Saturday, January 18, 2020

Do We Really Want To Know More About The Astros Cheating Scandal?

Do we really want to know more about the Houston Astros cheating scandal it might just piss us off more as fans? MLB did an investigation, but we really do not know-how through the investigation really was done. I will be honest I do not totally trust them to do a good investigation into anything. The reality is if they know more and it's going to hurt the product how do we know it will be included in the report at all.

From buzzers to trash can lids are just some of the props we have heard the Astros used to get an advantage on the competition. The real question, in my opinion, is what else did they do and how long has this been going on. Could this have been going on a long while and no one knew until Mike Fliers open the can of worms. Now other players have come forward with their stories of cheating they witnessed. This tells me this is widespread and just not an isolated incident.

Finding out more will not make fans any happier with the situation. You cannot take titles from them even though they cheated as the other team didn't win it after all. You can never know if the other team would have won if the Astros didn't cheat. Putting an asterisk besides the title makes more sense in my opinion. Hopefully, this will wake up MLB and they will be taking cheating more seriously.

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