Sunday, April 12, 2020

Will Jameis Winston Be A Starter In 2020?

Jameis Winston is looking for a quarterback job, but where will he finally end up. Many people including Jameis now know most likely it will be in a backup role. This is probably something he did not think he would be doing for the 2020 NFL season. Let's look at the prospects for Jameis Winston right now.

For the most part, most teams are set at starting quarterback so this really limits his chances. The Chargers are one option that he may want to look at if they have an interest. If the Chargers are not interested then Jameis has no real choice but in a backup role. Winston may not want a backup role, but then again he may not have any choice.

Winston should think about only doing a one year deal right now. A one year deal gives him the flexibility to be able to sign with another team the following year. Jameis will need to prove himself and he may be able to that in a backup role right now. The key for Winston is finding the perfect fit for him as a backup.

For Winston, this is just another challenge that he will need to face and overcome. He is very talented and this setback will only make him stronger and better for it.

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