Saturday, June 27, 2020

What Can We Expect From The Milwaukee Brewers In A 60 Game Season?

Many people wonder what teams will struggle and excel in a 60 game MLB season. The Milwaukee Brewers are one team many people are pointing to as a possible sleeper in this shortened season. I tend to agree with that as well. During the off-season, the Milwaukee Brewers lost many players to free agency, but also added a lot. Milwaukee had the philosophy to add a good mixture of players to their team. Not everyone is a superstar, but collectively they should be good.

Injuries will probably play a big part in this shortened season and the Brewers are in a great place if this happens as well. Many of the players that the Brewers have signed can play multiple positions which is very important. Over the years injuries can derail a season, but the Brewers should be okay in that department which could mean the difference between the playoffs and staying home.

Pitching is another part of the game which will be very important as well. The Brewers pitching staff struggled at times last season. The added some new faces to the staff and they are hoping they will have career years for the Brewers.

In the end, I see the Brewers winning around 35 games and earning a wild card spot. This shortened season will be different, so anyone could win it. The Brewers have a good chance as anyone, but it will come down the team who gets hot. You cannot start out slow as there are only 60 games. This means every game is important and you must treat it that way. No matter what happens this will be different for baseball fans.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Looking Back At The Decision 10 Years Later Did King James Make The Right Move?

Around 10 years ago Lebron James came up with The Decision and many people have called it one of the worse things he has ever done. Espn is taking a look back at and answering the many questions we have about this one hour show that everyone watched. The Decision was an idea from what many people have said is an idea Lebron James came up with on his own. if that is true someone should have talked him out of it. It was a debacle of major proportions, to say the least. Let's look at some questions hopefully this special will answer for us.

One of the biggest questions I have 10 years later is would James change the way he did The Decision. Was he happy how it all played out? It will be interesting to see if we find out the answer to that one. Buring his jerseys is something I would also like his opinion. What did he think about it and how hurt was he. Was Miami the right place for him to go or was there another destination he wanted. These are just some of the questions I hope to get answered.

No matter if our questions are all answered The Decision will be remembered for many different things. Some good some bad, but most of all it started a process for what not to do when you decide to leave a team. Give Lebron James credit most guys would not have the guts to do it the way he did it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

MLB Baseball Is Back But Why?

Well, it took a long time, but Major League Baseball and the Players Union was able to finally agree on something a 60 game season. My question is why are we even playing this season to be brutally honest. How can we determine a true champion when we aren't playing even half of a season. There are some rule changes which I won't go into right now, but there are a few things that worry me.

I think we are going to have a rash of injuries to players even though we are going to have an abbreviated spring training. Players are going to come back out of shape and we are not going to see good baseball to start. We will be seeing a watered-down product just so we can get the season in which it is a shame.

I'd rather skip the season and work on getting things right for next season then rush in on a failed shortened season. Apparently, baseball does not care which is something fans have known for a very long time. After this debacle, it's going to be a while before we see baseball again like we know it.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

College Sports In General Has A Virus Problem And It Won't Get Better!

College Sports want to get back on the field as soon as possible, but are they rushing in too early. Many people feel they could be, but many more say what can they really do. Most people do not realize how important college sports are to the bottom line for major colleges. Sports such as football, and basketball pay for most of the other programs at a college. This means no sports and budget cuts will have to be made without those dollars funneling into those colleges.

What options do these colleges have to choose from? Not many expect them to take as many precautions as they can to prevent the virus. The bottom line is they will have positive cases there is no way around it. The main reason for this is when student-athletes are away from campus you cannot follow them 24/7. You cannot know if they are doing the right things or ignoring rules that are in place to help them.

Colleges are damn if they do and damn if they don't I look for the fall sports to take place, but there will be positive tests and those athletes must be taken care of right away. Quarantine infected players is the key to stop it from spreading.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

MLB And Players Continue To Trade Offers With No Break in Site

No matter how you cut it MLB and The Players Union just do no trust each other and the talks are evident of this on a daily basis. MLB has offered a 60 game schedule which the players union wanting at least 70. According to  MLB the most they will accept is 60 games, so that is where we are right now. Is there going to be a MLB season or not?

The reality is I think there will be a MLB season and it will only be 60 games long no matter how you cut it. The players do not want to lose any salary and of course, MLB does not want to give 100 percent to the players. We also still have the virus going around in the background of these talks. The real problem in my opinion isn't this season it's 2021 and beyond.

There is so much hatred going on between the two sides it will be hard for them to get a deal done in 2021 and beyond. Labor strife will rear it's ugly head in 2021 in my opinion. I cannot see both sides working to a deal anytime soon. Major League Baseball is taking a hit every day this drags on.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Could You Please Cancel The MLB Season I'm Tired Of The Drama

MLB Baseball and the Players Association needs to stop this drama, because baseball fans are getting tired of all of this. Both the owners and players are not serious about playing this season. Just cancel it so fans can move on and enjoy their summer. Baseball does not seem to care for the fans, so why should they care about baseball.

I think MLB Baseball is the only sport that doesn't get it. They do not seem to mind losing fans support. It's okay to them, as they are always thinking fans will always come back to the game. One time the fans will not and baseball will struggle for years to come. I think baseball fans are just getting tired of all the bullshit anymore.

Hopefully, baseball will get their act together and we will have baseball, but from what I see don't count on that anytime soon. No matter what happens baseball fans are frustrated where it has been going.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Will College Football Start On Time Or Even At All?

Covid19 has really thrown a monkey wrench into what the College Football season could look like this upcoming season. Some teams have had to stop off season workouts to deal with players infected with this terrible disease. Where will this leave the college football season? Will we have a season at all? These are all questions on the minds of college football fans everywhere. We will try and answer them the best we can below.

Will we have a college football season at all this year? This is a very tough question to answer. I think as long as we do not have alot of infections there is a good chance there will be a season. If infections get out of control look for the college presidents to shut it down very quickly.

Can college football make it without fans this season? The reality is most college programs rely on sports to fund many different things at a college. College football is the breadwinner for most colleges and they know they need an college football season to go on. There is a possibility there will be fans, but not to capacity to help stop the spread of covid19. Any fans is better then no fans at all in my opinion.

Most people are praying there is a college football season as it will take us away from our problems in the world today. The one thing though we need to do it in a well thought out safe way. That way we will not have any setbacks once college football is ready to go.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Why Can't Baseball Get It Right For A Change?

Well as the weeks go by it looks like baseball players and owners are drifting further apart which is sad. Both sides are battling about the number of games and how much they will get paid. Players want 100 percent of their salary and a certain number of games. Now I'm for everyone getting paid, but if you do not play a full season I don't think you should get paid every dime your owed. There are alot of people out of work, so you cannot expect to get much support from fans who are struggling to make ends meet. 

The owners are not much better as well. They are not willing to budge just like the players. If this season is going to get done both sides must come together. Getting a deal done means both sides need to compromise, but right now that is not happening and were at a stalemate. What's the future for baseball?

I really think a deal will get done eventually, but at what cost. Will fans return to the sport, or will they just move on. Die-hard baseball fans will return, but in the climate we live in these days getting along seems the easy way out. It's too bad baseball owners and players do not understand this easy concept.

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