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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Kentucky Dominates Tennessee But Are They For Real?

Everyone wanted to see how good Tennessee was, or if they were just a poll team that has gotten lucky most of the season. The truth is Tennessee is a good basketball team, but last night Kentucky was better. The game was in Rupp Arena before a prime time audience and Kentucky, in reality, had more on the line then the Vols. Kentucky is trying to catch Tennessee in the standings so a loss would have ended that for them.
PJ Washington had a huge game for the Wildcats, but it was Kentucky's defense that showed up big. They scrambled for the loose balls and did not give The Vols a chance to make deep runs at them. Kentucky showed that they can beat anyone if they come to play as a team. The real issue for the Wildcats is they do not give the same play game after game. They have been inconsistent at times during the season and that has hurt them.
Give the Wildcats credit as they played well for most of the game, but if they want to cut down the nets they must play like this all the time. Coach Cal knows if you want to be National Champions you cannot play inconsistent basketball. It will be interesting to see how Kentucky plays rest of the season. This was a great win, but they must build on it and play like this every game.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Will The Final Four End Kentucky's Streak?

The Kentucky Wildcats perfect run almost ended at the hands of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, but the Wildcats proved they are not ready to lose just yet. Could Kentucky's run becoming to an end? The truth is they will have two tough games if they want to be perfect and hoist another National Championship banner up. All three teams left can beat Kentucky if they do not play well. Many people think it is just a matter of time before the Wildcats go down, but I'm not so sure about that one.
It seems Kentucky has the will to win and at the end does whatever is needed to get the win. When things go wrong they do not seem to get to rattle and they ride the storm very well. The Harrison Brothers seem to relish in the spotlight and make the plays when it is needed. Karl Towns played a monster game against Notre Dame and kept Kentucky in the game. One of the main reasons it is hard to beat the Wildcats is they have a variety of people who can get hot and carry them to a victory. This is why I think Kentucky will finish undefeated and set history.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

College Basketball Schedule March 22, 2014

9 Pittsburgh
1 Florida
Virginia Military
Wright St.
5 Saint Louis
4 Louisville
7 Texas
2 Michigan
12 N. Dak. St.
4 S. Diego St.
East. Michigan
Holy Cross
San Diego
Sam Houston St.
11 Dayton
3 Syracuse
7 Oregon
2 Wisconsin
12 Harvard
4 Michigan St.
TAMU Corpus Christi
7 Connecticut
2 Villanova

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Colege Basketball Scores March 16, 2014

St. Joseph's 65 Final
23 VCU 61

7 Duke 63 Final
6 Virginia 72

Kentucky 60 Final
1 Florida 61

22 Michigan St. 69 Final
8 Michigan 55

College Basketball Schedule March 16, 2014

St. Joseph's 1:00 PM EDT CBS
23 VCU

7 Duke 1:00 PM EDT ESPN,ESP3
6 Virginia

Kentucky 3:15 PM EDT ESPN,ESP3
1 Florida

22 Michigan St. 3:30 PM EDT CBS
8 Michigan

Saturday, March 15, 2014

College Basketball Schedule March 15, 2014

Tennessee 1:00 PM EDT ABC
1 Florida

Pittsburgh 1:00 PM EDT ESPN,ESP3
6 Virginia

24 Ohio St. 1:40 PM EDT CBS
8 Michigan

N.C. State 3:00 PM EDT ESPN,ESP3
7 Duke

Geo. Washington 4:00 PM EDT CBSS
23 VCU

22 Michigan St. 4:05 PM EDT CBS
12 Wisconsin

4 Arizona

21 Connecticut 6:00 PM EDT ESPN,ESP3
5 Louisville

20 New Mexico 6:00 PM EDT CBSS
8 San Diego St.

Providence 8:30 PM EDT FS1
14 Creighton

Baylor 9:00 PM EDT ESPN,ESP3
16 Iowa St.

College Basketball Scores March 14, 2014

8 Michigan64
St. Bonaventure71
18 Saint Louis68
Florida St.51
6 Virginia64
1 Florida72
15 North Carolina75
24 Ohio St.71
23 VCU71
12 Wisconsin83
16 Iowa St.94
10 Kansas83
5 Louisville94
N.C. State66
11 Syracuse63
22 Michigan St.67
4 Arizona63
21 Connecticut58
13 Cincinnati56
7 Duke63
8 San Diego St.59
14 Creighton86
Boise St.67
20 New Mexico70

Friday, March 14, 2014

College Basketball Schedule March 14, 2014

Missouri 1:00 PM EDT ESPU,ESP3
1 Florida

Pittsburgh 2:00 PM EDT ESP2,ESP3
15 North Carolina

24 Ohio St. 2:25 PM EDT ESPN,ESP3

Richmond 6:30 PM EDT NBCS
23 VCU

Minnesota 6:30 PM EDT BTN
12 Wisconsin

16 Iowa St. 7:00 PM EDT ESPU,ESP3
10 Kansas

Houston 7:00 PM EDT ESP2,ESP3
5 Louisville

N.C. State 7:00 PM EDT ESPN,ESP3
11 Syracuse

Northwestern 8:55 PM EDT BTN
22 Michigan St.

Colorado 9:00 PM EDT PACN
4 Arizona

21 Connecticut 9:00 PM EDT ESP2,ESP3
13 Cincinnati

Clemson 9:00 PM EDT ESPN,ESP3
7 Duke

8 San Diego St. 9:00 PM EDT CBSS

Xavier 9:30 PM EDT FS1
14 Creighton

Boise St. 11:30 PM EDT CBSS
20 New Mexico

Monday, March 10, 2014

College Basketball Scores March 9, 2014

5 Virginia69
7 Syracuse74
Florida St.58
17 Saint Louis64
Indiana St.69
2 Wichita St.83
22 Michigan St.67
Ohio St.69
9 Wisconsin68

Sunday, March 9, 2014

What Has Happen To The Kentucky Wildcats?

The Kentucky Wildcats fans only expect the best, but in the last few months they have definitely been shortchanged. Yes, the Wildcats are young, but that cannot be an excuse anymore. All year the Kentucky Wildcats have been playing horribly. They do not deserve to make the NCAA tournament to just be one and done.

You can blame a lot of people from the coach to others, but in the end it falls on the players. They must execute the offense and play defense as well. The coach can do only so much for you. As players you must stand up and take accountability for the failures. Getting better stars with the players, but the  coach also must do his part as well. I hope the tournament committee does not include Kentucky this year.

College Basketball Schedule March 9, 2014

5 Virginia 12:00 PM EDT CBS

7 Syracuse 2:00 PM EDT ESFC,ESP3
Florida St.

17 Saint Louis 2:00 PM EDT CBSS

Indiana St. 2:05 PM EDT CBS
2 Wichita St.

22 Michigan St. 4:30 PM EDT CBS
Ohio St.

9 Wisconsin 7:30 PM EDT BTN

College Basketball Scores March 8, 2014

25 Kentucky65
1 Florida84
18 SMU58
20 Memphis67
15 Cincinnati70
8 Kansas86
West Virginia92
Oklahoma St.81
16 Iowa St.85
11 Louisville81
6 Villanova77
Missouri St.42
2 Wichita St.67
3 Arizona57
23 Oklahoma97
12 Michigan84
13 Creighton88
24 Iowa63
14 North Carolina81
4 Duke93
21 New Mexico48
10 San Diego St.

NBA Schedule January 23, 2021

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