Sunday, November 8, 2020

Watching Michigan Football Is Painful Anymore

 After another horrible loss, Jim Harbaugh thinks Michigan is close to getting back to their winning ways. I don't know what game Jim Harbaugh was watching but it couldn't have been Indiana vs Michigan. Indiana dominated Michigan throughout the whole game and there never was a doubt who was winning this game. Indiana held Michigan to less than 20 yards rushing and racked up 460 yards to an easy 38-21 win over Michigan.

Please Mr. Harbaugh tell me how your team is ready to turn the corner and start winning. Defensively, Michigan is horrible especially against the pass. They have no defensive backs that can cover the opposing best receivers. They seem to give up over 300 passing yards on a weekly basis. I can't imagine how bad the loss will be against Ohio State.

At 1-2 Jim Harbaugh is right it's got to get better for Michigan. If they continue this downward spiral I think it's time to vote Jim Harbaugh out of his job. Michigan football has a proud tradition and what I have been watching is not Michigan football. Michigan football fans deserve a better product than what Jim Harbaugh is selling these days.

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