NFL this season.

Big Ben managed the game well, but that defense Pittsburgh has can scored points when needed along with getting important stops. To win an NFL title you must be good at all phases of the game and it seems the Steelers have that right now. Defense still wins championships and Pittsburgh was not lights out today but did what was needed to get the win.

Pittsburgh also has the x-factor which is very important when it comes to winning and that is a coach who can handle it all. Mike Tomlin in my opinion does not get the respect he deserves. What does Tomlin do for his team? It's really pretty simple they are well prepared and all he does is win. He reminds me so much of former Steelers coaches all they do is take what they are given and win. No matter what anyone says about this team it should now be respected for what they have accomplished so far this season.

Early NFL Scores November 1, 2020

 FINALSun, Nov 1

  1 2 3 4 T

New England 


0 6 8 7 21



7 0 7 10 24


PASS: C. Newton (15 - 25, 174 YDS )

RUSH: D. Harris (16 ATT, 102 YDS , 1 TD)

REC: J. Meyers (6 REC, 58 YDS )

PASS: J. Allen (11 - 18, 154 YDS )

RUSH: D. Singletary (14 ATT, 86 YDS )

REC: S. Diggs (6 REC, 92 YDS )

FINALSun, Nov 1

  1 2 3 4 T



7 0 14 7 28



7 10 0 7 24


PASS: B. Roethlisberger (20 - 31, 176 YDS , 2 TD)

RUSH: J. Conner (15 ATT, 47 YDS , 1 TD)

REC: J. Smith-Schuster (7 REC, 67 YDS )

PASS: L. Jackson (13 - 29, 208 YDS , 2 TD)

RUSH: J. Dobbins (15 ATT, 113 YDS )

REC: W. Snead IV (5 REC, 106 YDS )

FINALSun, Nov 1

  1 2 3 4 T



0 7 0 13 20



3 14 0 14 31


PASS: R. Tannehill (18 - 30, 233 YDS , 2 TD)

RUSH: D. Henry (18 ATT, 112 YDS , 1 TD)

REC: C. Davis (8 REC, 128 YDS , 1 TD)

PASS: J. Burrow (26 - 37, 249 YDS , 2 TD)

RUSH: G. Bernard (15 ATT, 62 YDS , 1 TD)

REC: T. Higgins (6 REC, 78 YDS )

FINALSun, Nov 1

  1 2 3 4 T

Las Vegas 


0 6 0 10 16



0 3 3 0 6


PASS: D. Carr (15 - 24, 112 YDS , 1 TD)

RUSH: J. Jacobs (31 ATT, 128 YDS )

REC: D. Waller (5 REC, 28 YDS )

PASS: B. Mayfield (12 - 25, 122 YDS )

RUSH: K. Hunt (14 ATT, 66 YDS )

REC: J. Landry (4 REC, 52 YDS )

FINALSun, Nov 1

  1 2 3 4 T



0 20 0 21 41



7 0 7 7 21


PASS: P. Rivers (23 - 33, 262 YDS , 3 TD)

RUSH: J. Wilkins (20 ATT, 89 YDS , 1 TD)

REC: N. Hines (3 REC, 54 YDS , 2 TD)

PASS: M. Stafford (24 - 42, 336 YDS , 3 TD)

RUSH: J. Agnew (1 ATT, 11 YDS )

REC: M. Hall (4 REC, 113 YDS )

FINALSun, Nov 1

  1 2 3 4 T



7 7 14 0 28

Green Bay 


7 7 0 8 22


PASS: K. Cousins (11 - 14, 160 YDS , 1 TD)

RUSH: D. Cook (30 ATT, 163 YDS , 3 TD)

REC: D. Cook (2 REC, 63 YDS , 1 TD)

PASS: A. Rodgers (27 - 41, 291 YDS , 3 TD)

RUSH: J. Williams (16 ATT, 75 YDS )

REC: R. Tonyan (5 REC, 79 YDS )

FINALSun, Nov 1

  1 2 3 4 T

New York 


3 6 0 0 9

Kansas City 


14 7 7 7 35


PASS: S. Darnold (18 - 30, 133 YDS )

RUSH: F. Gore (10 ATT, 30 YDS )

REC: D. Mims (2 REC, 42 YDS )

PASS: P. Mahomes (31 - 42, 416 YDS , 5 TD)

RUSH: C. Edwards-Helaire (6 ATT, 21 YDS )

REC: T. Kelce (8 REC, 109 YDS , 1 TD)

FINALSun, Nov 1

  1 2 3 4 T

Los Angeles 


7 3 0 7 17



7 21 0 0 28


PASS: J. Goff (35 - 61, 355 YDS , 1 TD)

RUSH: D. Henderson Jr. (8 ATT, 47 YDS )

REC: C. Kupp (11 REC, 110 YDS )

PASS: T. Tagovailoa (12 - 22, 93 YDS , 1 TD)

RUSH: M. Gaskin (17 ATT, 47 YDS , 1 TD)

REC: M. Gaskin (3 REC, 16 YDS )

Monday, October 12, 2020

Lebron James Adds Another NBA Title But Is He The GOAT Now

Lebron James added another NBA Title to his resume by taking the Los Angeles Lakers to the top of the NBA. Does this make Lebron the official GOAT of the NBA? Many people think it does but just as many people will tell you it does not. Let's look deeper into that question and see what we can come up with on his GOAT status.

Now if you look at sheer numbers by the time King James hangs up the sneakers he could very well have every record imaginable in his name. No matter which side you come down on you can make numbers look good for both players, so let's look deeper than numbers for a minute.

James has been to 10 NBA Finals now with a 4-6 record while Jordan was a perfect 6-0 in the NBA Finals. Both players have been named NBA Finals MVP for every championship they have won. James has been to more, but Jordan's unblemished record makes it so hard to discount.

James has an impressive run to consecutive Finals which was broken last season when the Lakers missed the playoffs. Out of all the stats that stand out for Michael Jordan the one that does is two different three-peat NBA Championships. Winning three consecutive NBA titles is so hard. Jordan didn't do it once but twice.

In the end, James has some great accomplishments, but still only second in my opinion the greatest of all time. I will admit though he is getting a lot closer in the conversation that's for sure.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Can Baseball Survive Without A Bubble In Place?

When the Flordia Marlins baseball team announce all the players that have Covid19 Major League Baseball's greatest fears were realized. Right now the Marlins will be sitting out until next week sometime or when they are cleared to come back and play again. Will this be an isolated case or will we see a lot more in the coming weeks?

The reality is there will be more positive cases in the future. If there is no more I would be totally shocked, to be honest. When MLB decided not to be in a bubble they trusted their players ould do the right thing 24/7 and stay safe. The reality is that will not happen as every player does not always follow the rules. This means if we have more positive tests MLB will have to decide if they want to shut down the season or not.

In my opinion, how Major League Baseball is doing this it is doomed to fail miserably. When you put your trust into Major League players to do the right things you just asking for heartbreak. I hope I am wrong about this but do not see this ending well for Major League Baseball.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

MLB Schedule July 27, 2020

There are some good games on the slate for Monday. Toronto playing Washington should be good along with Yankees at Phillies. Atlanta and Tampa Bay should also be an interesting series as well.

Monday, July 27, 2020

3:40 pm Los Angeles Angels @ Oakland Athletics     

4:10 pm Arizona D'Backs @ San Diego Padres     

6:05 pm Toronto Blue Jays @ Washington Nationals    

6:40 pm Chicago Cubs @ Cincinnati Reds     

6:40 pm Atlanta Braves @ Tampa Bay Rays     

7:05 pm New York Yankees @ Philadelphia Phillies     

7:05 pm Milwaukee Brewers @ Pittsburgh Pirates     

7:10 pm Chicago White Sox @ Cleveland Indians     

7:10 pm Kansas City Royals @ Detroit Tigers     

7:10 pm Seattle Mariners @ Houston Astros     

7:10 pm Baltimore Orioles @ Miami Marlins     

7:35 pm New York Mets @ Boston Red Sox    

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Will A Shortened Season Championship Mean As Much As A Full Season One

Sports for the most part have been idled for a good amount of time and fans of these sports have been going through withdraw without them. Now that Baseball and Basketball are starting back up what does it mean if you win a championship this year. Will people put an asterisk by it or will they consider if a full season considering we are dealing with COVID19? Let's take a closer look at this and what the winners from these sports can ultimately expect.

Many people will tell you winning either championship will be tough and I do not disagree with that at all. Playing a shortened season and stuck in a bubble is never a lot of fun. As a team just putting things behind you and trying to win is tough when you are away from your loved ones for an extended time. I think winning the basketball championship will be a lot tougher, but both will have their challenges, to say the least.

In my opinion, were going to hear baseball did not play a full season and basketball took a break in-between there season. This is why many purists will not consider this a true championship whoever happens to win it. The teams that do win though will have earned it and will be called champions no matter what anyone thinks about it.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

What Can We Expect From The Milwaukee Brewers In A 60 Game Season?

Many people wonder what teams will struggle and excel in a 60 game MLB season. The Milwaukee Brewers are one team many people are pointing to as a possible sleeper in this shortened season. I tend to agree with that as well. During the off-season, the Milwaukee Brewers lost many players to free agency, but also added a lot. Milwaukee had the philosophy to add a good mixture of players to their team. Not everyone is a superstar, but collectively they should be good.

Injuries will probably play a big part in this shortened season and the Brewers are in a great place if this happens as well. Many of the players that the Brewers have signed can play multiple positions which is very important. Over the years injuries can derail a season, but the Brewers should be okay in that department which could mean the difference between the playoffs and staying home.

Pitching is another part of the game which will be very important as well. The Brewers pitching staff struggled at times last season. The added some new faces to the staff and they are hoping they will have career years for the Brewers.

In the end, I see the Brewers winning around 35 games and earning a wild card spot. This shortened season will be different, so anyone could win it. The Brewers have a good chance as anyone, but it will come down the team who gets hot. You cannot start out slow as there are only 60 games. This means every game is important and you must treat it that way. No matter what happens this will be different for baseball fans.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Looking Back At The Decision 10 Years Later Did King James Make The Right Move?

Around 10 years ago Lebron James came up with The Decision and many people have called it one of the worse things he has ever done. Espn is taking a look back at and answering the many questions we have about this one hour show that everyone watched. The Decision was an idea from what many people have said is an idea Lebron James came up with on his own. if that is true someone should have talked him out of it. It was a debacle of major proportions, to say the least. Let's look at some questions hopefully this special will answer for us.

One of the biggest questions I have 10 years later is would James change the way he did The Decision. Was he happy how it all played out? It will be interesting to see if we find out the answer to that one. Buring his jerseys is something I would also like his opinion. What did he think about it and how hurt was he. Was Miami the right place for him to go or was there another destination he wanted. These are just some of the questions I hope to get answered.

No matter if our questions are all answered The Decision will be remembered for many different things. Some good some bad, but most of all it started a process for what not to do when you decide to leave a team. Give Lebron James credit most guys would not have the guts to do it the way he did it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

MLB Baseball Is Back But Why?

Well, it took a long time, but Major League Baseball and the Players Union was able to finally agree on something a 60 game season. My question is why are we even playing this season to be brutally honest. How can we determine a true champion when we aren't playing even half of a season. There are some rule changes which I won't go into right now, but there are a few things that worry me.

I think we are going to have a rash of injuries to players even though we are going to have an abbreviated spring training. Players are going to come back out of shape and we are not going to see good baseball to start. We will be seeing a watered-down product just so we can get the season in which it is a shame.

I'd rather skip the season and work on getting things right for next season then rush in on a failed shortened season. Apparently, baseball does not care which is something fans have known for a very long time. After this debacle, it's going to be a while before we see baseball again like we know it.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

College Sports In General Has A Virus Problem And It Won't Get Better!

College Sports want to get back on the field as soon as possible, but are they rushing in too early. Many people feel they could be, but many more say what can they really do. Most people do not realize how important college sports are to the bottom line for major colleges. Sports such as football, and basketball pay for most of the other programs at a college. This means no sports and budget cuts will have to be made without those dollars funneling into those colleges.

What options do these colleges have to choose from? Not many expect them to take as many precautions as they can to prevent the virus. The bottom line is they will have positive cases there is no way around it. The main reason for this is when student-athletes are away from campus you cannot follow them 24/7. You cannot know if they are doing the right things or ignoring rules that are in place to help them.

Colleges are damn if they do and damn if they don't I look for the fall sports to take place, but there will be positive tests and those athletes must be taken care of right away. Quarantine infected players is the key to stop it from spreading.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

MLB And Players Continue To Trade Offers With No Break in Site

No matter how you cut it MLB and The Players Union just do no trust each other and the talks are evident of this on a daily basis. MLB has offered a 60 game schedule which the players union wanting at least 70. According to  MLB the most they will accept is 60 games, so that is where we are right now. Is there going to be a MLB season or not?

The reality is I think there will be a MLB season and it will only be 60 games long no matter how you cut it. The players do not want to lose any salary and of course, MLB does not want to give 100 percent to the players. We also still have the virus going around in the background of these talks. The real problem in my opinion isn't this season it's 2021 and beyond.

There is so much hatred going on between the two sides it will be hard for them to get a deal done in 2021 and beyond. Labor strife will rear it's ugly head in 2021 in my opinion. I cannot see both sides working to a deal anytime soon. Major League Baseball is taking a hit every day this drags on.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Could You Please Cancel The MLB Season I'm Tired Of The Drama

MLB Baseball and the Players Association needs to stop this drama, because baseball fans are getting tired of all of this. Both the owners and players are not serious about playing this season. Just cancel it so fans can move on and enjoy their summer. Baseball does not seem to care for the fans, so why should they care about baseball.

I think MLB Baseball is the only sport that doesn't get it. They do not seem to mind losing fans support. It's okay to them, as they are always thinking fans will always come back to the game. One time the fans will not and baseball will struggle for years to come. I think baseball fans are just getting tired of all the bullshit anymore.

Hopefully, baseball will get their act together and we will have baseball, but from what I see don't count on that anytime soon. No matter what happens baseball fans are frustrated where it has been going.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Will College Football Start On Time Or Even At All?

Covid19 has really thrown a monkey wrench into what the College Football season could look like this upcoming season. Some teams have had to stop off season workouts to deal with players infected with this terrible disease. Where will this leave the college football season? Will we have a season at all? These are all questions on the minds of college football fans everywhere. We will try and answer them the best we can below.

Will we have a college football season at all this year? This is a very tough question to answer. I think as long as we do not have alot of infections there is a good chance there will be a season. If infections get out of control look for the college presidents to shut it down very quickly.

Can college football make it without fans this season? The reality is most college programs rely on sports to fund many different things at a college. College football is the breadwinner for most colleges and they know they need an college football season to go on. There is a possibility there will be fans, but not to capacity to help stop the spread of covid19. Any fans is better then no fans at all in my opinion.

Most people are praying there is a college football season as it will take us away from our problems in the world today. The one thing though we need to do it in a well thought out safe way. That way we will not have any setbacks once college football is ready to go.

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