Sunday, November 1, 2020

Its Time We Give The Pittsburgh Steelers Some Respect

 I will admit I try to find all the reasons why I would justify saying The Pittsburgh Steelers were overrated, but no more. I used the schedule as my main reason for doubting them. I mean if you take a closer look at their schedule it's not the toughest, but I figured the Ravens would give Pittsburgh a good test. This game was fun to watch and during the process, Pittsburgh has earned my respect, and probably one of the better teams in The NFL this season.

Big Ben managed the game well, but that defense Pittsburgh has can scored points when needed along with getting important stops. To win an NFL title you must be good at all phases of the game and it seems the Steelers have that right now. Defense still wins championships and Pittsburgh was not lights out today but did what was needed to get the win.

Pittsburgh also has the x-factor which is very important when it comes to winning and that is a coach who can handle it all. Mike Tomlin in my opinion does not get the respect he deserves. What does Tomlin do for his team? It's really pretty simple they are well prepared and all he does is win. He reminds me so much of former Steelers coaches all they do is take what they are given and win. No matter what anyone says about this team it should now be respected for what they have accomplished so far this season.

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