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Friday, June 26, 2020

Looking Back At The Decision 10 Years Later Did King James Make The Right Move?

Around 10 years ago Lebron James came up with The Decision and many people have called it one of the worse things he has ever done. Espn is taking a look back at and answering the many questions we have about this one hour show that everyone watched. The Decision was an idea from what many people have said is an idea Lebron James came up with on his own. if that is true someone should have talked him out of it. It was a debacle of major proportions, to say the least. Let's look at some questions hopefully this special will answer for us.

One of the biggest questions I have 10 years later is would James change the way he did The Decision. Was he happy how it all played out? It will be interesting to see if we find out the answer to that one. Buring his jerseys is something I would also like his opinion. What did he think about it and how hurt was he. Was Miami the right place for him to go or was there another destination he wanted. These are just some of the questions I hope to get answered.

No matter if our questions are all answered The Decision will be remembered for many different things. Some good some bad, but most of all it started a process for what not to do when you decide to leave a team. Give Lebron James credit most guys would not have the guts to do it the way he did it.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

What Does The Last Dance Teach Us About Michael Jordan And If He Is The G.O.A.T

The Last Dance was a great series of shows that really showcased what Michael Jordan was all about. Through every episode you got to see how much Jordan put on winning and the great lengths he would go to if people were not pulling their weight. Most people thought Jordan went to the extreme many times, but in Jordan's mind it was all to win championships. That's the one thing that drove him to be the best and that was winning championships. Not everyone would agree with the methods he used to get the end result.

After The Last Dance was done many people felt in cemented his legacy as The G.O.A.T in the NBA. Others though pointed out that his methods were not the only way to win championships and others have done just as well as Jordan did. Names that come to mind are Bill Russell, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James to name a few. Each player listed has won multiple championships and are all in the G.O.A.T conversation that's for sure. How do we truly know who the G.O.A.T really happens to be?

The reality of the G.O.A.T conversation is anyone can make a good case for any of these players. You can handpick stats to make a case for anyone Does this mean one is better than the other? Not really. It all comes down to individual preference and whom you may think the best of all-time happens to be. In this debate I do not think there is a right or wrong answer. 

Let's just enjoy each player and what they accomplished on and off the court. No matter who you like you will not convince everyone your player is the best. Enjoy the performances each player has given us through the years.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Can Lebron And A.D. Bring Back Showtime To Lakers?

Last season much was expected of the Los Angeles Lakers with Lebron James leading them. For a while, it looked like they were going to be a playoff team, but injuries took a toll on the Lakers. Fast forward into the offseason the Lakers have added a lot of pieces to the equation. Rajon Rondo came back and Boogie Cousins was also added to the mix with a lot of role players.
Maybe the biggest addition was adding Anthony Davis in a trade from the New Orleans Pelicans. Davis is a top player in the league and should help out James immensely. The only real drawback I see to Davis is he has been prone to injury. He has missed a number of games in his career, but besides that, he is a top-notch player in this league. Will this new addition bring back Showtime? Let's take a closer look.
I like the roster and we should see glimpses of showtime, but I have one fear and that is the injury bug. Many of these players have logged a good number of minutes during their careers and that could be a problem. If they can stay healthy this should be a very competitive team to watch, but if the injury bug hits this team will struggle to be a playoff team.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Why Are The Murals Of Lakers And King James Being Targeted

I bet not to many people thought when King James headed to the Lakers murals would be targeted and destroyed. For me I was kinda of shocked as well. I knew King James was a polarizing figure, but did not think murals would be a target of people who had a grudge against King James. Why is this happening. I don’t really have an answer just some theories like everyone else.

Many people think that is surrounds Kobe Bryant and other Laker legends. This is a plausible answer to the problem. Kobe Bryant is still hugely popular and many people feel he is trying to replace him in their eyes. James just wants to be the best player he can be, but others think he is trying to steal Bryant’s spotlight. Hopefully, it’s not the reason we have vandalism on Lakers murals.

The reason I am going with is Lebron James has plenty of haters in the world as well. Probably just as many people hate him as love him. It comes with the territory and James understand this better then anyone. I think once basketball season starts the vandalism should slow down or stop altogether. I am not a big King James fan, but do not condone vandalism as some of these murals are beautiful works of art.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Why Lebron James Should Join The Lakers

We should find out where Lebron James is playing soon, but in my opinion the only logical choice is the Los Angeles Lakers. Many people wonder why he would want to choose this destination and I have thought long and hard about it. James is all about winning and beating the Warriors. Many people say that going to the Western Conference is a much tougher proposition and I agree with that assumption.

James has never really been about taking the easy road. If he wants the easy rode he can join Boston or Philadelphia or stay in Cleveland. The Eastern Conference is still his if he wants it. I just think James wants to prove he can do it with a new set of teammates and do it in the Western Conference. Even though his legacy is cemented this would be something that people would talk about for years.

The Lakers are getting better and with James they are a playoff team. Add one more superstar and the Lakers. Outdoor be a real handful. I just think James wants to prove he can do it in Los Angeles even if he goes there the first year without any major help.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Why Does A Team Quit On Their Superstar?

Over the years we have seen it time and time again a team that has quit playing and just stand around watching as the other team embarrasses them. It's rare though when a team quits on their superstar like the Cleveland Cavaliers did this past week. Lebron James help carry the Cavaliers to the Finals and all he wanted was some of his teammates to step up and help him. What he got was a team that did the exact opposite and in the last game did nothing but embarrass themselves and the City of Cleveland.

It's rare that a team quits on their superstar, but I think they got tired of the message Lebron James was delivering and wanted to prove a point. The point they proved is they quit as a team and it is not a good look at all. If these players did quit they will find it hard to get other teams to give them a chance. The sad part is many of these players are guys King James went to management and got them big contracts only to have them stab him in the back. To James credit, he never publicly threw them under the bus. Of course, he might have a different opinion now, but I doubt it.

King James will most likely leave Cleveland and who can blame him when you have a team quit on their superstar. The real question is what will be next for these players without their superstar to help carry them.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Is Lebron James The Greatest Ever Now?

Through the years many people have a opinion on who is the Greatest of All-Time.  Names such as Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Kareem, The Big O, Michael  Jordan,  Kobe Bryant,  and Lebron James all have been mentioned as the greatest of all-time.  The question is can we really determine who is the greatest? There is a simple answer to that question you just can't do it.

Comparing eras just is impossible.  There are so many variables that define an era that others did not deal with. Many people like to throw out stats, but the truth is you can make stats cases for the people I mentioned above. You can pick and choose stats that will make a case for each player.

We will never know who the greatest of all-time happens to be.  We should just enjoy each players accomplishments without tearing apart others.  Each player brought something special to the table. Defining the greatest of all-time is virtually impossible so we should stop trying.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Can Lebron James Will His Team To Victory?

Not too many players will be out practicing 10 hours before a game, but Lebron James is which is a testament to his greatness. After the Game 1 beatdown at the hand of the Boston Celtics Lebron James knows he must be a whole lot better if the Cavaliers are to win Game 2. Now Lebron James cannot do it alone as his supporting cast must step up in a big way. Boston will have the crowd behind them and Cleveland will have their hands full. Can James will his team to victory? Let's take a closer look at what the Cavaliers must do to win Game 2.

Look for Ty Lue to make some lineup changes in Game 2. Tristan Thompson will probably be inserted into the lineup to slow down Al Horford. In the past, Thompson has had good success against Horford and the Cavaliers hope he can keep it up. Other things the Cavaliers must do is hit shots when given the opportunity. Brad Stevens will make those looks tough as the Celtics are No.1 in team defense.  Cleveland must limit turnovers and also play sound defense. It won't be easy, but Cleveland can win, but it will take a team effort and a monster type game from King James.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Writing On The Wall For Lebron James Cleveland Career!

Lebron James came back to Cleveland to win an NBA Championship which he did accomplish, but since that day it has been downhill for the Akron native.  James this season has been at odds with the owner and that makes for a tough work environment in Cleveland. King James wants to win, but lately it seems to be taking a toll on him. His playing performance has really suffered and he is not playing like the superstar we know and love.

The downfall of the Cavaliers probably started when Dan Gilbert got rid of former GM David Griffin. It seems Griffin and James were on great terms and worked well together. The current GM does not have the same kind of realtionship with him. The writing is on the wall for King James. Dan Gilbert and him are not on speaking terms and if that is true it's just a matter of time before Lebron James and Cavaliers part ways once again.

I did not really think James was going to resign with the Cavaliers anyways, but given the climate in Cleveland he could be winding down his career as a Cavalier. Its a shame it has come to this, but right now that is where we are at. Lebron James will finish the season as a Cavalier, but after that who he plays for is up in the air. All we do know is its highly unlikely it will be with the Cavaliers next season.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Cavaliers Tank In Second Half Lose To Magic 116-98

It looked for awhile like the Cleveland Cavaliers was going to rout the Orlando Magic as they built a 21 point lead at one time. It did not last for the Cavaliers as they tanked in the second half and lost by a score of 116-98. Orlando's Jonathon Simmons scored 22 points of his 34 in the third quarter to help propel the Magics to the win.

It was so bad for the Cavaliers they could only muster nine points in the fourth quarter. Right now the Cavaliers are a real bad basketball team and the future is not looking very good in Cleveland. James scored 25 points but besides that James got no consistent help all night long. Next up for the Cavaliers a home game against Minnesota.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Lebron James Was Right Keep Cavs Off National Television

The Cleveland Cavaliers showed all America why they do not deserve to be on National Television anymore. Cleveland got rocked by Houston to give the Cavaliers a perfect 0-8 record on National Television. As a team the Cavaliers did not play any defense at all. They do not trust each other and even Lebron James looked bad. No matter what anyone tells you James is not playing well at all during this stretch.

I kinda of feel bad for Tyron Lue as his hands are really tied. What can he do really? He has tried juggling lineups, but when the players do not want to give max effort not alot you can do. James is the leader f this team and he needs to start acting like one. He has the power to make everyone better and accountable. I really think he is at the point of no matter what he says or does it wont make a difference. The spiral will continue until these players decide they want to play.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Lebron Has Passed Michael Jordan According To Scottie Pippen

The debate of the greatest ever just keeps getting talked about as Lebron James or Michael Jordan continues to be hot topic. On First Take Scottie Pippen said that King James has surpassed Jordan on many areas as far as stats are concerned. Now I will admit that is very true. James has passed Jordan in many categories in the NBA records book. Talking about the greatest ever is more then stats that's for sure. For me, Jordan will be the greatest ever. With a 6-0 NBA Finals record along with 6 Finals MVPs and no Game 7's in the Finals when he played you cannot top that as far as I'm concerned.

Below is the video that Scottie Pippen is in where he questioned if Jordan has been surpassed by King James. Check it out!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Can The Cavaliers Hold On To Lebron James?

I know many Cleveland fans may not want to hear this, but there is a chance King James could bolt once again. This time the Cavaliers can blame the owner Dan Gilbert for this one. I have noticed that James has been very quiet about what is going on in the organization right now. I think right now there are several things that he does not like or has happened, but has mostly kept quiet about it. Let’s look at a couple of these things right now.

King James is all about loyalty and he liked David Griffin the former GM of the Cleveland Cavaliers. I’m not here to say they were best friends, but they had a mutual respect for each other. Griff was a guy that Lebron James trusted and had a good working relationship it seems. When he quit James got on Twitter and sent him a tweet which says alot.

The second domino was the Chauncey Billups debacle as GM for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Billups was a guy that James respected and wanted in the Cavs organization. Dan Gilbert low balled him on the contract offer, so that cannot sit well with King James either.

Loyalty means alot to James just look at the James Jones story. We all know Jones is past his prime, but a guy James has been loyal to through the years. Loyalty plays a big part for James and this could sway his decision to leave the Cavaliers in the future. Right now James is a Cavalier, but for how long we really wont know until next summer when James can become a free agent again.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Can Lebron James Carry Cavaliers To Another NBA Title?

If you would go to Las Vegas and want to bet on this series not many people are giving the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron James much of a chance. The odds look stacked against them and King James, but it's not a slam dunk for the Golden State Warriors. Let's look closer at the series and a few things you need to look for during the NBA Finals.

Lebron James gives the Cavaliers a chance, but in my opinion it's a slim one. I would love to see King James win another NBA Title, but I'm afraid this will not be his year. Here are the reasons I think the Cavaliers will fall short of their goal.

The one thing that you can count on is Kyrie Irving and Lebron James bringing it every game, but after that I do have some major concerns. During the playoffs this season Kevin Love has become more consistent in his play. He looks more comfortable in his role and what is expected from him. This has helped him play great in the Eastern Conference playoffs, but it is the Eastern Conference and the teams are not the best in the league. Love will be a key for the Cavaliers to win this NBA Finals.

Defense they say wins championships and I think that is what this Series will come down to in the end. Cleveland has been known not to play great defense at times. My biggest problem with the Cleveland Cavaliers defensive approach is they are not all in as  team. You will find players who play good defense, but others just stand around and watch at times. When you play the Golden State Warriors you must come at them strong defensively. If you just stand around and watch them shoot three pointers the game will be over quickly.

No matter how much I want to pick the Cavaliers there defense worries me and I do not think they can slow down this Warriors team. Kevin Durant is going to be a handful for the Cavaliers. Look for the Warriors to take it in 6 games. Unless Durant or another Warriors starter gets hurt they will be tough to beat.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Does Lebron James Really Need That Much Rest?

The million dollar question in Cleveland, Ohio is how much rest does Lebron James really need. We have made it through half of the season and James is leading everyone in minutes played. For Cavalier fans they have taken notice and are starting to worry about the long term effect this could happen on James.

I have played sports all my life and I can tell you yes and no it can have an effect on you. During the season playing all the minutes can drag you down, but James is in great shape. The one thing the Cavaliers have going for them is they should have an easy time in the East when playoff time comes. This means you will want to get Lebron as many minutes off as possible. Saving his legs for the Championship is crucial if the Cavaliers want to win it all again.

If I was the Cleveland Cavaliers I would not worry if they are a one or two seed. With Lebron James they always have a chance. Getting him some rest during the second half of the season is something they probably should work on if at all possible. When playoff time gets here all players are tired, but winning an NBA Championship again will kill any fatigue a player might be experiencing.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Is Lebron James A Coach Killer?

When David Blatt was fired as the Cleveland Cavaliers coach many people were scratching their heads. Why do you fire a coach that has his team with the best record in the East Conference? Many people think Lebron James had something to do with it. Is Lebron James a coach killer? Let's take a closer look at James and his role in all of this.

Now David Blatt was not the best coach in the world. There have been many stories how he was confused with the American game and understanding defense and matchups. This maybe true, but James and his camp was never happy with Blatt. It was a surprise to me when the Cavaliers retained him after the first season. James and his camp wanted a changed, but did not force one in season one.

The relationship between Blatt and James got worse in season two and I think the Cavaliers could see that and decided a changed needed to be made. No matter what anyone says publicly James wields a lot of power still in Cleveland. James may not have asked for the firing directly, but I'm sure management was warned about James displeasure with Blatt.

James a coach killer? Maybe not in that sense, but James has a lot of power in Cleveland. The writing was on the wall and Blatt days were numbered. We may never know what influence James had on the decision, but for James coach killer will now follow him.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Cleveland Cavaliers Disappointing In Off-Season Moves

In the off-season your suppose to make yourself better as a team, but I do not see that from the Cleveland Cavaliers so for this off-season. Yes, they had injuries and that hurt them, but in reality they have not gotten any better. Other teams have improved themselves and it looks like Cleveland is content going into the new season with the same basic group they had when they lost the NBA Championship. It is true some of those players were not available for the Finals and that had an impact on them losing. Getting better is the key and right now in my opinion the Cavaliers are no better off then when they lost the NBA Finals.

Making some kind of effort would be nice, but right now the Cavaliers are trying to resign the same players they had. Now James wanted the bulk of the team back, but it just means he will be doing everything once again. I do not believe that is a good thing. James gets tired towards the end of the season and wears down. He is not as young as he once was. This is why he is going to need more rest and the Cavaliers should look to bring some more talent in to the roster. If they do not I think we could see a repeat of last season.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

David Blatt Deserved More Respect Then He Got

David Blatt was excited to be the Cleveland Cavaliers coach, but after one season he may have second thoughts about it. Blatt had a great resume of accomplishments in foreign countries, but doing it in the United States is much different. Blatt found out when you get to the states the pressure is very intense to deliver a winner to a franchise that has never won one. Cleveland is starved for a winner and when that happens many times people will show you no respect. Blatt has learned that first hand from his first full season in the NBA.

Everyone from the outside had this impression that David Blatt was running the team, but over the season we could see that was not the case at all. Lebron James was making more decisions as the season went along and you just cannot have that happen. Blatt became a lame duck coach. Players at the end were tuning him out and you had to feel sorry for the guy. No matter what decision he made the media jumped all over him about it. Coaching Lebron James is never easy, but knowing he has the authority to change things and overrule the coach had to hurt Blatt.

Where does this leave David Blatt? Well the truth is that is a good question. Blatt in my opinion will not be around long. Cleveland does everything to make Lebron James happy, so look for a new coach in the near future. I just cannot see Blatt playing second fiddle to Lebron James for a very long time. One of the main reasons is Blatt will never get the respect and credit he deserves and that is a shame. People have been piling it on Blatt for no real good reason.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Losing Can Be A Good Thing For King James

Now through the years I have been critical of Lebron James and getting to the NBA Finals and winning them. When he went to Miami I thought he was buying an NBA Championship and he did win a couple of times, so you must tip your hat to him. Now though after another Finals loss many people keep piling it on Lebron James, but I will not be one of them. Many people want to compare him to Michael Jordan which just is not fair at all. Jordan will in my mind always be the greatest and never losing an NBA Finals has forever cemented his legacy.

Back to Lebron James and what he did in the NBA Finals. Now during this season he had Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving for different parts of it. Once he reached the NBA Finals though he lost two of his best players and the supporting cast was not the greatest, but good enough to win. Yes, Lebron James had a monster series, but this loss should be pinned on his supporting cast, but it will not. James teammates had plenty open looks, but did not knock them down when it counted. You cannot blame James for that one. He put them in position to make plays, but his teammates failed him miserably.

Losing this NBA Finals could be a good thing for King James. People were able to see one man cannot carry the whole team. James did all he could do against the Warriors to get a championship, but it did not happen. I think this lost showed people how much James cares about winning and how talented he happens to be as a basketball player. He did more then anyone could ask of a player. Win or lose give Lebron James credit he laid it all on the line for his team and the city of Cleveland. We really cannot ask anymore from him.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

J. R. Smith Helps Lead Cavaliers To opening Game Win

The Cleveland Cavaliers knew they needed players to stepup and one guy who has proven he can do it is J.R. Smith. For most of the season Smith has been quiet, but broke out last night against the Atlanta Hawks. Smith was excellent from three point range and tallied 28 points.. I was not a big fan of J. R. Smith when the Cavaliers got him but he sure came through when he was needed. Getting the win is a great start for the Cavaliers and Smith. Can Smith keep it up? I really dont know about that as Atlanta will make adjustments for game 2.

Smith's heroics cannot be dismissed at all. If you take away his 28 pointsbthe Cavaliers get hammered in the game. Both teams suffered setbacks by losing players. It will be interesting to see which team can overcome the injuries the best. The Cavaliers have been able to weather most injuries as they are a very deep team plus they do have King James. If the Cavaliers get similar games from J.R. Smith they will be very hard to beat.

Kyrie Irving One Of A Kind Guy

  Kyrie Irving is one guy I cannot really figure out. He is very talented, but it seems he always has issues. When he was paired with Lebron...