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Monday, May 13, 2019

Kyrie Irving And Big Brother King James Back Together Again?

Rumors are always a fun past time and one of the hottest right now is Kyrie Irving considering joining the Lakers and teaming up with Lebron James again. Can Kyrie really be considering this after the first breakup with James? Yes, it's possible from what I hear from various sources. Would this work a second time around? Let's take a look at what this could look like in Los Angeles.

Over time people get to look at things differently and I think both Irving and James do that now. James knows if he wants to win in Los Angeles he needs some help. Irving has realized he cannot carry a team by himself and is better as a sidekick. Both James and Irving have probably learned they are better as a team than apart.

If the Lakers want to win then they need to try and sign Kyrie Irving. When paired with James they make a lethal duo. Right now the Lakers are in flux and need talent and Irving fits the bill. If Irving and James can co-exist they may be able to bring back some of that old magic that dethroned the Warriors just a few years ago.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Will Lebron James Ever Become A Clutch Player?

First it was in Cleveland,and then the latest All-Star game, and now in Utah. Lebron James had chances to cement his legacy as a clutch player in each instant and never could. Now later in his career those same questions are now dogging him. James in my opinion is just not a clutch player right now, like a Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant. He may one day be one, but right now he wants to win games and feels he is making the best decisions for the team.

Others would like to see him take that clutch shot, but right now he is not confident doing that and he will not. No matter how much the press beats him up he will defer until he feels confident enough to take the shot. Maybe one day Lebron James will, but right now is not that day. He is just not confident enough to do it. He is no Michael Jordan who thrived on the moment. James right now is a great player searching for his way and right now in the background is where he wants to be.

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