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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Can Lebron James Will His Team To Victory?

Not too many players will be out practicing 10 hours before a game, but Lebron James is which is a testament to his greatness. After the Game 1 beatdown at the hand of the Boston Celtics Lebron James knows he must be a whole lot better if the Cavaliers are to win Game 2. Now Lebron James cannot do it alone as his supporting cast must step up in a big way. Boston will have the crowd behind them and Cleveland will have their hands full. Can James will his team to victory? Let's take a closer look at what the Cavaliers must do to win Game 2.

Look for Ty Lue to make some lineup changes in Game 2. Tristan Thompson will probably be inserted into the lineup to slow down Al Horford. In the past, Thompson has had good success against Horford and the Cavaliers hope he can keep it up. Other things the Cavaliers must do is hit shots when given the opportunity. Brad Stevens will make those looks tough as the Celtics are No.1 in team defense.  Cleveland must limit turnovers and also play sound defense. It won't be easy, but Cleveland can win, but it will take a team effort and a monster type game from King James.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Could Carmelo Anthony Be The Piece The Celtics Need To Be A Contender?

Carmelo Anthony could be a Knick all season, but he also could get traded to a number of teams. An interesting thought is Melo going to the Boston Celtics. Now the Celtics in recent years has been a team that has made some crazy moves in the past. When they brought in Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen we all know how well that went. Could Carmelo give the Celtics what they need to compete with other teams in the East? Let's take a closer look at this idea and why it could become a reality.

Phil Jackson and The New York Knicks have been trying to move Melo for awhile now and without much success. They thought Cleveland would take him, but with Love going down that is very unlikely now. The Knicks now must look elsewhere and a interesting landing place could be the Boston Celtics.  Boston needs a player to help compete against the Cavaliers in the East and Melo could be that guy. He will give u 20 points a night which can be huge when playoff time comes.

The Celtics sit only 3 games behind the Cavaliers for best in the East. Isaiah Thomas has been carrying the Celtics, but I'm sure he would love some help against the Cavaliers in the playoffs. Like him or hate him Melo is an option that I'm sure Danny Ainge and the Celtics are looking real close at right now. With Brad Stevens as coach I'm sure he could get Melo to fit right in with the Celtics.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Paul Pierce Is Always A Great Guy When The Playoffs Come

No matter if you love him or hate him Paul Pierce is a special player when the playoffs get here. Drafted by The Boston Celtics Pierce won some Championships in Boston and had some very memorable games as a Celtic. His battles with some of the best players in the league can never be forgotten. From Kobe Bryant to Lebron James Paul Pierce will go down as one of the better players in the league. One other thing you cannot forget about Paul Pierce is he is a talker and for some people that rubs them the wrong way I guess. For me I kind of like a player who is not afraid of any challenge and that is Paul Pierce.

Now Pierce plays for the Washington Wizards and of course going into his first round match up he is talking again this time about the Raptors. He made some comments that ruffled a few feathers. That is how Paul Pierce does things no matter what anyone thinks. He did score 20 points to help lead the Wizards to the win. Pierce knows about winning and that will never change as he leads a young group of Wizards. The bottom line is like him or hate him he knows what it takes to win a NBA Championship.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Are The Celtics Using Rajon Rondo As Bait?

Rajon Rondo is the only one left from the Big Three in Boston, but it seems he is always mentioned in trade rumors. Are the Boston Celtics shopping Rajon Rondo? I seriously doubt it, but they are not going to stop the chatter either. Boston does not mind seeing what other teams will offer for Rondo. I really do not expect Boston to move him unless a deal is so good they have to take it. Boston wants to keep him right now and build around him.

Right now the Celtics know moving him makes no sense as they would have nothing to build around. Rajon Rondo would like to stay in Boston and I do not think new coach Brad Stevens wants to lose him either. Look for Rondo to remain a Boston Celtics player, but you cannot stop the trade rumors. They will always be around until the season starts, so we will have to deal with them. For Celtics fans it is a big distraction, but in the end it looks like Rondo is not going anywhere at least for the time being.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Was Brad Stevens The Right Choice For The Celtics?

The Boston Celtics pretty much shocked everybody with the hiring of Brad Stevens as there new basketball coach. I will be the first to admit I never seen this coming and would never have guessed the Celtics and Danny Ainge would go in this direction. It goes to show you that you just do not know what GM's are thinking these days. Will Brad Stevens be a good fit in Boston?

I've thought a lot about this hire and in some ways it makes sense and other ways it does not. I think the bottom line with this coach will be Rajon Rondo and how he takes to his new coach. Stevens is a guy who knows how to win and will want his players to do it his way. How receptive will Rajon Rondo be to how he coaches. In the end, I think Stevens success or lack of it will be on how well him and Rondo get along. If they mess it could be a long career for Stevens at Boston. Now on the other hand if they do not it could be a short tenure in the NBA.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Whats Next For The Boston Celtics And Their Fans?

The Boston Celtics lost Doc Rivers to the Los Angeles Clippers and have traded Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the Brooklyn Nets. What is left for the Celtics to do now? Rajon Rondo is all they have left of their past glory. Will Rondo stay with the Celtics or seek a trade? I just do not see Rondo staying with the Boston Celtics in this rebuilding phase. I look for him to ask to be traded as he is not a player who likes to lose and right now that is what the Celtics will be doing this coming year.

I look for the Boston Celtics to try and make Rondo happy, but in the end it could be a lost cause for them. Look for the Celtics probably be forced to trade him and rebuild from the bottom up. Rondo does have value, but that will not be until he is healthy. Only time will tell how this works out for the Boston Celtics and Rondo. If Boston builds a winner quickly these trades will be embraced quickly. If it's an epic failure Danny Ainge will hear about it that's for sure.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Should The Celtics Consider Trading Rajon Rondo Now?

It seems by the various reports Rajon Rondo and Doc Rivers had an altercation in a team meeting. Of course we do not know that to be fact, but various reports have indicated that is what happen. Ray Allen and Rondo also were not on the best of terms as well. I guess Rondo just does not get along well with others at least on the Celtics it seems. Doc Rivers probably will not be back as a Celtics coach unless Boston makes some moves. Would Boston consider moving Rajon Rondo?

Now if I was the Boston Celtics I would definetly consider moving him right now. Yes, he is one of the better point guards, but the Celtics have proven they can win without him. maybe it is time to cut the ties with Rondo and see what you can get for him on the open market. If I was Boston I think right now is the perfect time to try and move him. Many times you wait to long to move someone I hope the Celtics do not make this mistake. It's time to move Rondo and go from there as the Celtics need a good coach and losing Doc Rivers is something I don't think they want to do.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Doc Rivers Is He Worth All The Attention He's Getting

One of the interesting stories this playoff season has been Doc Rivers and the pursuit of him by other NBA teams. It seems Rivers is not sure if he wants to coach the Boston Celtics anymore, or if it is time to move on or just retire. The Boston Celtics probably would love to have him back, but since they did enter some trade talk with the Clippers it seems highly unlikely he will return to the Celtics bench this coming season.

Why is Doc Rivers being pursued by other teams? It's really pretty simple he is a winner and knows how to get the most from his players. He gets his players to buy into what he is doing and that is rare in the NBA these days. When your dealing with a lot of egos it seems Doc Rivers knows how to push all the right buttons. Finding an NBA coach that can do that is very hard and Rivers will be sought after in the off-season, but who gets him could be any one's guess. The one thing we do know whoever does, will get one hell of a coach that's for sure.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Should The Boston Celtics Trade Kevin Garnett?

The Boston Celtics have been getting older for a number of years now and it is time to rebuild them. Now they have a few trade pieces and one of them happens to be Kevin Garnett. Do you trade a guy like Kevin Garnett or give him the respect he deserves for all the years he has given your organization?

There are really no easy answers to this question. Yes, you want to give Kevin Garnett all the respect he deserves and to retire as a Celtic. On the other hand it is a business and you must look out for business first. It's  tough call and no matter how it plays out someone will win and someone will lose.

If I was the Boston Celtics I would keep KG and let him retire a Boston Celtic because that is the right thing to do. It may not help your organization right now, but down the line you will be glad you did. Keeping KG in Celtic green right now makes perfect sense, but will they listen or do what is best for business. I guess we will find out very soon.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Paul Pierce A Little Bitter About Ray Allen's Exit

Paul Pierce has always been a guy that tells you what is on his mind. With Ray Allen leaving you had to wonder how the Celtics star would take it. He admitted on his website he was a little bitter about Allen going to the Heat, but called Allen his brother still. Pierce knows that Ray Allen was a vital cog in the championship that they won together. It will be weird for Allen to be the enemy and Pierce will have some adjusting that's for sure.

Pierce said that Ray Allen did what was best for his family, but it does not mean it did not hurt Pierce a little bit. Pierce, Garnett, and Allen have been through many wars together and losing one of your brothers is tough. Pierce understands it a business and will move on and play basketball. I'm sure when they meet on the court they will get after each other as the competition is something both players love.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Doc Rivers Takes Blame For Ray Allen's Departure From Boston

The departure of Ray Allen from the Boston Celtics to the Miami Heat has been a bitter pill for Celtics fans to swallow, but they will move on. Doc Rivers takes most of the blame for Ray Allen moving to the Miami Heat. The one thing about Doc Rivers he does what is best for the team and Ray Allen really did not like it. Toss in his rocky relationship with Rajon Rondo and Allen is now a Miami Heat player.

Even though Doc Rivers takes most of the blame for Allen leaving the Celtics it is not all his fault. As players get older they do not like to defer or come off the bench. This is something that bugged Ray Allen and he bolted to the Heat. Most likely though he will be coming off the bench for the Heat so his situation has really not changed much at all. It will be interesting to see how Ray Allen handles it as he will get fewer touches than in Boston. Rajon Rondo probably is happy Allen is gone, but only time will tell if Allen made a good move.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The End Of An Era Boston's Big Three!

It looks like the writing is on the wall for The Big Three this will probably be the last season they are together. Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce have all seen their best years behind them. Breaking them up is something the Celtics will need to do soon. All three players are still good, but right now the Celtics are just too old to compete. When they play teams that are younger the big three struggle to keep up with them.

Boston needs to get younger and still keep the Big Three, but that is just not possible. The way the salary cap is these days Boston will need to let go of someone. Allen or Garnett are most likely the ones that will be going. I look for this to be Ray Allen's last year in the NBA, and Garnett could be traded. Now that the Celtics are on the downswing it should be much easier to trade these players out of Boston without much bitching from the fans.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

After 0-3 Start Are The Celtics Just Too Old To Be Considered A Contender

The Boston Celtics are now 0-3 after a loss to the New Orleans Hornets by a score of 97-78. Is age finally catching up with the Celtics. Many people seem to think so, but I am not buying it just yet. The Boston Celtics have played without Paul Pierce which is a vital element to this team. The problems the Celtics are experiencing are nothing they cannot fix.

Not getting back on defense and helping out is something they will need to work on. People have to remember it was a very short training camp and that older teams need more time to get things ironed out. I think the Boston Celtics will be fine once they get Paul Pierce back in the lineup. The have plenty of experience and the veteran leadership will lead them through these tough times. I would not write off the Boston Celtics just yet.

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