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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saints Players Collected Bounties For Great Hits

New Orleans Saints players and at least one assistant coach, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, maintained a bounty pool of up to $50,000 the last three seasons. If this is true that is not a good thing and you can be sure the NFL will come down hard on the organization. I expect a nice fine and even losing draft picks will be the result of it. Yes, the Saints were wrong in doing this, but I will bet you it happens a lot more then people on NFL teams will admit. If you can knock out a top star on the other team you know you have a better shot of winning the game. It is just facts and that is the truth.

The New Orleans Saints will be the team that gets punished for the bounties, but I am sure in the locker room it happens across the league. It just happens the New Orleans Saints got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. I am sure that the players and coaches involved never wished it happened, but once it came out some former players are saying it did not happen at all. I guess in the end we will see what comes of all this bounty stuff.

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