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Monday, May 13, 2019

Kyrie Irving And Big Brother King James Back Together Again?

Rumors are always a fun past time and one of the hottest right now is Kyrie Irving considering joining the Lakers and teaming up with Lebron James again. Can Kyrie really be considering this after the first breakup with James? Yes, it's possible from what I hear from various sources. Would this work a second time around? Let's take a look at what this could look like in Los Angeles.

Over time people get to look at things differently and I think both Irving and James do that now. James knows if he wants to win in Los Angeles he needs some help. Irving has realized he cannot carry a team by himself and is better as a sidekick. Both James and Irving have probably learned they are better as a team than apart.

If the Lakers want to win then they need to try and sign Kyrie Irving. When paired with James they make a lethal duo. Right now the Lakers are in flux and need talent and Irving fits the bill. If Irving and James can co-exist they may be able to bring back some of that old magic that dethroned the Warriors just a few years ago.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Why Lebron James Should Join The Lakers

We should find out where Lebron James is playing soon, but in my opinion the only logical choice is the Los Angeles Lakers. Many people wonder why he would want to choose this destination and I have thought long and hard about it. James is all about winning and beating the Warriors. Many people say that going to the Western Conference is a much tougher proposition and I agree with that assumption.

James has never really been about taking the easy road. If he wants the easy rode he can join Boston or Philadelphia or stay in Cleveland. The Eastern Conference is still his if he wants it. I just think James wants to prove he can do it with a new set of teammates and do it in the Western Conference. Even though his legacy is cemented this would be something that people would talk about for years.

The Lakers are getting better and with James they are a playoff team. Add one more superstar and the Lakers. Outdoor be a real handful. I just think James wants to prove he can do it in Los Angeles even if he goes there the first year without any major help.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Isaiah Thomas Shows Old Form In Loss To Mavs

Isaiah Thomas showed that maybe Cleveland was not a good fit for him after all. Thomas struggled as a Cavalier, but as a Laker its another story so far. Last night in his first game as a Laker off the bench he scored 22 points. At times Isaiah looked like the player people got used to in Boston. He was passing hitting threes and scoring when he was needed. While a Cavalier player, we did not see that at all.

It could be that there was a toxic climate in Cleveland when he was there. He did not do himself any favors either in Cleveland. Thomas was vocal about the problems in Cleveland and he spoke his mind. It was probably one of the reasons he was shipped out of Cleveland. Right now though he is on a team that fits what he can do.

This was only one game so we will have to wait and see what he does rest of the season. Hopefully, he can keep it going and earn a big contract down the line. He has been through a lot the last year and I'm rooting for him.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kobe Bryant Pulls No Punches In Talk To Howard

Kobe Bryant job was to help in the recruitment process of Dwight Howard, but to his credit he pulled no punches with Howard. Bryant has always been blunt and he told Dwight Howard what was on his mind and depending on how he took it will determine if he is a Laker this season. Kobe told Dwight I can teach you to be a champion, but you must learn and listen to what I'm trying to show you. Those are powerful words as Kobe Bryant has multiple championships and knows what it takes to be called a champion. How did Dwight Howard take it?

Now Dwight Howard has been immature much of his career, so how he took those statements from Kobe Bryant is anyone's guess. I do know Kobe is a player that means what he tells people and he was being honest with Dwight Howard. Maybe that is what Dwight Howard needs to take his game to the next level and be an elite player you can depend on. If one player can teach him about winning it is Kobe Bryant. He knows what it takes and has sacrifice to do it. Soon we will find out if Kobe Bryant persuaded Howard enough to return as a Laker.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Will Kobe Bryant Finally Realize There Is No Hope For The 2012-2013 Lakers Season

I have to give Kobe Bryant for not giving yet, but I think he even see's the writing on the wall. Dwight Howard has been a bust in Los Angeles and it does not look like he will be turning it around anytime soon. Kobe is talented, but he can only do so much. Unless he gets some help quickly the Los Angeles Lakers have no chance of making the NB Playoffs this season. What options are left for Kobe Bryant?

 Kobe knows he has very few options left. He does not want to alienate his coach or players on the team, but losing is so etching he cannot stand either. The Lakers superstar has a real tough decision that he must make. Should he stay quiet or be a real vocal leader. No matter what decision Kobe Bryant someone will not be happy that's for sure. Bryant must decide what way to go and he must hurry. Each loss puts the Lakers further outside a playoff spot. Kobe hates losing, so do not look for him to take it much longer.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Time For Lakers To Trade Dwight Howard

The Dwight Howard experiment has been a disaster so far this season. He has not been able to make it in Los Angeles or mesh with Kobe Bryant, and when you lose it has become more evident Howard has not matured yet as, Howard had the same problem in Orlando and it hasn't gotten any better so far. Bryant and Howard are never going to co-exist as Bryant is a winner and will not accept a player who does not have the same desire.

Moving Dwight Howard right now maybe the only way to save the season for the Lakers. Trade value for Howard may not be real high, but the way it's going he is doing the Lakers no favors. Moving Howard may seem a long shot, but when your superstar legend is at odds with your other big superstar it's time to make a change. The Dwight Howard experiment did not go well and it's time to cut your losses right now.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Can Kobe Bryant Save The Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers continue their slide on the road and it looks like only one man can save the Lakers now. Kobe Bryant has bitten his tongue most of the season, but now it is time for him to step up and tell everyone what he thinks needs to be done. Yes, he has given hints what needs to be done but he must be more vocal no matter whose feelings he may hurt. Bryant is a winner and losing is killing him inside and he will not take it much longer. Can he really save the Lakers?

Kobe can save the Lakers but he is going to have to be tough on some of his own players. Dwight Howard needs to grow up and Kobe Bryant is probably the only player that can get the most out of him. Scrapping the offense the Lakers run right now is an idea, but in the long run Kobe Bryant has to be the one to decide that for the Lakers. Many people might not like giving the controls to Kobe including their current coach, but the Lakers have no choice right now. If they want any chance of getting going in the right direction they need to ride the guy who has got them five NBA Championships.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kobe Bryant Getting Tired Of Losing With This Cast Of Lakers

Kobe Bryant has always been about winning and that will not change anytime soon, but his latest cast of Lakers is making that tough for him. You would think with the team the Lakers put on the floor it would be winning at a good rate, but that is not the case. Steve Nash has been injured and Dwight Howard is being Dwight Howard of course. How long will Kobe Bryant take this before he blows up on his team?

The one thing that Kobe Bryant does not like to do and that is lose basketball games. He is all about winning NBA Championships and he will not accept anything less. Kobe also is not beyond calling people on his team out in private or public. Most of the time Kobe will do it behind close doors, but is not afraid to go public to air his opinions either. Sometimes this can be a good or bad thing depending on the player.

Like him or hate him we will probably see Kobe Bryant go on a long rant about his team. Unless they start winning look for Mr. Bryant to go on a rant that will be comical but serious as well. Kobe is about winning and will call out anyone he feels is not pulling their weight on his team.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dwight Howard Needs To Put Clown Act Away For Good In L.A.

Now that Dwight Howard is a Los Angeles Laker he better change a few things or he will quickly find out Los Angeles is not where he wants to be. The clown act that worked in Orlando will not work in L.A. They expect Howard to come in and help them win a NBA Championship. His tired clown act that he used in Orlando will not be accepted by his teammates, fans, or the Lakers front office.

 The second thing that Dwight Howard must do is make a commitment to winning in Los Angeles. At times in Orlando Howard he got lazy and stood around and did not come to play. He will not be able to do that in Los Angeles. Kobe Bryant will get in his face very quickly if he thinks Dwight Howard is not pulling his weight. Kobe is a guy who wants to win and will not tolerate a player who is there for just fun and games.

 Yes, Dwight Howard is very talented, but in Los Angeles it is more then a game and Howard will realize that quickly. If he wants to win an NBA Championship he better change a few things and that means putting the clown act away. If he does that his time in Los Angeles could be real good for him, if not he might find an early ticket out of Los Angeles.

Will Kobe And Dwight Howard Co-Exist In L.A.?

Now that Dwight Howard is a Los Angeles Laker can he and Kobe co-exist in L.A. until Kobe retires. Kobe has not exactly had the warmest of relationships with the Big Men in Los Angeles. The story of Shaq and Kobe has been well documented through the years and Kobe and Pau Gasol has not always been on the same page. Will Dwight Howard be another fail relationship with Kobe before he retires from the NBA?

Kobe Bryant is a guy who wants to win NBA Championships and will get a long with Dwight Howard to a certain point. When he see’s Dwight Howard not pulling his weight than there will be a problem. Can they co-exist? The answer is yes, but it will depend on how much each player is willing to do. Kobe expects a lot from his teammates, and will not put up with teammates that slack on the job.

 Dwight Howard will have a big impact on if they co-exist in Los Angeles as well. He needs to have his game face on every night. The clown act has to be left behind for television as Kobe wants dedicated serious players on the court. If Dwight Howard wants to clown around look for this relationship to be another rocky one.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Steve Nash Makes Lakers Instant Contenders

The Los Angeles Lakers gave up some draft picks, but in getting Steve Nash they have added a vital piece to another Championship run. Nash is a point guard that the Lakers really have not had in a long time. He will take some of the pressure off of Kobe Bryant and that will help the Lakers out a lot. Nash and Kobe together should make a tough duo to deal with on a nightly basis. This trade has helped make the Los Angeles Lakers instant contenders for an NBA Championship.

Rumors have it that the Lakers are not done yet either in improving their team. I do not know what direction the Lakers will go next, but the Nash trade was huge for them. They will be a much improved team and Nash will help them where they need it the most point guard. It will be interesting to see how well Kobe and Nash work together. I do not see a problem as both players just want to win Championships.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Will Chris Paul Rule Los Angeles

The on and off again saga between the Los Angeles Clippers and New Orleans Hornets appears to finally be over. The Clippers have in principle agreed to a trade with the Hornets for Chris Paul. The Hornets will receive  guard Eric Gordon, center Chris Kaman, forward Al-Farouq Aminu and Minnesota's unprotected 2012 first-round pick. The Clippers will also receive two future second-round picks.

Looking at the trade I think the Clippers did not do bad for themselves. They are building a nice team and when you can add someone like Chris Paul you will only get better. With Blake Griffin already there and some of the other players the Clippers have picked up this looks to be a very good team. It looks like Los Angeles will have two very good teams for a few years to come.

Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant will battle for King Of Los Angeles. Right now Kobe Bryant is King, but that could change in the near future. For once the Los Angeles Clippers have a basketball team that actually has a good chance to unset the Lakers as Kings Of LA.

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