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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baltimore Ravens Disappoint Once Again

Everyone always has the Baltimore Ravens at the top of their list of Super Bowl contenders as they have a great defense and a offense that at times plays well. On the flip side though those same Baltimore Ravens can look horrible and that is what happen in their 12-7 lost to Jacksonville. They should have easily beat the Jaguars, but it was Jacksonville that brought the defense.

The Jaguars slowed down Ray Rice, pressured Joe Flacco and held the Ravens to 146 yards—89 of them in the fourth quarter. The Baltimore Ravens had no answer on offense and that has been a recurring theme for the Ravens throughout the years. They have a great defense, but the offense cannot win games when they need them too.

For Jacksonville Maurice Jones-Drew ran for 105 yards, Josh Scobee kicked four field goals, and the Jags defense played big when they needed too. I did not give the Jaguars much of a chance in this game, but they proved they can play football when push comes to shove.

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