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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

How Much More Can We Expect Browns Fans To Take?

After thinking about this long and hard I am wondering how much more can we expect Cleveland Browns fans to take. They lost their team and then got it back only to see some horrible pro football. The last three seasons and counting this season the Browns are a combined 6-48-1 which is totally unacceptable. It does not end there for Browns fans though as they have had to endure some horrible coaching since 1999.

Here is a list of the coaches since then:

Chris Palmer
Butch Davis
Terry Robiskie
Romeo Crennel
Eric Mangini
Pat Shurmur
Rob Chudzinski
Mike Pettine
Hue Jackson

Look at the list of coaches above, not the who's who of coaching in the NFL that's for sure. This is one of the main reasons the Browns have been so bad for so long. When you do not have the best coaches you will struggle and the Browns have proven that theory correct. Browns fans have hated most of their coaches and with the performance of them you really cannot blame them.

Draft players have been another issue as well. Cleveland probably has one of the worse draft records of any NFL team. Some of the players the Browns have chosen over the years make you shake your head. The performance on the field has shown these picks have been horrible at best. At least now the Browns have John Dorsey and the picks have been getting alot better.

I give Cleveland Browns fans credit as they are really resilient, but how much more can they take. This season the Browns could be 6-1 but they have lost games they should have won. It goes to show you that the Browns fan base is one of the best in the NFL. Win or lose they continue to support the team no matter how bad it has been for them.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

It's Not If They Fire Mike Riley It Is When After Another Loss

Mike Riley came to Nebraska ready to change the Huskers fortunes, but just like the coaches before him he has not been able to find success. Many people ask me whats wrong with your Cornhuskers? It's really an easy answer they are horrible in all phases of football. Let's look at whats wrong with Nebraska and what coach can fix this problem.

The number one problem with the Cornhuskers is they are not very talented at all. In fact most of the players they have are average compared to the better teams in the country. This is why you see blowouts from Wisconsin and Ohio State all the time. Those teams have more talented players and it shows every Saturday when the Cornhuskers take the field. Getting better players is something the new coach will need to work on.

As far as the coach goes the name everyone seems to want is Scott Frost. Now I do not want to disappoint Husker fans, but I do not see him coming here and changing the Huskers losing culture. Nebraska needs a big name coach who has proven to be a winner in a big time program or an assistant under a big name coach. Don't get me wrong I love Scott Frost as a coach, but he is not the answer. We need a guy who knows how to win and knows what it takes to get there right now. The problem is how does Nebraska find him. All the good coaches are locked up.

I hope Nebraska brings in a coach that has a proven track record as Nebraska fans deserve better then they have seen the last few years. It won't be easy, but the AD better start making phone calls now. Mike Riley is a good man, but was never a good fit for Nebraska Football.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Cleveland Browns Are Not A Very Good Football Team At All!

No matter what anyone tells you the Cleveland Browns are not a work in progress, but in fact could be the worse team in the NFL. After watching the Cincinnati Bengals manhandle them 31-7, I think it is time for the Cleveland brass to rethink this rebuilding process. 

The Browns have no kind of reliable wide receivers on this team. I am still trying to figure out how Kenny Britt got signed by the Browns over Terrelle Pryor. The offense is in shambles right now. They cannot run the ball or pass block, and toss in the yellow flags and you have a recipe for disaster.

This was the soft spot in the schedule for the Browns at least that is what they told us. They had the Colts, Bengals, and the Jets in consecutive weeks all were penciled in as wins so we were told. I wonder how that is working out for the front office, as fans are getting restless.

I will be honest if they do not win next week which I really do not see that happening they could very well not win this season. If I was Hue Jackson I would be worrying about my job, as the Browns are not improving at all. You have to feel sorry for Browns fans as how much more can they really take.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ohio State Loses First Game And Things Fall Apart

​Now when you win as a team you are suppose to lose as a team which is how it's suppose to go. Ezekiel  Elliott must not have gotten the memo as he ripped into some of the play calling in the loss to the Spartans. Elliott could have a beef as he only carried the ball 11 times in the game, but you never air it out in the public forum. If you have a beef you always keep it in house as it never looks good to air out grievances. Yes Elliott should have carried the ball more, but as a whole the Buckeyes offense did not look good at all. The defense did not do anything when it counted either, so this was a team loss nothing more or less.

Ohio State on reality has had a pretty soft schedule this season and it showed up on Saturday. Yes, they had some close games and maybe should not have been ranked as high as they were. This comes many times from being National Champion and defending your title.  Many times you are given the benefit of the doubt just like Florida State was last season. I'm sure we will here about this more in the coming days from players, fans, and coaches about what went wrong. Against Michigan State the Buckeyes did not play well and that is the bottom line.

Will this loss carry over to the Michigan game next week? It could and if that happens you will see more players speak up and it could get ugly. I hope that does not happen, but Buckeye Nation are not use to losing games since Urban Meyer took over. It's the nature of the beast, but the Buckeyes will be back, but this will not be there year to be National Champions. The loss did open the door to alot of teams who are smiling this morning.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Why Nebraska Has Many Changes To Make

One of the most passionate fan bases in College Football is in Nebraska that is why it is so hard for them to watch there beloved Cornhuskers get beat week after week. There are things to do in Nebraska, but when fall comes around it is all about the college football team and that will probably never change. This year brought in a change at head coach and so far the results have been dismal. Let's take a closer look at Nebraska football and see where the problems are and how they can be fixed.

It starts with recruiting and this is one area the Cornhuskers have really struggled. It's hard to convince top level recruits to come to a school that plays in cold weather and has not won in awhile. Recruits like things like warm weather and playing certain kinds of football and many times that is why they pass on Nebraska football. The one thing that can help Nebraska is to recruit better and get players who understand the program, and what hard work and dedication will get you at Nebraska. These kind of players are out there you just have to go out find them. You do not have to recruit five star athletes all the time, but you need guys who will fit it well with the type of program you are running.

Another thing Nebraska must do is get better on defense and you can do that in a few ways. Look towards junior college players more as starters is an option. Sometimes switching offensive players to the defensive side is a possibility as well. Talk to kids in there home and see if they would be receptive to that kind of an idea. Sometimes when you cannot get the top recruits you must think outside the box.

Third is the quarterback position is very important. Lately, Nebraska had quarterbacks that did not really fit the system they were running or the plays they call. Getting guys who have a good grasp of the game is important. You don't necessarily need the most talented quarterback, but you want a coachable smart young man that makes good decisions. If you find young men like that you will be fine at the quarterback position.

Lastly, you must get back to what Nebraska football is all about and that is tradition. Nebraska was built on rushing the football behind a good offensive line and using the pass to keep a team off balanced. Playing good safe defense was a hallmark of great Nebraska teams. Run the ball stuff the opponents offense was a recipe for success. If Nebraska wants to win consistently again they have to get back to this part of the program.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Nebraska Hits All-Time Low In Loss To Purdue

Well the Nebraska Cornhuskers played Purdue on Saturday and as you can expect the Cornhuskers gave away another game. Turnovers and poor defensive play led to a 55-45 lost at Purdue. This puts the Cornhuskers 3-6 and must win there final three games to become bowl eligible. Does Nebraska really want to go to a bowl game after what we have seen in 2015. I think they should pass on any bowl invite unless they play lights out the final three games of the season.

This is one of the worse losses I have seen in a long time. Nebraska was forced to start Ryker Fyfe and he looked like a quarterback who had not played in a long time. He turned the ball over and at times looked horrible. He was not the only one though as the defense got shredded again for big chunks of yardage. Nebraska has become a National joke to other teams and in the press box.

Mike Riley was brought in to get the program where they said Bo Pelini failed to get them. I can truthfully say it was never this bad under Bo. Nebraska has had injuries and some bad luck, but to lose to a one win team is not accepted and never will be in Nebraska football. Will Mike Riley be fired? The chances are he will not, but you never know these days. This loss was a black eye for the program that needed something positive.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Same Ole Browns Just Different Year

Every year there is optimism in the air in Cleveland only to have the same ole Browns to appear and that s what happen this past Sunday. Browns fans love there team, but how much can they take without snapping. Against the Denver Broncos they showed they have the talent to play with a good team, but not the resolve to beat a team like the Broncos.

Josh McCown has come in and played well so far this season. He has done everything he can to help them win, but simple mistakes are killing the Cleveland Browns. McCown has thrown interceptions at times when he should have just thrown it away. The Browns run defense has to be the worst in the NFL and every week teams exploit it.

Unless some things change Browns fans will be crying once again wait until next year. This season is just a make over of the same ole Browns and I am getting tired of seeing that myself and I am not a Browns fan. I can imagine how hard this is on a die hard Browns fans.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Michigan Can Still Make A Big Impact In College Football

Many things have been written about the tough gut wrenching loss to Michigan State so I won't rehash what everyone already knows about the loss. Michigan in the big picture still has a lot to play for this season. No one thought they would be as good as they are this season. Michigan could still find themselves in the Big Ten Championship game with a little luck and if they win out. You never know what could happen in this crazy college football season so far.
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The loss could actually help Michigan by giving them even more incentive to win out this season. Michigan played well except for the final play that no one will ever forget anytime soon. Michigan was everything advertised and Jim Harbaugh has them playing well and all is not lost for Michigan and their fans this season. They could still possibly give Ohio State there first loss of the season at the BIG HOUSE! Michigan just needs to stay focused and play well rest of the season.
Jim Harbaugh will keep them playing well and there will won't be a let down anytime soon. Yes, it was a tough loss, but they will be back and ready to go when they play again. Michigan football is back and that is not a good thing for teams they play with Jim Harbaugh at the helm.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Nebraska Finds Itself On The Losing End Again On The Final Play

Now I will admit Mike Riley was not my first choice to coach the Nebraska Cornhuskers, but you really cannot put all these losses at his doorsrep. Nebraska has loss there four games on last plays in the game. Some of this has to do with coaching, but not all of it. Some of this should be put on bad luck, but also some on the players. The hail mary should never had happened at all, but it did. Players have to be more accountable for there play on the field if they want to stop losing. Against Wisconsin Nebraska had a chance to run the clock out and savior a victory, but they could not get a first down. Then the defense let Wisconsin drive down the field for a field goal. Yes, Mike Riley has some blame, but the players also must play better if they want to win ball games.
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports
As far as Mike Riley goes he is really going to feel the heat in Nebraska this week. Until he stops losing games in the final minutes the fans and media will be all over him about it. He seems like a good guy, but the bottom line is Nebraska football fans do not like to lose at all. They have been use to winning for so long losing eats at them from the inside. They get on social media and anywhere else people will listen to them. Yes, they are passionate fans and they want to win bad. Mike Riley realizes that and he wants to win as well.
Nebraska college football will be alright once they start winning again, but the reality of it is that is going to be tough. The remaining schedule is not easy at all. The likes of Northwestern, Minnestoa, Iowa, Rutgers, Purdue, and Michigan State will not be easy.  All these teams are playing decent and will be tough wins to get considering the way the Cornhuskers are playing right now. It will be interesting to see how Nebraska bounces back from the latest defeat. If they lose again the pressure will just get hotter for Mike Riley

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nebraska Struggling Under Mike Riley

What's wrong with Cornhusker Nation? The truth is right now there is good, bad, and ugly when you talk about Nebraska College Football.  Let's start with the good and many people will probably wonder why I  would name this as the good about Nebraska football. I consider very lucky to write about the passionate fans we have that follow the team. Yes, sometimes they may go over the edge and say things that are not always popular with people. This is called passion and sometimes certain fans will cross the line. When you write about Nebraska college football you must understand that fans sometimes they will say hurtful things to you but its because of the passion. I rather have passionate fans then fans who do not care at all.

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports
Now the bad of Nebraska college football is simple these days losing games that they should win. No matter whom the coach has been recently it seems games we should win we lose. Under Mike Riley it has been real bad and his 2-3 start is not a good thing in Husker Nation. Riley took a job with alot of expectations and right now he is not reaching them. It's getting bad, but Mike Riley has seen nothing yet especially if he continues to lose ball games. Nebraska fans are about winning and do not want excuse they want wins. Until Riley does that he will take a lot of heat from the fans on and off the field.
When it comes to the ugly that is easy it's the blowout losses. Yes, Riley has really not faced that year, but it seems every coach recently has had this problem. If Riley suffers some blowout  losses the heat will really come down on Riley. Some people did not want Riley hired, so when he struggles the negativity will really come to the forefront. Hopefully things will get better for Husker Nation, but I do not see that rifght now. Talentwise Nebraska is not the ebst. It's getting better, but they have a long way to go. Husker Nation will always be my favorite win or lose.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pirates Grab Their 19th Straight Losing Season With Loss To St. Louis

The Pittsburgh Pirates have clinched their 19th consecutive losing a record for a major league franchise in North America. The Pirates looked like 2011 would be different for them as on July 20 the Pirates were 51-44 and led the NL Central by a half-game. Since that time though the Pirates have gone 16-38 since, and at 67-82 are ensured of another sub.-500 record.

Pirates fans deserve better, but another losing season will go into the books for them. I really thought this would be the year they broke the string, but it will not happen this year. Clint Hurdle had them playing well for awhile, but it is the Pirates and apparently losing continues to be a tradition with them.

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