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Monday, November 23, 2020

The 4 Things We Must See From Nebraska vs Iowa

 After last week's debacle against Illinois, there are four things we need to see from Nebraska this week on the field of play. Let's look at these four critical areas of the team that need to see steady improvement.

1. We need to figure out the quarterback to lead this team. Both Adrian Martinez and Luke McCaffery are players who can get the job done, but so far neither has shown much. One of the biggest issues I have with both of these players are bad decision making and turnovers. You cannot have the leader of your team making bad decisions and turning the ball over. Play from the quarterback needs to be a lot better from the start of the game.

2. The Blackshirts must play a lot better as well. On defense, Nebraska is giving up too many rushing yards to opposing teams. Getting to the quarterback has been another issue as well. If you cannot rush the quarterback then you cannot expect your secondary to make up for it all the time. A pass rush is needed every week if you want to improve. Stopping the run should also be high on the list of priorities on defense as well.

3. The passing game is horrible as well. Receivers are not getting separation which makes it tough on the quarterback. Until our receivers do a better job of getting open the quarterback will continue to struggle. The running game is also something that must be improved. Once it does it will help open the passing games as well.

4. Coaching in the last game was totally unacceptable. Players were not ready to play and that falls on all aspects of coaching. A fake punt like Illinois did to Nebraska should never happen. This falls on coaching and cannot keep happening on a weekly basis. Coaching needs to lead the way and right now that's not what is happening.

After last week Nebraska needs to go back to the basics if they want to win. Play defense, move the ball on offense and get good coaching. Another week like last week is totally unacceptable.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Watching Michigan Football Is Painful Anymore

 After another horrible loss, Jim Harbaugh thinks Michigan is close to getting back to their winning ways. I don't know what game Jim Harbaugh was watching but it couldn't have been Indiana vs Michigan. Indiana dominated Michigan throughout the whole game and there never was a doubt who was winning this game. Indiana held Michigan to less than 20 yards rushing and racked up 460 yards to an easy 38-21 win over Michigan.

Please Mr. Harbaugh tell me how your team is ready to turn the corner and start winning. Defensively, Michigan is horrible especially against the pass. They have no defensive backs that can cover the opposing best receivers. They seem to give up over 300 passing yards on a weekly basis. I can't imagine how bad the loss will be against Ohio State.

At 1-2 Jim Harbaugh is right it's got to get better for Michigan. If they continue this downward spiral I think it's time to vote Jim Harbaugh out of his job. Michigan football has a proud tradition and what I have been watching is not Michigan football. Michigan football fans deserve a better product than what Jim Harbaugh is selling these days.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Is It Time Michigan Part Ways Finally With Jim Harbaugh?

 When Jim Harbaugh was hired as the Michigan coach everyone thought this would finally turn around a program that has struggled in recent years. Now Harbaugh's record isn't bad at 48-19 but just 1-4 in Bowl Games as the Michigan coach. The reason he was brought in was to beat The Ohio State Buckeyes, but that has not gone well for him. Ohio State has pretty much dominated Harbaugh in his head to head matchups. Why has Jim Harbaugh struggled so much as Michigan coach? Let's take a closer look at why he has not met expectations when he was hired.

Through the years Michigan has always had top-notch talent on both sides of the ball. Since Harbaugh has arrived he has struggled to bring in five-star recruits. Without top talent, you will struggle and that is one thing that has happened. Harbaugh loses top players to other schools and you cannot win this way. Harbaugh has complained about an uneven recruiting field, but it hasn't slowed down Ohio State. Winning all the time is something Michigan fans expect, but with the talent level, they have right now that's just not possible.

Firing Jim Harbaugh in my opinion may not ever happen, so the best way to do this is to part ways as a joint effort. Harbaugh has proven he cannot get the talent Michigan needs to compete on the National level. The problem is finding a coach that will be able to do that consistently. There are only so many of Nick Saban's in this world. No matter what I think it's time for Michigan and Jim Harbaugh to divorce in a civil matter at the end of the season. It's best for both people in the end.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Can Anyone Stop The Ohio State Buckeyes This Year?

 Two down for the Ohio State Buckeyes as they have rolled to two easy victories over Nebraska and Penn State. This week they are 34 point favorites at home to Rutgers which is no real surprise. Many people feel that the Buckeyes will have a cakewalk through the Big Ten. Can anyone stop the Buckeyes this season on the quest for a National Title?

Let's start by looking at the Big Ten first and see if any team can give the Buckeyes any type of competition. Indiana, Michigan State, and Michigan are the only teams that could keep it within a two-score game maybe. Indiana is playing well, but the game is at Ohio State. Michigan State does have the Buckeyes at home and you never know if Mel Tucker will have them ready to play against this type of competition. Michigan is a crapshoot because you do not know what kind of team will show up for Michigan. In my opinion, look for the Buckeyes to roll through the Big Ten with ease.

As far as the rest of college football is concerned Ohio State has an excellent chance of going deep into the playoffs. Justin Fields is a Heisman candidate and as long as he stays healthy he has a good shot of winning the award. On offense, the Buckeyes have many players that will be playing on Sundays. Talentwise this could be one of the best Buckeyes teams in recent years. It could come down the only way this team loses is by beating themselves.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

College Sports In General Has A Virus Problem And It Won't Get Better!

College Sports want to get back on the field as soon as possible, but are they rushing in too early. Many people feel they could be, but many more say what can they really do. Most people do not realize how important college sports are to the bottom line for major colleges. Sports such as football, and basketball pay for most of the other programs at a college. This means no sports and budget cuts will have to be made without those dollars funneling into those colleges.

What options do these colleges have to choose from? Not many expect them to take as many precautions as they can to prevent the virus. The bottom line is they will have positive cases there is no way around it. The main reason for this is when student-athletes are away from campus you cannot follow them 24/7. You cannot know if they are doing the right things or ignoring rules that are in place to help them.

Colleges are damn if they do and damn if they don't I look for the fall sports to take place, but there will be positive tests and those athletes must be taken care of right away. Quarantine infected players is the key to stop it from spreading.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Will College Football Start On Time Or Even At All?

Covid19 has really thrown a monkey wrench into what the College Football season could look like this upcoming season. Some teams have had to stop off season workouts to deal with players infected with this terrible disease. Where will this leave the college football season? Will we have a season at all? These are all questions on the minds of college football fans everywhere. We will try and answer them the best we can below.

Will we have a college football season at all this year? This is a very tough question to answer. I think as long as we do not have alot of infections there is a good chance there will be a season. If infections get out of control look for the college presidents to shut it down very quickly.

Can college football make it without fans this season? The reality is most college programs rely on sports to fund many different things at a college. College football is the breadwinner for most colleges and they know they need an college football season to go on. There is a possibility there will be fans, but not to capacity to help stop the spread of covid19. Any fans is better then no fans at all in my opinion.

Most people are praying there is a college football season as it will take us away from our problems in the world today. The one thing though we need to do it in a well thought out safe way. That way we will not have any setbacks once college football is ready to go.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

North Dakota State Runs The Table On Way To Another Championship!

If you ask most people they have never heard of the North Dakota State Bison football program or should we say dynasty. They just completed another 15-0 season and another National Championship. This makes there 15th overall as a program in various Divisions they have played in. This season they started as the Pre-Season No.1 and they never moved from that spot. They ran the table and ended up with another National Championship after there 38-24 win over Eastern Washington.

How impressive is this program? Many people scoff at what they have done since they are not Division I, but the numbers speak for themselves. The Bison own a 112-8 over the last 8 seasons. That is a number that is very impressive. They even send players to the NFL on a regular basis. Carson Wentz played at North Dakota State so don't look down at these smaller schools as they also have talent. As people in North Dakota would say FEAR THE BISON!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What Did We Learn From UCF After 40-32 Loss To LSU In Fiesta Bowl

UCF for the longest time has said they deserved to be in the College Football Playoffs, and with this loss, they have shown a great desire, but still not up to elite competition. I'm not saying that UCF played badly today, but they left a lot of plays on the field. To beat a team like LSU you must make those plays when given the opportunity. Better scheduling is something that UCF needs to do which will make them an even tougher team to handle.

LSU did show why they are an elite program by ending UCF winning streak and doing it with a depleted secondary. When it looked like UCF was going to make it close give LSU credit they did enough to keep them at bay. LSU is a program that will only get better and this Fiesta Bowl win can't hurt recruiting either. This was an entertaining game and both teams showed that they both belong in this type of game. On this day though LSU was just the better team right now.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

College Football Selection Committee Has Tough Call This Season

With the results, yesterday from the Conference Championship games the selection committee has a tough day ahead of itself. There are a number of teams that want in and the reality is some are going to be disappointed and mad. It'supposed to be the best four teams, but that can sometimes be a hard thing to judge. Let's look at the contenders and whose in and who may be sitting home.

Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson are all locks for the playoffs. All three teams did enough to get in and should have no issues making it to the playoffs. Now after that these teams, all make it interesting. Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma, UCF all have a case why they should be included.

UCF has been undefeated for over two years and will get some consideration, but in the end, for them, I think they will not make it. The strength of schedule really hurts this team. Georgia has a strong case as they only lost to Alabama and LSU the SEC Championship was a close one and they could have beaten Alabama. Ohio State won the Big Ten Championship and Oklahoma won the Big12. Both Oklahoma and Ohio State both have a loss that probably shouldn't have happened.

In the end, you want the four best teams and out of the remaining ones, it's easy to see Georgia is the best team. I look for Georgia even with two losses to make it in even though they did not win their conference. If Georgia does not make it look for Oklahoma to sneak in. No matter who makes it some teams will be crying foul once again.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Does Latest Ohio State Debacle Cost Them A Playoff Spot?

It seems Ohio State every year travels on the road where they decide not to show up and play good college football and it leaves you scratching your head. This time it was in Purdue as the Buckeyes got pushed around all night long as Purdue dominated them 49-20. It was as bad as the score shows as the Boilermakers were not scared by the No.2 Buckeyes and there high powered offense. This loss really hurts there playoff chances, but it does not eliminate them totally.

Many college football fans think or feel the Buckeyes have no chance, but that's not reality in the college football landscape. Teams can lose a game there suppose to win and still make it. For Ohio State this year could be a tricky one for them. They can make it but will need some help because it could be real close. Here is what must happen for the Buckeyes to have a shot at the playoffs.

The first thing the Buckeyes must do is win out so they can get to the Big Ten Championship game. Purdue also must win out as well so they can avenge their one loss by playing them in the Championship game. A Norte Dame and UCF loss would help alot as well. Ohio State still has a shot and the one thing we have noticed about the committee they will give the Buckeyes a good look even with one loss.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Could Josh Allen Save The Browns?

We are starting a series of articles on the quarterbacks and how each could fit into the Cleveland Browns plans.  First up is Josh Allen the rocket arm quarterback from Wyoming.  In recent days the rumors have been flying that he is becoming a favorite in Cleveland. I do not know if that is true,  but let's take a look at Mr. Allen.

Josh Allen played college football for Wyoming and one look at his stats and you wonder why anyone would take him in the first round.  His stats really do not jump off at you and say I'm the best.  Even with that said many people have him as a top prospect.  There are many reasons people love Josh Allen and what he can do.  I will admit I really like his skill set as well.

Allen has a body to play quarterback and without a doubt  his arm strength is top notch.  I think without a doubt he has the strongest  arm in the draft. The knock on Allen is his low completion percentage and his in ability to make routine throws on a consistent basis.

Josh Allen has plenty of upside and virtually an unlimited ceiling.  If he went to Cleveland he would have Hue Jackson to tutor him and others with experience at that position.  There is no doubt that Allen will be a project as you will need to clean up some of his flaws. One thing that will help him is a good receiving core.  Many times an inconsistent quarterback can look alot better with great receivers to throw too.
In the end Cleveland must decide if they are willing to take a guy on who is a work in progress. Allen has a high ceiling so that could be just enough to persuade the Browns to pick him real early.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Scott Frost Already Paying Dividends For Nebraska

When Nebraska hired Scott Frost they knew he would change the culture, but no one could imagine this fast. Within 90 minutes the Cornhuskers sold out their spring game. This is something that has not been done before. Frost has been a godsend for the Cornhuskers so far and they have not played a game yet.

Scott Frost has a lot of work ahead of him, but so far so good. The rabid fan base has showed how much they believe in Frost. Never has a spring game been sold out before. Hopefully, Frost will be able to bring Nebraska's program back to its old glory. If anyone can do this Frost is the guy for the job.

Georgia Bullogs Top Dog On College Signing Day

The Georgia Bulldogs made a haul on signing day along with Texas and Ohio State. These three schools help improve their teams and should be good again for a number of years. Below is the top 10 teams as far as signing day!

Ohio State
Penn State

Notre Dame

Monday, November 27, 2017

Does Alabama Or Ohio State Deserve A Spot In The College Football Playoffs

Alabama finds themselves on the outside looking when it comes to the College Football Playoff this season. Everyone had them penciled in until Auburn shocked college football with a win in the Iron Bowl. Now there are many scenarios where The Crimson Tide could be out of the College Football Playoffs even with just one loss. What team could be the one that unseats Alabama? None other than the Ohio State Buckeyes. Are these the same Buckeyes with two bad losses, yep the same ones.

Ohio State could make a strong case for making the playoffs with a Big Ten Championship. All the Buckeyes need to do is beat undefeated Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship game. The way Ohio State is playing this is a good possibility. There are no guarantees for the Buckeyes, but the committee does love Conference Champions which Ohio State would be with a win.

The perfect scenario for The Crimson Tide is an Ohio State Loss which would help their case for the College Football Playoff. If the Buckeyes win Alabama could be eliminated from the playoff after a great season. This is why we need to add more teams to this playoff format. No matter how this ends up someone will not be very happy.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Nebraska Fire Riley But That Won't Stop Freefall

The Nebraska Cornhuskers parted ways with Coach Mike Riley after a dismal season yesterday. Firing him was a fore gone conclusion, but no matter who they bring in its a long climb up. Scott Frost is the guys Nebraska's faithful want to see, but that might not happen. Personally I do not want to see him get the job. Even though he has done a great job in Florida the competition level is much different then the Big Ten,

One of the biggest problems is getting top tier talent to Nebraska no matter whom the coach happens to be. The reality is Nebraska is no longer a destination for elite players and that is a shame. The Ohio States, Alabama, and Clemson get these players now. A big name coach and recruiter is what is needed. The problem is Nebrasska has never really been able to lure top coaching talent. This is why they are in the mess they are right now.

There are no easy answers right now for Nebraska. Getting the right coach is the first step to the rebuilding process. Finding him is going to be tough as other college teams have zeroed in our there coaches already. That's the one thing I hate about Nebraska they are always so slow to make changes or work on getting what they need. I'm sure this new hire will be the same way.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

AP Top 25 Week 2

We already have one week in the books for College Football and some movement in the AP College Football Poll. Let's take a look at some of the movers.  Alabama stays at the top which was expected. Florida State's loss drops them to No.10 and they could drop further as losing your starting quarterback is never good. The Big Ten grabs four teams in the Top 10. It seems the Big ten continues to get better each year. Notre Dame cracked the Top 25 as well.

AP Top 25, Week 2

1. Alabama (60)
2. Ohio State (1)
3. Clemson
4. Penn State
5. Oklahoma
6. USC
7. Washington
8. Michigan
9. Wisconsin
10. Florida State
11. Oklahoma State
12. LSU
13. Auburn
14. Stanford
15. Georgia
16. Miami (FL)
17. Louisville
18. Virginia Tech
19. Kansas State
20. Washington State
21. South Florida
22. Florida
23. TCU
24. Notre Dame
25. Tennessee

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Michigan Wolverines Have A Tough Road To College Football Playoffs

Jim Harbaugh was brought to Michigan to win the Big Ten and a National Championship, but neither has happen just yet. The Wolverines have been very competitive, but no championships just yet. This season's schedule could make that dream even more elusive this season. Michigan lost alot of players on defense and that could spell doom for the Wolverines. Let's look at the schedule for Michigan.

They open up with Florida at AT&T Stadium that will not be an easy game. The third game of the season will be Air Force which is never easy or dealing with their offense. Add in at Penn State and back to back games at Wisconsin and home to Ohio State makes this a tough schedule. Unless the defense comes around quickly, getting to the College Football Playoffs could be tough for the Wolverines.

Sep. 2
GatorsFlorida Gators 
AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX

Sep. 9
BearcatsCincinnati Bearcats 
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI

Sep. 16
FalconsAir Force Falcons 
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI

Sep. 23
Boilermakersat Purdue Boilermakers 
Ross-Ade Stadium, West Lafayette, IN

Sep. 30
Oct. 7
SpartansMichigan State Spartans 
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI

Oct. 14
Hoosiersat Indiana Hoosiers 
Memorial Stadium, Bloomington, IN

Oct. 21
Nittany Lionsat Penn State Nittany Lions 
Beaver Stadium, University Park, PA

Oct. 28
Scarlet KnightsRutgers Scarlet Knights (HC)
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI

Nov. 4
GophersMinnesota Golden Gophers 
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI

Nov. 11
Terrapinsat Maryland Terrapins 
Maryland Stadium, College Park, MD

Nov. 18
Badgersat Wisconsin Badgers 
Camp Randall Stadium, Madison, WI

Nov. 25
BuckeyesOhio State Buckeyes 
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI

Dec. 2
Big TenBig Ten Championship Game
Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN

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