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Monday, November 2, 2020

Can Anyone Stop The Ohio State Buckeyes This Year?

 Two down for the Ohio State Buckeyes as they have rolled to two easy victories over Nebraska and Penn State. This week they are 34 point favorites at home to Rutgers which is no real surprise. Many people feel that the Buckeyes will have a cakewalk through the Big Ten. Can anyone stop the Buckeyes this season on the quest for a National Title?

Let's start by looking at the Big Ten first and see if any team can give the Buckeyes any type of competition. Indiana, Michigan State, and Michigan are the only teams that could keep it within a two-score game maybe. Indiana is playing well, but the game is at Ohio State. Michigan State does have the Buckeyes at home and you never know if Mel Tucker will have them ready to play against this type of competition. Michigan is a crapshoot because you do not know what kind of team will show up for Michigan. In my opinion, look for the Buckeyes to roll through the Big Ten with ease.

As far as the rest of college football is concerned Ohio State has an excellent chance of going deep into the playoffs. Justin Fields is a Heisman candidate and as long as he stays healthy he has a good shot of winning the award. On offense, the Buckeyes have many players that will be playing on Sundays. Talentwise this could be one of the best Buckeyes teams in recent years. It could come down the only way this team loses is by beating themselves.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

AP Top 25 Week 2

We already have one week in the books for College Football and some movement in the AP College Football Poll. Let's take a look at some of the movers.  Alabama stays at the top which was expected. Florida State's loss drops them to No.10 and they could drop further as losing your starting quarterback is never good. The Big Ten grabs four teams in the Top 10. It seems the Big ten continues to get better each year. Notre Dame cracked the Top 25 as well.

AP Top 25, Week 2

1. Alabama (60)
2. Ohio State (1)
3. Clemson
4. Penn State
5. Oklahoma
6. USC
7. Washington
8. Michigan
9. Wisconsin
10. Florida State
11. Oklahoma State
12. LSU
13. Auburn
14. Stanford
15. Georgia
16. Miami (FL)
17. Louisville
18. Virginia Tech
19. Kansas State
20. Washington State
21. South Florida
22. Florida
23. TCU
24. Notre Dame
25. Tennessee

Monday, December 2, 2013

Is Ohio State's BCS Spot Safe With A Win?

The Ohio State Buckeyes got some help when the Auburn Tigers beat the Alabama Crimson Tide. The real questiuon will be is can the Buckeyes hold onto the No.2 spot. Unless they lose they should be okay unless something unlikely happens. The SEC has a powerful voice and will lobby hrd for the Auburn Tigers if they beat Missouri in the SEC Championship game. Auburn has only one chance to unseat the Buckeyes without a loss and that would be to get a push in the polls. They would need to take the second spot in one of the polls. That might give them enough to jump the Buckeyes for the BCS spot. I just do not see Auburn changing enough minds to get it done. You never know though as we are talking about the BCS and anything ca happen. If Ohio State wins and still does not make it to the Championship game some outcry will follow.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Final AP College Football Poll 1-10-2012

Well the final AP College Football Poll is out until the summer, but in the end it has some interesting things to look at. Now we all know Alabama is No.1 I think they proved that to everyone in the country without a doubt. Number two though could be debated for some time to come. Some people feel LSU does not belong, but I think they do. With what they have accomplished they should be two. Oklahoma State should be three and my only beef is South Carolina. I think they should have been higher ranked.

AP Top 25

1.Alabama (55)
2.LSU (1)
3.Oklahoma St. (4)
8.Boise St.
9.South Carolina
11.Michigan St.
15.Kansas St.
17.West Virginia
20.Southern Miss
21.Virginia Tech
23.Florida St.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

College Football News And Notes Nov 13, 2011

Well it was another crazy college football weekend where we seen some of the elite teams go down to defeat. Boise State found out that you must show up for every game as TCU beat them. Stanford and Andrew Luck also found out that the Oregon Ducks are tough at home and pinned a loss on Stanford and knocked them out of the National Title hunt once again.

Oklahoma State rolled and it looks like the last game of the season may be the only stumbling block for the Cowboys. That stumbling block is a big one though in the form of the Oklahoma Sooners. LSU continued to roll and now you have to give some careful consideration to the Ducks after their rout. Alabama is still lurking around and could be a player in all of this. We still have some games to play, so this one could get interesting down the stretch for some teams.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

AP Top 25 College Football Poll Oct 9, 2011

1 LSU (40) 6-0 1450 1
2 Alabama (10) 6-0 1405 2
3 Oklahoma (8) 5-0 1382 3
4 Wisconsin 5-0 1243 4
5 Boise State (1) 5-0 1222 5
6 Oklahoma State 5-0 1176 6
7 Stanford 5-0 1164 7
8 Clemson 6-0 1080 8
9 Oregon 4-1 1000 9
10 Arkansas 5-1 921 10
11 Michigan 6-0 868 12
12 Georgia Tech 6-0 741 13
13 West Virginia 5-1 659 16
14 Nebraska 5-1 642 14
15 South Carolina 5-1 608 18
16 Illinois 6-0 594 19
17 Kansas State 5-0 580 20
18 Arizona State 5-1 414 22
19 Virginia Tech 5-1 410 21
20 Baylor 4-1 308 25
21 Texas A&M 3-2 251 24
22 Texas 4-1 216 11
23 Michigan State 4-1 181 NR
24 Auburn 4-2 156 15
25 Houston 6-0 142 NR

Sunday, October 2, 2011

AP Top 25 College Football Poll Oct 2, 2011

AP Top 25

1.LSU (40)
2.Alabama (12)
3.Oklahoma (7)
5.Boise St. (1)
6.Oklahoma St.
13.Georgia Tech
16.West Virginia
18.South Carolina
20.Kansas St.
21.Virginia Tech
22.Arizona St.
23.Florida St.
24.Texas A&M

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