Monday, December 28, 2020

Redskins End The Dwayne Haskins Project After Just Two Years

 Dwayne Haskins time has ended which should not come as a surprise to anyone in the NFL. When Haskins was drafted No. 15 by the Redskins they were warned to bring him along slowly. In college, his coaches told the Redskins he needed work, but could eventually be a good quarterback but needed time. Most people thought Haskins should have stayed another year at Ohio State which Haskins would have benefited from for sure.

Haskins made a lot of mistakes along his journey in Washington. From not preparing like he should for NFL games to visiting a strip club. Washington really did not have much of a choice they needed to cut ties with Haskins. What's next for Haskins? A fresh start is exactly what he needs. A change of scenery and time to reflect on what happened in Washington is what Haskins needs.

There will be an NFL team that gives him another chance. Time away is what he needs right now to clear his head and become a better man and player as well. Let's hope Dwayne Haskins has learned from his mistakes and will come back better and ready to help a football team again.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Browns Had Chance To Make Playoffs Against Lowly Jets But Lose A Game They Should Have Won

 The Cleveland Browns have had a crazy last 36 hours and it ended with a loss to the lowly New York Jets by a score of 23-16. Cleveland was shorthanded as many offensive players were in Covid-19 protocol and did not make the trip to New York. Did the Browns miss these players? Yes, but you still have to win with who you have on the team. The sad part is Cleveland came out and looked like a team that had nothing to play for at all. The New York Jets looked like the hungry team that had something to play for even though they did not.

Baker Mayfield struggled throughout the game missing open receivers and turning the ball over. When you do those two things you really do not have much chance of winning. Cleveland did not run the ball very well against a Jets team that was horrible on defense and missing players as well. All in all, Cleveland was not prepared for this game at all. The play calling was questionable at best as well. Running the ball is what Cleveland does well, but was abandoned way to early in my opinion.

Now the Browns must win against Pittsburgh and hope they get some help along the way. If they do not it will be another year the Browns miss the playoffs. At least this season the Browns have been competitive that is something they can build on if they miss the playoffs this season.

Friday, December 25, 2020

Justin Fields Snub And Who Should Win The Heisman Trophy

 The Heisman Trophy finalists were announced and some surprises did come out of it to some people. For me, it went as I expected. Justin Fields who was an early Heisman front runner did not even make the final cut. I know Ohio State Buckeye fans are not happy with this, but in reality, it's correct. In the last few weeks, Fields has not played as well as he did when he started. This is why he did not make it into the Top 4 and it should fuel him against the Clemson Tigers.

Here are the Final Four Finalists:

1. Trevor Lawrence

2. Mac Jones

3. DeVonta Smith

4. Kyle Trask

All four players are very good and well-deserving of the award. People ask me who I like If I had a vote and it's really about winning and that is the bottom line. Trevor Lawrence has a 34-1 record as a starter and that is tough to dismiss. He missed two games this year and Clemson did not look the same on the field. He brings so much to the table. He's my pick for the Heisman Trophy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

NBA Pre-Season Schedule December 16, 2020

NBA Schedule December 16, 2020













Scott Frost Program Is A Work In Progress

 When Scott Frost was hired as Nebraska's football coach people were hoping for instant success, but it has been a long and losing road so far. It's not because Scott Frost isn't trying hard enough, he is doing all he can to turn the program around quickly. Most people on the outside do not realize how bad off the program happens to be. Long-time Husker fans such as I knew how bad they were and Frost was going to have a long building project when he took the job. Let's look at where Frost is right now with the program.

One of the biggest problems with Nebraska was the talent they had very little and was not competitive at all. As far as being competitive it's still a work in progress right now. Some weeks they are competitive some weeks you just shake your head. This is what happens when you are rebuilding the program from the ground up. Frost is working on getting the guys he needs to compete against the better teams. Getting the best talent is not always easy as others are after the same talent. Nebraska has improved talent, but still nowhere close to where they need to be.

Frost's other big problem is converting the fan base to understand it takes time. I'm looking at around 5 years before you will see anything that will resemble a competitive program. Some people do not want to wait that long, but it's going to take time. I'm worried they won't give Frost the time he needs to build it back to where it needs to be. Is Frost the man to do it? From what I see so far I cannot complain as he is making slow steady improvements. That's all you can ask for in this kind of environment right now.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Ohio State Could Become Big Alabama Fans Real Soon

 Now, this really wasn't unexpected news as the Big Ten Conference let the Ohio State Buckeyes slide into the Big Ten Championship game against Northwestern. Ohio State was undefeated, but there was a six-game minimum to get to the Championship game. After Michigan canceled Ohio State couldn't make the number of games needed, but Big Ten changed their mind once again.

I could feel bad for Ohio State, but they would have made the minimum without any help if they wouldn't have to cancel a game on their own. So, I can't really feel bad for them, but as usual, the Big Ten decides to do what they want no matter what rules they set forth. I guess this should not surprise anyone really. Did Ohio State deserve this break?

The answer is probably yes, as they were undefeated in the limited schedule they did play. Are they the best team in the Big Ten the answer is yes, so I can't be too upset about this decision? My only problem is you cannot keep changing rules to benefit one team over another. It's interesting though that Iowa did not vote on this rule change they just listened to a conference call when the decision was made. That tells me some people were not happy with this special treatment for Ohio State.

Alabama could become the biggest friend for Ohio State. If Florida upsets the Crimson Tide and Clemson beats the Irish the Ohio State Buckeyes could find themselves on the outside looking in. I just can't see them getting in with only six wins. Florida, Alabama, Clemson, and Notre Dame's resume is just better than the Buckeyes. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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