Monday, October 12, 2020

Lebron James Adds Another NBA Title But Is He The GOAT Now

Lebron James added another NBA Title to his resume by taking the Los Angeles Lakers to the top of the NBA. Does this make Lebron the official GOAT of the NBA? Many people think it does but just as many people will tell you it does not. Let's look deeper into that question and see what we can come up with on his GOAT status.

Now if you look at sheer numbers by the time King James hangs up the sneakers he could very well have every record imaginable in his name. No matter which side you come down on you can make numbers look good for both players, so let's look deeper than numbers for a minute.

James has been to 10 NBA Finals now with a 4-6 record while Jordan was a perfect 6-0 in the NBA Finals. Both players have been named NBA Finals MVP for every championship they have won. James has been to more, but Jordan's unblemished record makes it so hard to discount.

James has an impressive run to consecutive Finals which was broken last season when the Lakers missed the playoffs. Out of all the stats that stand out for Michael Jordan the one that does is two different three-peat NBA Championships. Winning three consecutive NBA titles is so hard. Jordan didn't do it once but twice.

In the end, James has some great accomplishments, but still only second in my opinion the greatest of all time. I will admit though he is getting a lot closer in the conversation that's for sure.

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