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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Marion Barber Retires From The NFL At Age 28

When Marion Barber played football for the Dallas Cowboys it looked like we would see him for a long time to come. Barber had some great runs and it seemed everything was going well for him. Injuries and getting cut by the Cowboys landed him in Chicago, but when the Bears signed Michael Bush, Barber decided that he had seen a enough and called it a career. Barber combined quickness with punishing running that left defenders feeling they just got hit by a truck.

Marion Barber signature run was probably against the New England Patriots. It is a run that had to be seen to believe. I posted it below for everyone to check out. Marion Barber is only 28 years old, so maybe he will return you just do not know anymore. Check out the video below of the amazing run he had against the Pats.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marion Barber And Roy Williams Going To Get Cut By Cowboys

Now it should not come as a surprise that the Dallas Cowboys will be getting rid of some of the players they really do not want or basically pay anymore. One of the players that have been rumored to be going for a number of years is Marion Barber and he will be one of those that is scheduled to be cut. Wide receiver Roy Williams kicker Kris Brown, and offensive lineman Leonard Davis will also be let go.

Cutting Barber will save the Cowboys 4.75 in cap space. Barber will not have a problem finding a team to go too. He is a back that will give you all he can and someone will grab him. The last few years Marion Barber has been on the chopping block and now he will be gone. Wide receiver Roy Williams is another guy the Cowboys will be letting go as he never lived up to their expectations. The Cowboys also will cut some linemen, and it looks like Tony Romo could be on his back side more again. Sometimes you have to wonder what teams think when making cuts beside money. Below is one of Marion Barber's greatest runs.

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