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Friday, July 13, 2012

2012 Dream Team Or The Original Dream Team Who You Got

It seems Kobe Bryant is losing his memory or just does not realize what he is saying anymore these days. Bryant said he thought his 2012 edition of the Dream Team could take the original Dream Team who had a host full of Hall Of Famers. Now Kobe said the game would be close, but they thought they could pull it out. Now Kobe's statement makes great copy, but that's where it all ends Mr. Bryant.

The truth is no matter how great the 2012 Dream Team is they do not have a Michael Jordan or Larry Bird on the team. Kobe is older and Lebron is good, but comparing your team to the original is laughable at best. Jordan's Dream team would eat your lunch plain and simple. The original Dream Team had great size and it would not even be a close game in my opinion.

Yes, Kobe and company would keep it close for a half, but after that it would be a rout. I hate to tell Kobe that him and James would be shut down by the defense of the original Dream Team. It is good print Kobe, but rethink what your saying when you compare Dream teams.

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