Thursday, February 4, 2021

Kolton Wong Becomes A Milwaukee Brewers Player After 8 Seasons With Cardinals

 The one thing I do like about the Milwaukee Brewers they always looking to improve on things and with the signing of Kolton Wong they did just that quickly. Wong has won two consecutive Gold Glove awards and is a good hitter as well. He will not overwhelm you with his offense but is solid and consistent. Defensively is where Wong excels and that is something that you can never have enough of that's for sure.

By adding Wong Milwaukee will probably move some guys around and put them in positions that are better suited for them. The only real problem with this signing is we need to find a spot for some other players. Could Milwaukee be looking to trade away some guys? This is a possibility but I would not look for that right now.

Depth is something in baseball you can never have enough of as injuries can derail a season very quickly. Milwaukee will find places for everyone and once the season gets started you will have guys who play better than others. This is why depth is so important to baseball teams. It's getting harder to find quality players at a good price. Teams that watch how they spend is going to very important this season. Money is tight in baseball after the 2020 season and teams must watch payroll. Milwaukee is no different than any other smart market team.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Tom Brady Playing With House Money Right Now

  When Tom Brady decided to leave New England many people felt Brady was making  a mistake after all, could he actually win without Coach Bill. Brady was betting on himself when he went into free at agency. Eventually, Brady ended up in Tampa Bay a team that hasn't sniffed the playoffs in a number of years. Brady thought he was the missing piece this talented Buccaneers needed to be a winner.

Brady went through growing pains as he tried to get his teammates to understand  what it takes to be a winner. During a stretch Brady and the Bucs struggled but he kept preaching  patience and commitment to the process. Slowly, the Buccaneers started to gel  and his dream of another Super Bowl was a plausible reality. Once the Buccaneers got into the playoffs Brady knew anything was possible.

Winning three road games would not be easy but we are talking about Tom Brady. After Brady completed the win over the Packers Brady could feel a sense of accomplishment as he now completed  part of the mission. Getting to a Super Bowl is tough and winning it is even harder. We are talking about Tom Brady so nothing should  surprise us anymore.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

NBA Schedule January 23, 2021

January 23, 2021 NBA Schedule pretty bland in my opinion but still have a few games I will try and catch. Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets could be interesting. I hope Kevin Durant plays as he missed the game against the Cavaliers last night. Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns could be an interesting game as well. Besides those two games not much to really catch in the NBA this Saturday night. 

Philadelphia 76ers

Detroit Pistons


Miami Heat

Brooklyn Nets


New Orleans Pelicans

Minnesota Timberwolves


Golden State Warriors

Utah Jazz


Los Angeles Lakers

Chicago Bulls


Houston Rockets

Dallas Mavericks


Denver Nuggets

Phoenix Suns


Friday, January 22, 2021

Hank Aaron Passes Away At 86 A Legend Without A Doubt

 Today we lost one of the great ones as Hank Aaron passed away at the age of 86. Aaron was one of a kind and a true legend. One of the things you hear people say about Aaron is how genuine he was on and off the field of play. He always treated people with great respect throughout his life and he will be missed. 

I did not get to watch him a lot until he became a Milwaukee Brewers player. I did see his highlights and I knew he was a great player. One of the first things I noticed about Aaron is he did not use batting gloves when he batted. He just swung and magic happened. When he arrived in Milwaukee there was a lot of fanfare and well deserved. Even though he wasn't the player he was earlier in his career moments of greatness still happen as a member of the Milwaukee Brewers. He still hit home runs and was a fan favorite.

Taking a look at his stats anyone can see how efficient he was as a player. Over 700 home runs and over 2000 RBI's is a testament to how good he was as a hitter. One thing I could not believe is he wasn't a unanimous choice for the Hall Of Fame. He got 406/415 which kind of shocked me. A player as great as Hank Aaron should have gotten every vote.

Arron dealt with racism throughout his career and rose above it. No matter what anyone says about Hank Aaron the one thing we do know he was a winner. From life to baseball he will never be forgotten as his legacy will live forever. Thank you Hank Aaron for letting us enjoy your greatness.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

NBA Schedule January 20, 2021

Tonight's NBA Schedule has some interesting games on it. Below is the whole schedule. The Nets take on the Cavaliers and we will get to see the return of Kyrie Irving. Can Brooklyn keep winning with the Magical trio? Another interesting game is Celtics vs 76ers. These two teams will battle for the Division Championship and could represent in the NBA Finals this season. Another game I have my eye on is the Warriors vs Spurs. It will be interesting to see how much the Warriors have left after a comeback win against the Lakers.

Wells Fargo Center
Bankers Life Fieldhouse
Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Amalie Arena
State Farm Arena
Target Center
Toyota Center
Moda Center at the Rose Quarter

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Kyrie Irving One Of A Kind Guy

 Kyrie Irving is one guy I cannot really figure out. He is very talented, but it seems he always has issues. When he was paired with Lebron James in Cleveland they created a duo that was tough to beat. They won a NBA Championship together, but it seemed that wasn’t enough for Kyrie. Irving and Lebron seemed to have friction in Cleveland towards the end and Kyrie asked to be traded. He was traded to Boston and it was a disaster on many fronts.

In Boston, Kyrie got hurt and he did not seem to gel with his new teammates at all. He was not in Boston long before he moved to Brooklyn and he said he was glad to be there. Kevin Durant signed with Brooklyn and it looked like Kyrie had the perfect running mate. Kyrie got hurt again in 2020 and played limited games. Fast forward to 2021 and it seems Kyrie has lost interest in playing basketball. He seems to be focused on other things, not basketball.

The one thing that we can make from Kyrie is no one really understands him but himself. When it seems we got him figured out he changes the rules once again. Kyrie without a doubt is very talented and can carry an NBA team. Getting his head there for 82 games seems to be a real problem these days.

No matter what people think of Kyrie Irving he is super talented and all we can do is hope he gets his life together real soon. If he doesn’t the NBA has lost a very good talent way too soon. Only Kyrie really knows and he is not telling anyone it seems, so I guess we will just have to wait to see.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

NFL Wildcard Game Predictions January 9, 2021

 It's Wildcard weekend and it's time for playoff football are you ready. I know I am as playoff football is always exciting to watch. Let's take a look today at Saturday's games.

First up is Indianapolis vs Buffalo which is an interesting game, Buffalo is letting in around 12,000 fans I heard. If this is true the Bills Mafia should be out in force in this one. Indy must play ball-control offense and limit the number of times Josh Allen gets the ball. In my opinion, that really is the only chance Indy has to keep it close. Right now Josh Allen is the hottest quarterback in the AFC and slowing him down is tough so you must limit his touches in the game. We like Buffalo 34-17 in this game.

The next game up is the Los Angeles Rams vs the Seattle Seahawks. Jarred Goff is hurt and no one knows if he will start or play at all. If Goff does not play I really cannot see the Rams having must of a chance in this one. The Rams' powerful defense can keep Seattle at bay but not the whole game. We like Seattle and Russell Wilson 21-17 in this one.

In the nightcap, we will see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers traveling to Washington to take the Washington Football Team on. Tom Brady has gotten better as the year has gone along and Mike Evans might not play for the Buccaneers. Even without Evans, the Buccaneers have plenty of weapons. The Washington Football team is great on defense, but horrible on offense. The only chance Washington has is to pressure Brady and get turnovers. If that does not happen look for it to be a route. We like Tampa 34-7.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Alabama Shows Notre Dame Why They Are Favored To Win It All

 There was a reason Alabama was favored by double digits they are simply that good. Notre Dame should not be ridiculed for not being able to beat Alabama this year, no one has to this point. Alabama has great players at the skill positions. Quarterback Mac Jones makes smart decisions and that helps fuel this offensive juggernaut.

Maybe the only weakness on defense is their inability sometimes to stop the teams. This season The Crimson Tide defense has surrendered a lot of points which is usually not the case with Nick Saban-coached teams. The problem is their offense and no one has really had an answer on how to stop Alabama's offense this season.

Notre Dame has nothing to be disappointed about as Alabama is a much better team. Brian Kelly has only so many weapons and cannot right now compete with the likes of Alabama. Notre Dame must keep building and know they are getting closer, just not this year.

Kolton Wong Becomes A Milwaukee Brewers Player After 8 Seasons With Cardinals

  The one thing I do like about the Milwaukee Brewers they always looking to improve on things and with the signing of Kolton Wong they did ...