Monday, November 23, 2020

NFL Roundup Monday November 23, 2020

Some interesting games took place yesterday in the NFL. You can tell we're getting closer to the playoffs as these games are getting more chippy in nature. I got to watch many games yesterday and I will go over a few quick ones I liked a lot. One of my favorite games was the Titans vs the Ravens where we had a confrontation at midfield and it ended in overtime. Derrick Henry scored in overtime to give the Titans a hard fought win. The Ravens are slowly slipping out of the playoff hunt. This week against Pittsburgh will tell us a lot about the Ravens. Pittsburgh continued to roll and now is 10-0.

Round two of Kansas City and Los Vegas Raiders did not disappoint. Give the Raiders credit they held their own against the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes again was elite as Kansas City won 35-31. It was a crazy weekend where we saw the Dallas Cowboys win and Joe Burrow hurt his knee. Let's hope Burrow is okay but it's not looking good right now for him. Tonight the Buccaneers host the Rams which should be a good game for Monday Night Football.

The Browns also kept winning and now 7-3 and the Miami Dolphins lost to the Denver Broncos which ended their winning streak. This season has been enjoyable so far and can't wait for the Thanksgiving weekend of NFL and college football.

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