Thursday, November 5, 2020

How Can The Milwaukee Brewers Get Better In 2021?

 The Milwaukee Brewers made the playoffs in 2020 which was really a great accomplishment considering how bad the offense was on this team. Now that the Brewers are looking towards many tough decisions will need to happen and some already have happened. Brewers declined the option on Ryan Braun's 15 million dollar contract. They also declined options on  Jedd Gyroko, Eric Sogard, and Ben Gamel. Of these three players, all of them struggled to hit the ball in 2020. Now maybe some of these players might be resigned but it will be for a lower amount of money.

This season coming up players I think will see less money being offered by MLB teams. Many are struggling financially without fans in the stands. Even some of the bigger ballclubs will probably watch their spending as well. This actually could help the Brewers get some players normally they could not afford. These players though will most likely sign one or two-year deals hoping to make a higher wage down the line. 

Finding the right players can be tough in this kind of climate. Last season I thought Milwaukee made some good choices, but it did not exactly work out well for them. The pitching was good enough, but offensively they were challenged to say the least. The problem is will Milwaukee spend the kind of money that is needed to get the free agents they need. One option I guess is to rely on the minors, but there really is not anything great down there either. Milwaukee could be stuck for a couple years if they go the minor league route.

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