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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Should Joe Paterno's Statue Be Removed?

Joe Paterno's legacy has taken a real hit and now many people are calling for his statue to be removed. Should Penn State remove the statue? That is an interesting question on many different fronts. Many people will tell you no, but just as many will tell you yes it needs to go. It reminds many people of the guy who could have done more to stop the child abuse. That hurt goes deep in many people and it will not go away anytime soon. Of course we never got to hear Joe Paterno's side of the story, so all we can do is guess what he did or did not do.

Some people have the opposite opinion and they feel Joe Paterno's contribution should be applauded. He has done a lot for the University and taking it down would show disrespect for his accomplishments. In the end, this is a hard decision, but over time I think the statue will stay and not be removed. It pits two different opinions about the situation and if the trustees remove it someone will not be happy. Doing nothing is the best answer right now and do not look for that to change anytime soon.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Joe Paterno's Legacy Is Gone After Freeh Report

Joe Paterno built a legacy at Penn State that I thought was second to none, but after that Freeh Report it is left to a pile of rumble. No matter what anyone thinks Joe Paterno knew or had some insight to what was going on and he did very little about it. It seems he was protecting his friend and that is very sad indeed. We will never hear joe Paterno's side and the truth is most people do not want to hear it anyways. There is no excuse for protecting a guy who was sexually abusing kids.

Paterno's legacy is gone and never will be back. He ruin it himself because he was not willing to do the right thing to his friend. Paterno should have been a stand-up guy and do the right thing, but he never did and that is a shame. In the end, Joe Paterno will be remembered for what he did not do in the sexual abuse case more then all the wins and good men he delivered from the university. It is a shame it ended this way, but he can only blame himself for what has happened to his legacy.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Joe Paterno May Have Known More Then First Thought

Joe Paterno said he did not know much about the Jerry Sandusky child abuse allegations, but it looks like he may have known a lot more. According to various sources and emails that has come to light, shows Joe Paterno had more knowledge about what was going on. If that is the case that will make a big impact on how Joe Paterno is remembered.

Most people have a high opinion of Joe Paterno, but if these new allegations are true his image will take a big hit. In the end, we probably will not know what the truth is as Joe Paterno has passed away and he cannot defend these new allegations. No matter what this could be a sad ending to the Jerry Sandusky abuse allegations for Joe Paterno supporters.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Joe Pa Saying Goodbye To A Legend

With the death of Joe Paterno College Football has lost a legendary figure of it's sport. Paterno coached being accountable for things and in his final days Joe Paterno was still upbeat. What will the world write about Joe Paterno after he is gone many years? I know that he will always be considered one of the greatest coaches of all-time. No matter the circumstances that surrounded his firing he was a hell of a football coach. Ask any player who ever played for him and they will tell you countless stories on how he touched their lives.

Maybe the way Joe Paterno should be best remembered is through all the players lives he has touched. He has had some great players that have done great things on and off the field. People tend to think Joe Paterno was all about football. Yes, it was a big part of his life, but it was much more than that for him. He was proud of how many players went on to do great things with their lives. Not every player is an NFL player and Paterno understood this very well.

He taught about life after football and why your studies was so important. Maybe JoePa's biggest mark was not in college football but how many lives he changed for the better.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State Sexual Abuse Case Gets Gloomier By The Day

It seems if all the reports are true that are floating around this sex abuse scandal goes much deeper than first thought. Some reports go as far as to say Jerry Sandusky used his foundation to pimp young men out to large donors. If that is true that is horrific so say the least. There are many other stories circulating around, but we will just have to wait and see.

This smells like a cover-up and I will bet you it goes very deep with a lot of people having their hand in it. We probably will never know the extent of all this, but it is a lesson learned and more safety barriers must be in place. This should never happen and as adults the Penn State University failed them. In the end they must be held accountable for the mistakes they made.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Could This Be The End For Joe Paterno?

According to various media outlets the University of Penn State is looking for an exit plan for Joe Paterno to leave the school. This in my opinion is totally unfair the Joe Paterno. What has his crime been? He reported the allegations when he was alerted about them. He did what was asked of him. Now for him to be ushered out because he did not do more is stupid.

This has been a three year investigation and Paterno has cooperated with the investigation. The funny about the whole story is Paterno did what he was suppose to and now that is not good enough. Yes, it is a shame what has happen to the kids, and what they went through. You cannot expect a college football coach to follow all his coaches around to make sure they do the right things. He cannot be expected to follow his players around either to make sure they stay out of trouble.

To taint Joe Paterno's legacy because he did nothing wrong is wrong in it's own right. Pushing him out the door for doing what he was suppose to do is wrong. I guess we just do not do the right things anymore when it comes to people who do things that right way. That is a shame as Joe Paterno deserved much better treatment.

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